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Catch Up Time

  Posted by Jemi , 20 August 2018 · 208 views

About 2 weeks ago, someone in my immediate family was involved in an accident. Injuries required him to be airlifted out of town to a larger hospital with specialists. Thanks to these specialists, my family member will recover and be good as new after some time, care, and rehab.

The air ambulance's regulations allowed me to accompany him along with one small carry-on bag for both of our needs. The stay of a few days extended to almost 2 weeks. I did have my cell phone with me, but it absolutely refused to deal with more than one email account - and sometimes refused to deal with even that. Because of that I've been completely out of contact with all my author emails and social media accounts.

I'll catch up over the next little while as time allows, although it's going to be even more chaotic than normal for a while.

Now, tell me what I've missed!


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