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Posted by Terence Park , 11 April 2016 · 392 views

Burnley Grammar Schools UK Education History Nostalgia
I ought to mention my book: Burnley which gives the history of the town and an account of Burnley Grammar School in the years before it closed. Much of this account is taken from copies of the school yearbook, The Brun, which I have kept over the years. The school was over 400 years old when it was finally closed and as a result, I have delved into the history of the town, uncovering some little known facts in the process.
The technical side of reproducing the images was challenging. I am grateful for the interest shown in this project and, in particular, for the support of the Burnley Express.
This book is only available via POD

Published February 2015
ISBN 978-1-326-17903-8

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