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IWSG: Write Because You're A Writer

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 01 October 2014 · 8 views

Creator: Alex J. Cavanaugh (sensei)
Website: http://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com/

I know that sounds pretty obvious, right? But some of you would be surprised. People will ask some of us what we do for a living, and even if we have a day job, saying that we’re writers will sometimes get us strange looks. I had some perfect stranger (I hate when people at bus stations try to spark conversations) ask me, when I told him I majored in Creative Writing (at FSU), what would I write other than newspaper articles. As if books just…I don’t even know.

Heck, saying you want to be a published author when you grow up may not even be supported by your family. I follow a blogger who has that issue, and my older sister used to tell me how unrealistic it was to be a writer and spent too many years trying to get me jobs for which I was unqualified. And many people who ask what I graduated with (BA in English) think an English degree means I want to be a teacher. I still don’t understand why. I’ve known people who instead of going into Creative Writing or English go into weird things they’re not particularly interested in just to please their parents. No offense, but that’s some crap.

Some people have small minds. If you’re not being a teacher, doctor, lawyer, or whatever, you’re not doing anything of importance. WRONG.

You are a writer. NEVER put it on the backburner because people who don’t understand what it is to think these things up and to create other worlds and see other forms of mankind in their mind aren’t particularly worth pleasing. Life is not a drill. Go through it doing what you were meant to do. You’re not crazy, you’re not dreaming too hard. You write. That’s what you do. So, do it.

(Yes, IWSG peeps, you may use this for the E-Book. Happy Anniversary!!)



Express Yourself: Autumn

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 30 September 2014 · 10 views

Happy Fall! So far, my fall is pretty grey. lol But the leaves are beautiful outside my work window. :D

Express Yourself is brought to us by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests.

This week, they'd like to know what our one favorite thing is about Autumn, even if you hate it (who the heck hates Autumn?!).

It's actually my favorite season, despite the onset of my allergies that last through Spring. It's almost always nice outside. I can walk home more often without sweating or freezing to death. I LOVE the smell of fireplaces in November. We have these trees whose leaves turn wine red. It's a beautiful season!



Friday Freeday: Writer Because of TV?

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 26 September 2014 · 22 views

Happy Friday!

SO, as I was reading another lady's blog for Express Yourself (Melissa over at My Creatively Random Life), I realized something.

Most writers say, "I read this, and I knew then that I wanted to be a writer."

As some of you know, the first real story I started writing was about mutants living in a school. Why? Because I was watching X-Men. I'm almost sure this isn't normal, and nowadays, I think that I probably should've stayed in Writing for Film/TV, because even though books make me want to write, my first passion happened because of a tv show. Also, still to this day, I'll watch something and think to myself, "I can't wait to have my own movie!"

I love acting out scenes to myself (which if anyone walked in on me throwing myself on the floor and crying for no real reason, I'd be thrown on the altar), and I still really want to be published. I also want very much to have a small screen or big screen notch on my belt.

I really hope both happen.



Wednesday Words: Flight Volume 4

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 24 September 2014 · 17 views

Welcome back to Wednesday Words, reading edition!

I put American Gods on hold so I could at least read the two other books I checked out with it. They're graphic novels, the 4th and 5th parts of a series called Flight.

Now, hopefully this works. Some of the stories don't have words. I could probably take a picture, but I'd rather give you all lines.

So, that said, there are 344 pages in Flight Volume Four. Random.org has chosen....Page 195...No words. I shall hit it again.....Page 254.....Almost....One more time....Page 323....

So, I'll just hit it until I get a page with words on it--AH, only had to do it one more time! Page 106 has a letter on it! Oh hey, I'm actually about to read this one, too. I give you a piece of "The Window Makers" by the series editor Kazu Kibuishi.

Hi Mr. Emery,

I made a window this morning that I
thought you'd enjoy. Get well soon and
see you back at the office.


There are scenes in each window, almost like a live painting. It's neat.

Does anyone else like a good graphic novel? The only others I've read are The Watchmen and the first volume of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?



Express Yourself: When I Grow Up

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 24 September 2014 · 25 views

I wanna be famous! I wanna be a star! I wanna be in movies!

Sorry, I love the Pussycat Dolls. Hello! I'm a day behind on life. The temperature when I woke up yesterday was in the mid 40s, and I had my fan on all night, so I got to work with quite a set of backed-up sinuses and went home early to rest. Of course, I do my blogs while I'm at work, so I didn't get to do Express Yourself yesterday.

This week, Dani @ Entertaining Interests and Jackie @ Bouquet of Books asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up.

I wanted to be a firefighter. My mom used to love chasing firetrucks to see what big fire they were going to put out (sometimes, she still does it), and they really interested me. Of course, there's nothing glamorous about houses burning down, so I always wanted to be someone to help put them out. Of course, at 5'3 with low upper body strength, I probably wouldn't make the volunteer squad now, so...yeah.



Wednesday Words: We Are People

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 17 September 2014 · 25 views


So, yes, I'm still reading American Gods, but I just read a blog that sparked a thought in me, so I have actual words on this Wednesday.

So, we writers who are privy (or were forced by the times) to social networking do these things called contests to try to nab an agent for our WIPs. They're very innovative and creative contests, and many of the hosts call on mentors or judges to help the writers along.

Key word in that sentence: HELP.

I've been a victim of this, and the writer of the blog post I'd read actually was crushed by this, but there are times when one or two of the judges/mentors *gasp* criticize more than critique what they read.

Key words there: criticize, critique. People forget that there is a difference.

Now 95% of the judges/mentors will be really helpful and give you constructive feedback. Some of it might sting, but you learn from it and make your work better to either try another contest or query an agent/publisher. The other 5% can just be plain out mean. They don't take the time to say, "Hm, this might be just a BIT too harsh. Let me rephrase this."

"Well, if you want to be a writer, you need to grow a thick/tough/adamantium/whatever skin."

That's just lazy and selfish to fall back on. Yes, we have to let some of the critiques roll off our back, but we shouldn't have to bear the brunt of the criticism, especially when it was your job to help a writer who just wants to make it, not beat their self-esteem into a bloody pulp.

Writers aren't robots. We're not androids. Writers are PEOPLE with these things called EMOTIONS and FEELINGS.

Before you put out what you think is a witty or snarky "critique" or even comments you think the writer deserves because you didn't like what they submitted, and they need to know that point blank, remember what it was like when you first started putting your work out there and how crappy you felt when someone was a total douche because they felt they could be.

Okay? Cool.



Express Yourself: Collections

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 16 September 2014 · 16 views

Happy Tuesday! Welcome back to Express Yourself, created by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests to learn more about their followers. You can join us on either of their Express Yourself pages!

This week, they ask: What do you like to collect?

I LOVED when they started making the state coins. I spent every year trying to get the new states, and I finally have them! I also have many dollars and coins from other countries, from New Zealand to Costa Rica! I noticed maybe last year that two mints were out of each state quarter (one made in Denver I think, and the other in Philly), and I would still like to have all 50 from each region, but I do have all of the states.

They're making the national monuments and parks now, but I need the quarters for the bus, so maybe I'll continue when I have a car. hehe



Friday Freeday: DO OVER!

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 12 September 2014 · 38 views

So, I need another Friday, like right now.

So, I set my alarm for 7:15 so I'd get in time to catch the bus for my dentist appointment. 7:45 rolls around, and I wake up realizing I'm supposed to not still be in bed. I neither heard my alarm, nor my calendar go off to tell me about the appointment.

Thus, I had to walk to the appointment. Fortunately, it's only about mile northeast of my development, but I was in no mood to walk.

Then, of course, I hate getting my teeth cleaned. I feel like they use that hook to scrape away a tiny fraction of my gums. AND I have to go back to get another filling. *sobs in my head*

After that, I walked to the 7-Eleven catercorner from the office, buy breakfast and fruit for lunch, then proceed to wait for the bus...which stopped running about half an hour before! SO I then had to walk the next mile to work! And some idiot yelled "Hey, Baby!" at me, then "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!" When I didn't answer the first, second, third, or fourth time. Like, get. a. clue.

And because I didn't really sleep well, I'm extremely sleepy.

Can't I just wiggle my nose, or call on Jeannie to start this day over? I don't want to live today. Maybe tomorrow. Not today.



Wednesday Words! Still reading Gaiman.

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 10 September 2014 · 37 views


I'm still reading American Gods. That reading spree I went on a few weeks ago must have burned out, but I can't miss another Wednesday, so you'll all just have to read Gaiman with me. ;)

So, I'm using Random.org to pick a page and a few lines for me to share with you all. As I said before, there are 541 pages in American Gods. Random has chosen.....Ah, a page I've read already. Page 42.

This is a good scene, too. There are about 31 lines on this page, so, Random, do your thing!
...............................Line 11.

The girl gave him his cash back, and put the purchase on the card, and then gave him the card receipt and took his cash, then returned the cash and took a different card.

I'm going to go ahead and throw in a line from a little later as a bonus, because I didn't catch what was happening up there (Honestly, I still don't get it lol).

"The way I saw it in there, you never paid for the gas...The way I saw it, she wound up paying you for the privilege of having you in her gas station. You think she's figured it out yet?"

If you don't see me next Wednesday, I'm still reading this book. I'll try to speed up, but it's the slacker season.



Express Yourself: Special Places

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses , 09 September 2014 · 35 views

Welcome back!

Express Yourself is a weekly meme created by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests. This week, they would like to know if we have any special places where we read and/or write.

I actually don't, and I should, because the way my attention span is set up...When I was in school, I'd read and write during class and still managed to get A's and B's. lol But I do enjoy reading in a park when it's a nice mix of sunny and breezy. It's very peaceful.


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