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Posted by compelled2write , 09 August 2011 · 523 views

Being new to this, I just wanted to say Hi., and thanks for the invitation to join in the blogs and critiques. This is a great experience...and I'm all about experiences, and being from New York, now living in the Middle East, I've had many.

I;ve noticed a lot of people are full of stress about submitting their querie letters, synopsis' partials, etc. Stop already.! If you're worried about what
people will think of you when you get a drop of success, or worry about the fact people don't agree with the way you take your notes, you're not
writing, or thinking of your book. You're busy thinking about what other people are thinking!

I can see why people are sometimes intimidated even before they start to write, but you cannot call yourself a writer if you don't write.
I take the simple approach: Just write something you would love to read yourself. I've read too many bad books, and I'm sure you have too, eliciting dumfounded thoughts, like: "what the hell?" "I can do better than that!"

I know, i know, I do not have agent representation...yet, but that's why we're here. To learn, grow, enjoy our craft, and remember why we want to write.

Dance with your muse!

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