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Hello. Something To Say...

Posted by JordanTheNinja , 10 November 2011 · 143 views

Writing Novel taking a break yeah
Hello everybody. So far, everything has been going really well with ther re-writing and everything. But there is something I need to say. And that is, that I think I need a break from AQC. It doesn't have to do with anyone here -- you've all been a major help. :wink: But I've realized that the more I get on the site, the more I can't seem to focus on my writing. My head isn't clear. I can get my mojo flowing. I know. It makes no sense, especially because this is a writing site. I know but I can't really wrap my around my writing when I'm frequently getting on here. So what I think the best thing is for me to leave for a little while - long enough to where I feel comfortable with everything. Please don't judge me by my decision. D: I assure it has nothing to do with the site at all or the people. I just need time to focus and get back in the same state of mind I had been in before. Thank you.


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