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25 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Twitter

  Posted by Bryan Thompson , 26 February 2012 · 424 views

In the last few weeks, we have talked about some pretty serious stuff – we’ve talked about What-Ifs from a Close Brush with Death, we’ve talked about how to be a rockstar in your own way, and we’ve even learned 8 keys to a great relationship!
Now, it’s time to take a little break and talk about Twitter. And the signs you may be spending a little too much time on there.
Are you addicted to Twitter? Let’s find out.
  • You start addressing people in real life as their Twitter name. (ex. “Hello, CurlyHoward.”)
  • Other people frequently have to wait up for you as you stand still typing into your phone.
  • You time out real conversations by saying, “Hold up! I have to tweet this!”
  • You find yourself signing your name with the @ symbol. (ex. “sincerely, @thompsonland)
  • You apologize for tweeting too much. (“Sorry, guys, I went over the 5 tweet-per-day limit.”)
  • You think you should teach a social media class to tell everyone in your town how to tweet better.
  • You are quick to defend Twitter against attacks from non-Tweeps. (example: Your Mom: “I just don’t understand these kids today and the Twitter.” You: “Actually, Twitter can be a great source of news in the world. )
  • You find yourself hand-waving and eye-rolling when someone mentions Facebook.(“Pssshh.. Twitter is way better than Facebook.”)
  • You are suddenly the news expert in your home. (“No! I read on Twitter that wasn’t true! Darn you, Brian Williams!”)
  • You are generally the first to find out when a celebrity has died or done something crazy! (“Did you see the trending topics in the last five minutes?”)
  • You find yourself having a meltdown if your favorite celebrity shows up in a trending topic. (“OMG! Did Pat Sajak die? Why is he a trending topic?”)
  • You find yourself correcting new Twitter users on their Tweet Grammar. (Ex. @someoneElse: “I’m now on Twitter. Guess I’m a Twitter peep now.” / @You: “Actually, it’s pronounced Tweep. You’re a Tweep.”)
  • You know who web celebrities are and when you mention their names, everyone looks at you like you’re a crazy pig farmer. (“Hey guys, you hear that Joel Comm is going to be in Atlantic City this weekend? How crazy is that?” – blank stares in room)
  • It drives you crazy if you have to actually update your Facebook status because the connection to Twitter is busted.
  • When Twitter’s server crashes or gives the “whale” background because of the traffic, you secretly wonder if it’s your fault.
  • By the time MySpace actually began allowing Twitter integration, you had blasted MySpace all over the Internet.
  • Twitter has replaced Google for your web searches. (“Hey, anybody out there know how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey?” – yes, I tweeted that one year. Got some good auto-mechanic advice, too.)
  • You don’t let it be known that you actually Tweet from Twitter.com. Instead, you use one of the many Twitter apps (ex. Echofon, TweetDeck, Hootsuite, etc.)
  • You find it cool to let it be known that you ONLY use the native Twitter.com app on your iPhone or Android Phone.
  • When someone mentions Gary Vaynerchuk, you beam with pride and dream of a day when you’ll be a better social marketer.
  • You tweet at celebrities a lot in the hopes that someday, @aplusk (Twitter for Ashton Kutcher) will tweet back at you. Oh, that would be the day.
  • You were crushed when you found out someone had beat you to your full name for your Twitter name (you now go by @TimJohnson00542)
  • When a celebrity did tweet back at you, you told your friends about it for a week!(hence, my newfound friendship with Sinbad – only he doesn’t follow me back.)
  • You’re the only person in a committee, group, or event that is asking what the Hashtag is for that event. (“Hey, can we call this year’s Former Circus Clowns conference #fcclowns2011 for our followers on Twitter?”)
  • You write articles called “25 Signs You May Be Addicted to Twitter.”
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What about you? Are you addicted to Twitter? Tell us about it. What were the signs you were addicted?


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