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  Posted by Jemi , 06 June 2012 · 382 views

...without the cloak. :)

You know the feeling.
  • you wave at someone ... and no one waves back
  • you ask a question ... and no one answers
  • someone cuts you off in mid-sentence ... again
  • someone comes up with a great idea that everyone loves ... the same one you mentioned 10 minutes before that no one seemd to hear...
Yeah. That.

I've felt like the invisible woman more than once lately. Both online and off.

When I finally enter those query wars later this year, will it be the same? Probably. :)

Along with Harry's cloak, I think I'll need more than a drop of his courage when the time comes!

Do you ever feel invisible? Where do you find your courage to take the next step in the process?

(Check out Alex J Cavanaugh's blog for more posts in the Insecure Writer's Support Group)


And, onto the winner! Remember back on my last post, Becca Puglisi visited and offered up a PDF copy of The Emotion Thesaurus - the brilliant resource written by her and Angela Ackerman - the fabulous minds behind the Bookshelf Muse blog? Well, it's time to announce the winner. I used the old reliable Random.org and it chose lucky #7. So, the winner is...

Beth at Muses and Meringues! *throws confetti*

Congratulations, Beth! I'll forward your email to Becca & we'll get you that copy of the book!


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