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Nancy Pearl: Don’t You Wish Your Career Was Hot Like Hers?

  Posted by Jean Oram , 14 June 2012 · 293 views

Maybe it’s because Nancy Pearl has her own action figure. Maybe it’s because she is a librarian. Maybe it’s because she’s an author (of many books on good books to read). Maybe it’s her award-winning status. Maybe it’s her mission to make sense of the world. Maybe it’s the fact that when she does public speaking it ends up being standing room only. And maybe we could drive a fire truck. (Sorry, a Robert Munsch story snuck in there.)
I mean, she’s a librarian!
But really, I think it’s because Nancy Pearl has taken who she is, her passion, and her essential librarian-quirkiness (all us librarians have that, you know–we hide it behind buns, under long skirts, and in our sensible shoes) and has put it together to make a distinct package of awesome.
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You can read more about her awesome super powers by clicking on her.
I mean, seriously. You are a librarian, you write a book or two, and create your action figure that librarians across the continent are drooling over? It doesn’t get much better than that! Niche market all sewn up! You’d better believe our local library has her books as well as her action figure. (It sits on the counter behind the circulation desk and taunts me. I really want to ask if I can play with it.)
Over to you. Is there an author or writer that has done something unique and that you admire?


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