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Excerpt -Secrets That We Keep

Posted by PamH , 10 November 2011 · 118 views

Chapter 3

After her mother went on a date with her boyfriend, Robert Frendel, Paris and her six year old sister, Hayley, went to join Stephanie in the back of the house. Stephanie was getting ready for something and Paris probes about her sudden changed attire. Stephanie blew her a kiss and brushes her wavy hair into a circular motion and then let it tumble down past her shoulders. She finger wave her hair and apply some Covergirl Shineblast aglow lip gloss to her pouty lips. Next, she apply eye-brightening mascara, Shadow blast eye shadow, and a few more touches she was done.

Stephanie gave Paris a wink and took off her smock and smooth down her tube top dress. She sprays on sugar plum body spray and dazzle some body shimmer on her neck and chest.

“Don’t I look moda hermosa?” Stephanie asks Paris, twirling around.

“What does that mean again?” Paris asks back.

“It means beautiful fashionable. Now, don’t I?”

“Yeah, you do. Where are you going anyway?” Paris ran some bath water for her sister and poured in some Dora the Explorer’s bubble bath.

“Terrie is coming over and I think he’s bringing Sean. Allow me to hook you up with my makeup. You don’t need much like me since we are just too gorgeous.” Stephanie reaches out to Paris but she moves away.

“Why didn’t you tell me they were coming over?” Paris inquires. She helps her sister take off her clothes and put her into the bath tub.

“I thought I did,” Stephanie assumes and went to the living room.

Paris kept her anger in check and helps her sister wash herself. She thought about her mother’s date and how much she despises him. What a busta? She thought. Robert Frendel is a six feet- nine tall, tan complexion, fine intelligent guy. He owned a realty business called Frendel & Associates Realty. Robert was in and out of her mother’s life for eight years. Eight long years. Paris wonders if he were the one who cause her parents to file for a divorce. It had pained her father when he found out that her mother was with another guy. It didn’t even matter if they were separated at the time. During their upcoming divorce, Paris turns to this guy named William Tipton. He’s a friend of her father, by ten years, and she had a huge crush on him. He was twenty-one and Paris was eleven. He would “babysit” her when her father was unable to be there and Paris would anticipate his arrival every time.

But, what were innocent turned into something immoral. William would kid around with her, sometimes with the other girls like Stephanie, but nothing bad ever came from it.

All the girls had an enormous crush on him, because he was so fine and kind. Late evenings of taking her places like the ice cream parlor and the movies would lead back to her dad’s place. Paris was trouble by her parents’ battle to the ninth degree that she would cozy up against William and kissed him on the jaw. He would kissed her on the crown of her head and directed his attention some place else. But after constant attempt of constraints, William touched her between her thighs after an in-depth kiss.

Paris remembers how she felt that night, nervous and confused. She grabs at her chest, catching her breath. Her breathing labors. She heard shouting. She shook her head and came back to the present.

“Paris, you almost drown you sister!” Stephanie screams. She grabs for Hayley and wraps a towel around her wet, shaking body.

“What?” Paris asks, confused to what was going on.

“Are you okay Hayley?” Stephanie inquiries. “What going on with you Paris? Why do you keep spacing out?” Stephanie gave her friend a questionable look.

“I’m okay,” Hayley said in a small voice and glances over at her sister. Paris gave her an apology and hugs her. She doesn’t know why she always spaces out like that. She hates it more when it happens while giving her sister a bath. She should have told Stephanie to give Hayley a bath. She would have done it without problems.

“You have to be careful, girl. You could have caused some major problems.” Stephanie help Hayley into her pajamas and they went to the kitchen to give her a late evening snack. Thankfully, she has to go to bed in another hour.

Later, after everything was calm down, the girls sat around watching a Disney movie with Hayley when the doorbell rang. Stephanie got up to answer the door and was greeted by Terrie grinning down at her.



Posted by PamH , 10 November 2011 · 62 views

Secrets That We Keep


Pamela Hester

Fifteen year-old Paris Thompson met a handsome Jamaican guy, in which she feels pressure from her best friend to lose a virginity that she had lost through molestation when she was eleven.

A family friend had molested her, but Paris calls him her secret boyfriend through the hard times of her parents' divorce. Now, approaching 16 years of age, she is destined to keep the dirty secret from her friends and parents as well. After she agrees to her best friend's idea to lose their virginity, she wonders if she is making the right choice. As she spends a lustful weekend with her boyfriend and two friends, she begins to disclose the secret about her molester and they have to promise not to tell anyone.

Paris' molester then comes back into her life, apologizing that he is a changed man. Her friends wonder what she is going to do. They figure this is the time to go to the authorities, if not to her parents, and have him behind bars. But, Paris isn't hearing it. She rather pretends that the guy isn’t in town and goes on with her life. Stephanie knows that the guy has really messed Paris up, since she keeps calling him her "friend".

She ignores his pleas for forgiveness anyway, but continues on with her sad and complicated life. She becomes best of friends with her best friend's boyfriend, who understands her better than anyone. That evening after exposing her mother's cheating boyfriend, they end up having sex, but regrets it afterward. They spend the next couple weeks dodging their partners, but have to face them eventually.

Paris has to figure out the costs and consequences of keeping two secrets quiet or uncover them both.

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