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last call


dreaming a reality

Posted by Les Rhynox , 11 December 2017 · 684 views
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last night I dreamed a dream so close to reality that I had to confirm if was a dream when I awoke. the world was burning, the sky was falling, but the people were frozen. birds and pets were on fire dying in the streets. I walked up to the first frozen person and stared at their face. it was someone I once knew, or at least she looked like her. then I glanced around and realized, these are all people I once knew. I even saw my self. at that time I was trying to piece things together. "Maybe I'm dead and this is me looking back on the past?" I walked through the streets of stillness. it was lonely. everyone was "there", but they weren't "THERE". then I saw a house. it was familiar to me, even though I've never seen this house before in my life. I walk up to the door, started to knock, but then remembered I'm alone and just walked in. Once I get in, there's a person! she was the first person I saw when I came into this dooms day '17, but she wasn't frozen anymore. she's sitting on the couch crying. I walked over to her and instantly started to comfort her. Forget everything else, forget the world crashing all around me, forget the frozen family and friends, it was her time now. "what's wrong?" I asked. she looked up at me with the eyes of everyone I know and said "You're so worried about me, everything else is falling apart. you have to forget about me." the sentence stung my heart, but my eyes were paying the price. I looked over her head, out of the window, and watched as the sky fell and set fire to the bodies of ever body I once knew. she was right. then I woke up drenched sweat and tears. I immediately ran out side in just my boxers to feel the cold are and feel something to let me know that it was just a dream. but was it? 


inside Her temple

Posted by Les Rhynox , 16 November 2017 · 337 views
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Speaking from a night I can barely remember with an experience I could never forget, I approached the temple in a garden of Eden. As ill-advised as Adam, I watched the temple with lust and amusement. The things I were thinking I'm going to do with it! See, it wasn't just about her temple. It was ALL about her temple. The one with the worn walls from the tries of another guy, and the guy before him, and all of them before me. Standing in the same place they would be I starting thinking "This ain't the place I need to be... I have to get deeper." See, I had to go harder. I had more hunger and more shit to offer than any of them. Inside her temple I found her heart. Fragile and falling apart I put my arms around it. Her temple shook, she shook off the old and got with the new for the only guy that actually made it through.






Scar (Full Script)

Posted by Les Rhynox , 13 November 2017 · 243 views
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So I'm finally done with the entire script. NO MORE READING IN PARTS! lol tell me what you guys think? Thanks in advance! 


The Phoenix (interlude)

Posted by Les Rhynox , 10 November 2017 · 304 views

The Phoenix has to be burned in order to be reborn. Even though she was a fire bird and everything about her brought passionate flames, I had to let those flames die and leave me cold. At first moment we burned like a pair of matches, our igniting conversation and vibe carried to the bed room. We both fucked like it was forever, but we both know it was temporary. The pillow was never cold, the hugs were never cold, and the attention warmed liked alcohol, but the world was colder. I lost her. Even worst than that, I missed her. Now I look at every girl as if it was her. I write everything about her. I make every decision as if I knew her opinion matters, but it doesn't. That winter night, me filled with warm whiskey, she walked into the fire. She walked into the chaotic world with hopes of finding something clear. Something clearer than me and her, something stable. Something I couldn't give her, and it hurt. To watch the best part of you turn their back on you.... like, what do I do now? Never getting over, never be a shoulder, never be the one that "they" get close to... And it's all because of you.


rusted ring

Posted by Les Rhynox , 08 November 2017 · 318 views

Our friendship was enough in the beginning, we laughed, fucked, fought, hell there was even a time when we cried. There was a time where my bullshit grin gave you butterflies and hopes of fairy tale endings, but here in the land of real world problems, bullshit don't glue a relationship together. At that point, our friendship was all we had. It was cherished and for the most part it was beneficial. Our guidelines were set and the road cleared. Along the way you stumbled on a rock set in place by another guy. Didn't make any difference, I respected you enough to avoid any conflicting paths between me and your prince in shining armor, but that wasn't enough for you. Your intentions were obvious, but I had morals. The liking for unavailable women wasn't one of my characteristics, until today when it rained and brought a rust to the band rotting your finger. It's all ups and downs in this lifestyle, but going down on her was an all time low. Even though, I enjoyed every nibble, grope,soft rub, and the dirty talk, I could still feel the release of dignity gush from her fruit. My morals all bagged up in latex that couldn't stretch the truth. I had became a stereotype, but it felt so damn good.


Rambling about you, nostalgia

Posted by Les Rhynox , 07 November 2017 · 322 views

I never saw the point in putting lotion on your legs if you're going to ware jeans. I mean it's not like you haven't seen my ashy legs before. "You're just supposed to do it ,babe. now hurry before we're late." And Rumple wasn't the best "Once Upon A Time' character at anytime, darling. It was definitely Hook. What am I trying to say here?... Fuck if I know, I'm just trying to say something for you. Anything for you. Sounds fucked up, but that's how we are with each other. We fuck up and we fix it, just to fuck it up and fix it again. It's us. When did that stop being enough? When did your perception of me change? I use to be the one guy that made you laugh and moan, but now I'm the guy that you cry and yell at. I'm walking around missing your arm or the whiff of your hair conditioner through the wind or just the simple way you sit and watch me as I write or read. You were my MUSE, not just for writing purposes, but you were my MUSE of life. Everything now, feels like a two month wait for bed. I'm tired, everything is grey, which is my favorite color, but it's not a "expressive color" to anyone else except you. No one mixes like us, it's like mercury when we're together. When we're not, now, I'm just lead. lead to the beds of women who don't even have time to watch T.V Shows, or care about me putting lotion on my legs when I wear pants. I'm drying out, I need you to rejuvenate me.



holding on

Posted by Les Rhynox , 06 November 2017 · 233 views

Tryning to hold on, by gripping your hand. Soft and small it barely escapes my palm. Trying to hold on, by catching your eye. Hope you don't look at me differently when it's time to say good bye. Trying to hold on, by capturing your smile. When it makes its appearance time pauses for a while. Trying to hold on, by getting into your head. Rather you think about the words I've said than the actions in bed. Trying to hold on, it's a battle within. My darkness vs your light, but against you I'll never win. Trying to hold on, by showing you what I can be. I'd prefer to show you all of me before you decide if you want to leave. Trying to hold on, by giving you my all. There's a pit of emotions and I fear I'll fall, but with you by my side to help me with the withdrawal... It makes "trying to hold on" worth it after all.



Posted by Les Rhynox , 06 November 2017 · 277 views

I've gained so much loss these past couple of years I'm not even surprised when something or someone else leaves. I don't even notice most times. Fuck, I lost my self. I have no idea of what I'm doing, going, and most of the time I can't remember what I've done. Nobody... Like, you get what you put in right? Well tell me how I put my whole heart into EVERYTHING, but get nothing in return? I get it, I'm not the best guy in the world. I'm easily irritated, overly confident at times, complicated as fuck, and lately I've been a little more emotional than I'd like to be, but I've been trying. I swear to God I have. I don't know who I pissed off or rubbed the wrong way, but damn. Can I have a little rope here, please? Just a little. Just someone who's down to lift my head up wnen I need it. Not someone I have to beg to spend time with or talk to them first because if I don't we may not speak again. Someone to feel, physically and mentally. Someone to just be mine and doesn't care who sees it. Someone to allow me to care about them. I'm looking for someone to let in. Looking for someone to bond and mold with This high school confusion game is for the birds. "I like you but I like this person and this person too" bullshit is stomach kicking. Who's feet I gotta rub to get someone to walk with me through this journey? I'm turning so cold and negative towards love that I don't think I'm going to recognize it once I get it. Then, I'll be just like the rest of em. I don't want that, it ain't for me.


where to?

Posted by Les Rhynox , 06 November 2017 · 238 views

Her acceptance, patients, curiosity, comfort, and happiness; all of it feels enlighting. All of her feels right in a sense. Yet, all who feels enlightenment, also know fear. There are downs before ups. My fear of her, of this, is like driving a car with two steering wheels. I feel in control, but I also feel a loss of control once fear takes its seat in this long car ride to paradise. Fear has a differnt destination. But her, when she's sitting next to me, all fear is gone. We both want to end up in the same place, not alone...


the internal, eternal sunshine of spotless minds

Posted by Les Rhynox , 06 November 2017 · 315 views

like a trauma patient, I don't remember how or where this state of mind began. This brightness and love wasn't rooted while I was a seed, I wasn't grown into it. "You are a reflection of your childhood" some say. If all I've seen in my childhood was ego induced lonelines and womanized behaviour, then why do I fall in love with every woman I see? Am I setting myself up for failure? Maybe I am that hopeless romantic that I always watched in the early 90's on television... While dealing with reality in this day and age, where everyone is out for there selves, I subconsciously still long to be that person anyone can lean on. That person anyone can talk to or just sit in silence with. But who? Hopelessly romantic.

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