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Week Wrap Up - WINNERS!!!!

  Posted by K McClelland , 14 July 2012 · 303 views

My week has been fairly dull really. My kids are CRAZY and I'm busy trying to get them in line or writing or revising or critiquing. Nothing exciting. Except this post....

I hosted a giveaway of Ali Cross' books: BECOME and DESOLATE!

Posted ImagePosted Image

And today it's time to announce those winners...


So many awesome people entered my giveaway. So many of you AWESOMELY WONDERFUL people that I couldn't just choose two winners...

For real?!?

Yep, I couldn't pick just two. Couldn't do it. What can I say? Y'all are full of awesome. :D So, I picked six people...

Say WHAT?!?!

Oh yeah, you read it right...SIX people won these awesomely amazingly fantastically fabulous books.

So, who you say? Here's the list:

Stephanie Adele
EB Black
Kendra Conine
Caterina Torres
Floetic Flo

WOOT!! Congrats WINNERS!!!

Keep an eye out for your email from Ali. It should be soon. :D

Thank you Ali for all of your awesomeness! And thanks to all who entered. Keep an eye out for another giveaway-I love them and I'll come up with one soon. :D

Happy Saturday Everyone! :)


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