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I'm Brainstorming Some Things

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 06 July 2015 · 50 views

I know I said I'd be taking a break in July, too, but this is the only place where I can get my thoughts out in more than 150 words, so I thought I'd drop by to think.

My Blog:
I want to revamp my blog topics. My current schedule is:
Tuesdays (blog hop)
Wednesdays (what I'm reading/IWSG)
Fridays (blog hop/potpurri).

I might condense it to:
Tuesdays (what I'm reading/something writing related)
First Wednesdays (IWSG)
Fridays (blog hops/something writing related)

So then I'd only be writing twice a week and thrice on that first week, and having more content on less days might keep my mind open to my writing.

My Pen Name:
So, I have this issue where after a certain amount of time, I want a new e-mail address. I never thought that I would be looking at my pen name and thinking, "Do I still like this name?" Especially after all the brainstorming I went through just to get to this name!

Maybe, I'll use different pen names for different genres. Speculative, this name. Contemporary, maybe my own name. I hate my name, though. It's so boring. I'd use my mom's maiden name if she hadn't "not" named me after my aunt. I'd rather not add to the confusion. For poetry, I almost committed myself to S.B. Hawkins (a lady at church calls me Songbird, and I love that), but something in my head said, "Isn't there a Sophie B. Hawkins?" There is, and why do I know that? (Googling, Googling...Oh, right. "As I Lay Me Down").

My Unofficial Sequel & My one Beta:
My little sister has been my one steady beta reader since like 1994. I couldn't get her to read my Fantasy, but she made a deal to read my unofficial sequel to Octavia Butler's Fledgling, which I named Birthright. Honestly, I thought she had forgotten to read it, and I was losing faith, but out of the blue this weekend while we were sitting on the couch at 1 a.m, she said, "So, I have questions about Ruby [the original name for it]." I was bursting with glee that she had actually begun reading it. She's halfway through (it's a novella, only 100 pages), but she noted some good things that I need to fix, one of which being (and as someone who reads sequels sometimes before I read the first book, it's very important) that I have to consider the fact that the reader may not have read Fledgling, so things I left out that I knew because they were explained in Fledgling, I have to explain in Birthright.

I'm just glad she started reading it. Now, I'll have to go through and flesh it out more so I can start the process of finding out from whom to get permission to actually publish it.

So that's it. See you later!



IWSG: Enjoying This Break

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 30 June 2015 · 66 views


I'm writing this on Tuesday night with a little bit of red wine in me, so I don't have much energy for my normal greetings. I will say thank you to Alex J. Cavanaugh and co-hosts because they deserve it.

I decided at the end of May that I wanted to take a break in June. July was also on my mind, and to be honest, I'm for it. I know blogging is good to build networks etc., but it's exhausting and sometimes tedious to me. I have actually written a LOT this past month, and I feel like a lot of it is BECAUSE I haven't been blogging.

I'm also back to querying agents. One said she was drawn by my query but not hooked by my first pages, so I know if I get the same sentiments from the next couple of agents, I need to do something about those first pages...AGAIN. I have friends getting their songs on tv shows, other friends getting into the careers they want. My cousin is finally branching out and doing solo performances at churches. I'd really like to be one of the successes soon. This life of working jobs I don't love just to get by is draining my soul.




  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 03 June 2015 · 83 views

FFXII's Sorbet says:
Well, not really, but I'm taking a blogging break this month. See you in July!



Fast Five Friday: Cartoons

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 29 May 2015 · 55 views

Happy Friday!

What is it about 4-day work weeks that feel like an ETERNITY??

Anyway, the Cover Girls, Dani and Jax, came up with this fun quickfire bloghop that gets us to share 5 things of their choosing. This week it is 5 Childhood Cartoons.

The first of my fave five is the reason I became a writer. The next two made me love fantastical settings. The next are just...what's not to love?!

1. X-Men
2. David the Gnome
3. The Smurfs
4. Doug
5. Gummy Bears



Wednesday Words: Fire

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 27 May 2015 · 49 views

Happy Hump Day!

It feels like a Tuesday, but thankfully, it's not one!

I have finally moved onto Fire, by Kristin Cashore, which I bought immediately after reading Graceling, the first book in the series. This world so far is surprisingly different than Katsa's on the other side of the mountains: there are MONSTERS over here! By monsters, I mean animals and people who are weird colors and can persuade you with their minds. Yeesh. I can't wait to see how this ties in with King Leck from Graceling, though I sort of see it. I also really like Fire and her best frenefit (lol) Archer, though he's a little dense sometimes.

(Side note: having posted the cover, I now see there's a face on it. I must not have stopped to look at my actual book.)

Alright, to the point. On Wednesdays, I use Random.org to share with you a piece of what I'm reading, so let's get into it. There are 461 pages in Fire. Let's see what Random chooses.

Page...................................................148. Ooh, I'm almost there.

Hey, the beginning of a chapter! There are approximately 21 lines on this page, so let's see what we'll be reading.


No. Cansrel's mind was strong as a bear and hard as the steel of a trap, and every time she left it, it slammed back into place behind her.

Fire's father was a very scary man, and I'm pretty sure I know how he "killed himself."



Express Yourself: Eating While Writing?

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 26 May 2015 · 60 views

Happy Tuesday!

Today is the day I answer the questions given to us by the ladies who created Express Yourself: Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests. This week, they would like us to:

Name a few things we like to eat while writing.

Well, to be honest, I don't have any writing snacks. Is it just me? If I get hungry, I usually just eat whatever is available. I don't have a particular food I crave in my time of writing.

Well, that was anti-climactic. See you tomorrow!



Friday Freeday: June Hiatus

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 22 May 2015 · 38 views

Good morning!

I've decided to take a break from blogging next month, possibly July, too, but I'll see when I get closer to it. A part of me wants to do a little more with the blog, definitely a little more towards writing. I'll most likely incorporate them into the posts I already have, which means making longer posts, but hey.

Everyone have a good Memorial Day weekend, and remember those who died to protect the freedom of others!



Wednesday Words: Defiance

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 20 May 2015 · 38 views

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesdays are the days I usually set aside to share with everyone what I'm reading by using Random.org to help me out. This week, I'm reading one of my "competition" books based on one of the lit agency's requirements to list books mine would compete against.

Defiance, by C.J. Redwine.

It's interesting so far, a weird juxtaposition of medieval values and modern nomenclature. Rachel Adams and her Protector, Logan McEntire, are somehow going to escape the tyrannical police-state in which they live to find her father Jared, who never came back from a courier mission. Mayhem and secrets ensue. Hopefully I can check it out again when the Kindle version disappears back to my digital library. I was reading something else when it became available, so I haven't gotten too far, and it's due in 2 days. (Hey, I successfully placed it on hold again, so that should solve that.)

Anyway, there are 416 pages in the Kindle edition. Random.org has chosen page...............344.

Geez. That's 82.7% of the way in, so I have a feeling I'm about to spoil it for myself. But that's the nature of this game!

There are approximately 19 lines on this page, so Random has chosen line....................18.

The Cursed One roars and coils itself to strike again.

I knew they would eventually stumble upon this thing, so I can't wait to see what it looks like.



Express Yourself Weekly: My Weird BFF

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 19 May 2015 · 34 views

Throwback...on a Tuesday! lol It's time for Express Yourself, created by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests. These ladies bring us fun questions to answer weekly, and we're happy to oblige.

This week, they would like to know what quirks our best friends have that we adore.

Hm...trying to think if I like their quirks. lol

My best friend/cousin Candyce must know what happens at the end of books and movies. lol I'm not the kind of person who doesn't tell you if you ask, so I always answer her if we're watching a movie I've seen.

My best friend/sister Andréa likes to make random noises out of the blue. Just chilling, and then suddenly, high note for no reason.

They're both very silly.



Friday Freeday

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 15 May 2015 · 65 views

Friday Feels:

1. So, I can't even cross my arms today. I feel so exposed lol Yesterday was our Employee Recognition, and I played five games of volleyball. I knew the risks by my first dive to the ground. They should start a volleyball league at work, though. I had so much fun.

2. Time has a "What would your name be today" quiz. Deborah was the 182nd most popular name in 1984 (does it even count as popular then?). Today's 182nd most popular name is Michelle. Yeesh. I'm so not a Michelle. No offense, Michelles.

3. When I tried to Swype Deborah, it gave me Debussy first. I am now in love with this name and will name a boy this.

4. Still contemplating naming a girl Deborah and calling her Rory.

5. Wawa's idea of a bacon omelette is making the omelette and then putting the bacon on top. They're whack, but it was still bomb. Even when they're wrong, they're right.


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