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Posted by T Larae , 01 August 2011 · 97 views

I started this journey about five years ago thinking that I was just weeks, or at best, months away from becoming the next Mark Twain or Lisa Scotaline.
Writing takes you places, not necessarily through your own prose, that will either make you or break you. Attempting to make it as a writer requires a lot of work, faith in your work and a lot of luck that someone will one day notice the jewels you've accumulated over the years and give you a fair price for them. It can be a lot like digging a ditch... no matter how perfect you think you've carved out every crevice there's still going to be someone to come along and say, "you're just a millimeter off with respect to depth, width or the angle." You can either wallow or lay there in that ditch and let it cave in or you can have faith that it will support whatever contents it was meant to hold.
Agents, though helpful in some venues, can be cold. Editors can be confusing. It is as though they seek the approval of every eye that will view your work. Maybe they do. But this prompts re-write after re-write and can test your fortitude to get submitted material approved. And in the end, your finely tuned article, piece or book comes under scrutiny by the general public who will either love it and buy it or toss it aside like a piece of trash for the next moron to view.
Making a living as a writer is not for the timid, the faint at heart or those with thin skin. You must re-invent yourself daily and take on the responsibility of selling yourself daily as well.
The more I look at it, the more I wonder how I will ever make it work.

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