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5 Ways to Start Leading Wherever You Are

  Posted by Bryan Thompson , 22 March 2012 · 1,349 views

Are you a leader? I think you are. Were you born that way? That depends: if you are a prince or princess born into a royal monarch, yes. You were born great. If you aren’t a prince or princess and live a long way from a palace, the answer is no.
If you do happen to be Prince Harry or any other member of the royal family, WELCOME! I’m a big fan!
But for the rest of us, we’re all born much the same – helpless, ignorant, and naked. Some of us may have more familial resources than others, but in the end, we’ve all seen cases of those who seemed to have every reason in the world to succeed and still managed to squander it. By the same token, we’ve all seen people who seemed to be born with every odd against them in the world and still managed to make something remarkable of their lives.
What we’re left with is leadership. Whether it’s succeeding in a business, in politics/government, or in a relationship, the ones who make it are unabashedly leaders.
You may be thinking, But I don’t own my own company, or I’ve never had success leading anything, or Don’t you have to have money to do that?
And the truth is, there are 5 ways you can begin leading RIGHT NOW…no matter WHERE you’re at in your life.
Be the best at what you do in your job.

You don’t own your own company? Don’t manage it either? Fine! Still, I’m willing to bet you bring skills and abilities to your job that NOBODY else does. Let me say that in a different way: NOBODY can do your job EXACTLY the way you do it. Nobody has your exact skill set, personality, or charm. You may think you have none of the above, but since I don’t believe in accidents, I am willing to bet you may find you have every single one of those going for you.
And what’s more: You have the ability to LEARN how to do your job the absolute best you possibly could! All it starts with is the decision to do it!
Become an expert at a topic or niche you love and use social media to leverage it!

Maybe your job doesn’t leave you much room for advancement. This can have its perks, too. Because even if you’re working for someone else, you undoubtedly have interests and passions that are probably not related to your job. (And if you don’t know what that passion is, you can find out here! It’s free!)
Take an honest look at this and begin to learn as much as you can about that topic or niche that makes you come alive.
Once you know your passion, the next step is to become an EXPERT in it? How do you do that? There are all sorts of ways! Start a blog! Get a Twitter account or build a Facebook page and begin connecting with other people who are just as crazy about your niche as you are. You’ll soon begin to discover a whole new world of what expertise is really all about!
Get a mentor and learn as much as you can.

Sadly, one of the reasons most people don’t find their leading edge is because they never had a good example of what leadership is. But in every field, there are people who are willing to teach what they know to someone else. Look for these people. You may have to seek them out, but STUDY them!
Maybe these leaders are unreachable (perhaps they’re famous). You can still study them. Read what they have written and emulate what you’ve studied!
If you’re looking to find some incredible teaching moments, sign up to attend the Chick-Fil-A® Leadercast® event, happening May 4 at a location near you! (If you happen to live in the Springfield, Missouri area, you can attend here!)
Become a mentor and teach as much as you can

Maybe you’ve been the victim of bad leadership, or maybe you’ve never experienced leadership at all. As you begin to learn what leadership is all about, you can become that mentor to someone else. LOOK for those who have potential and those who are starting out! REMEMBER what that felt like. And take them under your wing!
Learn to master the art of certainty!

No matter where you are in your stage of leadership, you can lead others by becoming confident in your decisions. This step is tricky because it can create a double-standard if you’re not careful. Real leaders know how to lead from confidence and how to lead when they aren’t certain where to go. It’s a matter of confidence and being real with those you lead. When you don’t have the answer, be confident in saying that you don’t know but are happy to help others discover what that answer is.
What About You?

Where are you on your leadership journey? How are some ways you’ve been able to lead others? Do you have an example of a mentor who helped you on your journey? Write your comments in the section below!


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