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**Shhh** It's naughty naughty time.

Posted by BlackRose , 10 November 2011 · 126 views

So it seems that no matter how far I want to traipse away from romance it comes sneaking back into whatever WIP I'm working on.

Case in point my NaNo project. It's a fantasy about dragons and I think its an awesome concept with a new world created just for them. Well, they created it. I just have the pleasure of being forced to write 7 books about a character from each region. Why? Because they give me no choice. I try not to complain because instead of having a writer's flood, I could have writer's block.

Now to my romance issue. I really would like to keep this as a fantasy series. Romance can be a part, but it shouldn't be a major part of it. At the stage I'm at now, it isn't but from the road map that my MC is drawing for me, it comes into play later. She gets a happily ever after and everything. I would really like to write a book where sometimes they end up miserable, but noooo.

And the sex isn't glossed over like a Breaking Dawn (Stephanie Meyers) version of sex. No this is just minced words and details short of being porn in words, but you still get a very vivid picture of what is what.

I have tried to tell her that this will not do for the type of story that I am trying to write. She told me to suck it and type. So I typed because a dragon roaring at you in the middle of the night tends to wake the baby and my two year old needs her rest. And I need my break. Besides they have sharp teeth and she likes to use hers.

So I'm stuck writing a story that will eventually fall into the category of fantasy romance (is there even a such thing?), but I want to write something that is a different genre than my main WIP series which is a paranormal romance. Oh the trauma. Not really, but what can I say? I'm a tad bit disillusioned by the idea that my book isn't what I want it to be. Instead a fictional dragon gets to determine what happens when and where.

Kill me now.

Well I must go. Her shrill voice is calling and I must answer before she gives me a migraine.

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