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You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You’ll Save 40%

  Posted by Jean Oram , 22 August 2019 · 88 views

Have you escaped to the small town of Indigo Bay yet?

This is the week to do it!

Sweet Forgiveness is 40% off exclusively on Kobo with the promo code 40ROM.

Download the store’s free reading app and start saving your book money on special deals like this one from August 22 – 26, 2019.

Forgiveness. Second chances…and secrets. Fall in love with Sweet Forgiveness today!

KOBO: www.jeanoram.com/KOBOCAforgiveness

Find ALL of the sale books here: https://www.kobo.com/en/p/romance40save

Your special promo code: 40ROM

Happy reading!

Need a sneak peek of Sweet Forgiveness? You can find it here.


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