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A short kiss or a long kiss? (#BookQW)

  Posted by Jean Oram , 05 June 2019 · 89 views

A long kiss! Sensual!

Although short kisses have their place, too.

It’s Book Quote Wednesday (#BookQW) today and my snippet includes the word “Short” which is our word of the week.

But it’s not all about kissing where I use the word “short!” Read on for a steamy-sweet tingalicious sneak peek from my new release Sweet Troublemaker.

Mmmm. Have you ever been kissed like that?

Have you ever kissed someone else like that?

Consider this your week’s homework–go forth and kiss like Nick and Polly!

Until next week…



P.S. You can get your hands on this sweet second chance romance right here:

ebook price $2.99

paperback price $9.99


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