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Internet Fixed

Posted by LWFlouisa , 26 July 2016 · 400 views

So now I can do research full time now. Sometimes the Internet is still a little slow.

Just finished Hemato Tomato: Bloodlust. Not sure how I feel about the finished product. I still feel like the story is only half way told, so I may end up writing 10,000 more words on this.

This was my first experiment in Historical Futurism, where historical characters play a role in science fiction setting with plots that cross over between science fiction, fantasy, horror, and romance in a very that makes you feel really strange.

It's like suddenly meeting Charlotte Corday at your local Star-bucks without any implication for time travel, and the reader is just suppose to take the plausibility of the romance for granted. They are stalked by magic wielding robot police, and the you have a grand ole adventure.

A bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.


Weirdness of researching,

Posted by LWFlouisa , 22 July 2016 · 155 views

Researching specific historical cases in true crime is really weird. Sometimes you'll literally have to contact the history who is like the only with an available book out, to ask for clarification about the case because English online resources like community edited encyclopedia have like no information about it.

I didn't pick a harder interest to research, female gendered French murderesses.

Oh I write weird romance in science fiction settings, if you didn't know.


Time Between Books

Posted by LWFlouisa , 15 July 2016 · 141 views

One thing they never seem to talk about is the wait time between finally finishing your previous book, and finishing your next book. Lately I've found that the longer I wait between books that more I doubt myself and my work. At least for me, it seems like the more I linger and think about what book I'm wanting to write, often what I write changes. Some books I can pretty much get away with writing stream of consciousness, others I need to rigorously outline.

My last book was a lot more autobiographical than I really intended. I really didn't feel comfortable about the idea of writing about myself for the longest time. I tend to be a very socially awkward person, so the idea of someone peering into my life had at one point made me feel uncomfortable.

And yet this almost novelette just kind of came together like that. But it makes me unsure what I'm going to end up writing next. I find my writing style is moving away from science fiction into more of my kind of fantasy kind of not quite fantasy roots. I'm fascinate by themes of martyrdom and the battle between what a character loves then and who they love now.

So my writing may continue to go back to this early style.


New Book Finished

Posted by LWFlouisa , 12 July 2016 · 146 views
transrealism, fantasy, newadult
Just finished writing my first transrealistic fantasy novelette. I'm unsure at the moment whether I'm going to try for full length novels at this point, or try to serialize them in magazines.

While not the first instance of the transrealistic novel, the Transrealism manifesto was written in the eighties by Rudy Rucker. Since then various other writers have been labeled transrealistic, which in short simply means fiction that can be considered a sub-genre of Slipstream that crosses over autobiographical or memoir elements into the world of fantasy. I've heard Slipstream itself also can be argued as a sub-set of magic realism. So for those into magic realism this might be something to look into.

In mine I prefer to write fantasy that is extended from the real world and used in such a way as to replant someone back into the real world from a quality I term "super real." That's where the fantasy aspects serve to enhance the tone of the realistic fiction novel in such a way as to create a more authentic almost more real autobiographical experience.

I'm not sure this will take me, but what I've written I seemed to get more traction with than my earlier work. So I'll update to show new projects I'm working on.

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