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Reflecting on A to Z

  Posted by Jemi , 07 May 2012 · 337 views

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It's May and we have survived the A to Z challenge! Yay!!!! Today is Reflection Day. Here are my thoughts...

  • I didn't get to visit as many people as I hoped. I thought I'd find 2 or 3 new bloggers each day. But keeping up with the comments on my own blog and visiting my non-AtoZ friends was enough for me to handle
  • I didn't write as much as I hoped
  • I am pooped! :)
  • I met a LOT of new bloggy friends with fabulous blogs I will continue to enjoy!
  • I gained followers - I'm really not good at paying attention to numbers, but I gained at least 20 new friends
  • it was a TON of fun! There were so many interesting themes and posts. Loved seeing a different side of my bloggy friends.
  • I love completing a challenge :)
  • I don't use blog badges and banners, but I really liked the ones that someone created - they were fun and fresh
  • I liked the widget-thingy I found on Matt's blog (and a few more I can't remember) that popped me to a surprise blog. Found lots of fun people that way
  • I'm SO impressed by the co-hosts and how many posts I saw them visit. WOW!!! Kudos all!
Next Year???
  • a definite maybe! :) (I do have a spreadsheet started with possible topics for the letters...)
So, do you like challenges? If you did this challenge, what was the very best part?


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