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Absent but not Missing

Posted by Terence Park , 08 September 2018 · 345 views

Writing Theory Angel in my Heart Nymphs The Central Sea The Oversphere Jonny Burco
Absent but not Missing I have been absent from these pages for 2 years but I am not missing. Writing does not provided me with a living; for that I provide account and business inputs to companies.For those with an interest in business, this can be broken down into helping companies know where they made money and lost money, and help them decide where they can make more money and cut losses. That's it in a nutshell - I can, and often do, a lot more than that. Here's a Linked in profile to prove it :smile:
Similarly with writing - not all of my projects belong on here. At the moment I am working a book about Writing Theory. Want to know more? It's the most popular post on my blog by a mile. ETA? Unknown.
Current projects are, in order of my writing plan.
Nymphs. Four takes on the Classical Greek beings out of myth in which we look at Ice Nymph, Storm Nymph, Dryad (tree) and Nereid (sea - offspring of Nereus).
The Tale of Jonny Burco. Jonny joins Men for the Stars, a club set up at his high school after the discovery of and alien relic (class 3 sign of aliens) not realising the club was an ironic joke. But he wants to go to the stars. Taking in the Tohono O'odham, the Mexican Wall, newly established statelet Londany and hot topic: 'immigration!!' Oh yeah - Jonny goes on to become the first human to make contact with aliens
The Oversphere, Dark Matter and Dark Energy are placeholders provided by scientists to explain the missing matter and energy in the universe is. Hint: it's all around us. :cool:
The Central Sea. The early years of Norman Sicily are from a fascinating period of time. The Maltese Islands were the frontier between Islam and Christianity - another rendering of the Mediterranean is the Central Sea. In this series of linked narratives, love, loss and survival are examined against a background of corsairs.

Works ready to go
The Turning Stone - young adult fantasy set in the present day (with extra added Eastern mysticism)
Angel in my Heart - Angels of love, angels of destruction, guns, God and stuff.
Dragon Shard - Maybe there are entities out in space that a) we'd rather not know and b) be better off not attracting their attention

Work in real need of TLC
The Epheleri - Aliens, pollution, sex and lur-r-r-rve :unsure:

The 'Winter Bough' piccy is from a collection I withdrew as I hijacked a couple of stories to make them into something new (here's that Womble reference)


(I have to get my car fixed - balding tyres and binding brakes)