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To the citizens and residents of Japan

Posted by T Larae , 11 March 2011 · 72 views

I am one of millions around the world that has watched the horrifying images of the destrutive quake that has taken place in Japan.

To the victims of this disaster and to the families of those that have been declared casualties, you have my prayers.

To those who may be searching for lost loved ones, don't give up. Little miracles happen everyday.

When disasters of this magnitude strike, many ask why. My only answer is that it's not our world. "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

To those of us sitting in the comfort of our homes watching this disaster unfold, this is a prime example of how blessed we are and a demonstration of how weak and fragile we as human beings are. We often take for granted the sanctity of our homes, the jobs we have and the loved ones we share these things with. How quickly things can change.

May God bless and have mercy on the people of Japan.

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