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The year of Disaster

Posted by T Larae , 18 May 2011 · 91 views

From the Quake in Japan to the Tornado outbreak in the South and then the floods along the Mississippi, this year has been one for the books. Oh yeah, and let's not forget about the drought in Texas.
The tornado thing in the south hit me real hard as I live only a few blocks away from one of the hardest hit communities.The only thing that came to mind while I looked at the hill up the street from where I live was an explosion. It looked as if the entire hill had exploded. I heard one person comment that it looked like someone laid a bunch of lumber out to build houses where houses once stood.
It was heartbreaking. Yet, as I said once before, its not our world and we're just visiting. God can and does just what he pleases with it.
I'm sure some good writing will come out of it but I've had trouble figuring out where to start.
Speaking of writing, a new agent Susan Finesman of Fine Literary,is taking queries. We all know what a golden opportunity new agents are for new writers.
Let's all pray that after all that's happened, God is finished with giving the world a facelift.

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