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Three Books for the Price of ONE on Nook: Exclusive!

  Posted by Jean Oram , 25 January 2019 · 136 views

Fall in love with your Nook again.

And again.

And again.

Exclusively on Barnes and Noble from now through to February 28, 2019 download the first three books in my Veils and Vows series for the price of ONE book! That’s THREE books for only $2.99. Regularly these three books would be $10.97! All you need is a Barnes and Noble coupon code (see below). (No Nook? Download their free and easy to use app!)

A $10.97 value for only $2.99!

The Promise by Jean OramDownload The Promise–the prequel that starts the Veils and Vows series–for FREE with your exclusive coupon code NOOKBASHFREE. The Promise is an emotional novella about the power of true love, family and expectations.

Then download The Surprise Wedding–book 1–for FREE. No coupon required. This is a bonus from me to you. <3 This is the sequel to The Promise and it vows to have “all the feels” from laughter to tears as these two exes find their way back to each other–which involves revisiting their painful pasts as well as dealing with a fake engagement in a town that still believes in the power of one’s first true love.

Then grab your book 2–A Pinch of Commitment–for 25% off (Only $2.99!) with your coupon code NOOKBASH25. Fall in love with these two besties and try not to laugh as they deny that their marriage of convenience is nothing more than a business arrangement… A heartwarming romance with a feel-good ending.


Note:These coupon codes only work on the web store, not in-app or inside your Nook device.

Use the coupons as many times and for as many of the qualifying books (see below for a link) as you want!

Use one coupon code per checkout–the system will only let you enter one at a time. So checkout twice–once for your NOOKBASHFREE books and then again with your NOOKBASH25 books.

How to use a Barnes and Noble Coupon Code:

1: Visit the Barnes and Noble website from your desktop computer or mobile device. Click to jump to The Promise!

2: Add The Promise and other books to your cart.

3: Click on view shopping cart.

4: Apply Coupon Code below the Order Summary. Please note:

  • Coupons cannot be combined at checkout. To use the different coupon codes, you must checkout applicable titles separately (free books in one transaction, 25%-off books in another transaction).

  • Your coupon codes for the eligible books found here are Free: NOOKBASHFREE and 25% off book 2: NOOKBASH25.

5: Complete check out and squeal with joy over how much money you are saving!

6: Your purchased books will auto-sync to your NOOK library. Access your NOOK library from your desktop, NOOK device, or the free NOOK app!

7. Happy reading!

Want photos to help you find what you need on the Nook site? Check out my easy tutorial here.

And guess what? There are MORE great books–over 200 series and over 400 books just waiting for you over on Barnes and Noble. Check out some of my favourite authors (I’ve met all but one of them in person and they are all sweet, kind and genuine people that you’ll love–their books are great, too!) including Ciara Knight, Kay Correll, Mary Campisi, Kylie Gilmore, Julia Kent, Sophia Knightly, Patricia McLinn, Ev Bishop and more. So what are you waiting for? Go browse and see which books will sweep you away next!

Barnes and Noble’s Book Bash!


Don’t have a Nook? No worries! Download their free app: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/h/nook/apps




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