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The Mystery of the Ata Humanoid Deepens: New Evidence of a Second Six-Inch Tall Human Being

  Posted by MichaelRC , 07 June 2013 · 2,287 views

The “Ata” alien is a bizarre, diminutive mummy first discovered ten years ago in the Atacama Desert of Chile, South America. The recent documentary “Sirius” brought the corpse into the international spotlight. As I wrote in an earlier post, extensive scientific testing – from x-rays to DNA analysis – showed Ata was indeed human. According to some scientists, it was not an aborted fetus. Based on CAT scans and bone marrow testing, they concluded this tiny human had lived between the ages of six to eight-years-old!

Now, more layers are being added to this unexplained mystery. According to an article from Red Ice Creations, 91% of the mummy’s DNA is human. The remaining 9% continues to puzzle experts. And it seems Ata is not as unique as we think. A new book called “The Curious Man” – about the exploits of the legendary Robert Ripley, the man behind Ripley’s Believe It or Not – reveals photos of a remarkably similar creature, one that was also discovered in the Atacama Desert. It has been nicknamed the “Ata Boy.”

A side by side comparison of two six-inch tall mummies

A side by side comparison of the Ata Boy (left) and the Ata Humanoid (right)

A six-inch tall mummy known as the Ata Boy

The Ata Boy – a relative of the Ata Humanoid?

Robert Ripley holding a tiny, mysterious mummy

Ripley and the mummy

All photos from the Red Ice Creations website.

It’s certainly difficult to ignore the resemblance between the bodies. They are both roughly six-inches tall and come from the same geographical area. Two bodies separated by eighty years. What can we learn from this second, previously unknown figure? Unfortunately, not much beyond these few tantalizing photos. The Ata Boy is currently missing, its location unknown. Whether it still even exists or not, no one can say for certain.

Are these mummies simply fetuses that did not survive? Or are they something else altogether, something we have yet to fully understand? Perhaps soon, we’ll finally have the answers. Until then, we’ll have to live with the questions.

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