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Cover Reveal: Valia Lind’s Remembering Majyk

  Posted by Amy Trueblood , 14 December 2017 · 155 views


I am beyond thrilled to be sharing my friend, Valia Lind’s cover reveal for her Young Adult Fantasy, REMEMBERING MAJYK. A story filled with mystery, intrigue, and well, of course, magic!

Here is a brief description:

Calista Faulkner never believed in fairy tales…until she is thrust into one.

While attending a college party, she’s attacked by terrifying creatures straight out of a modern day Dr. Frankenstein’s handbook. Fleeing for her life, she discovers that her human memories are a lie and nothing is what it seems.

Calista becomes a target and her only chance of survival is to trust the mysterious Brendan Parnell. He seems to know all of her secrets, even those she doesn’t remember herself.

Together they must fight to protect the most important part of their inheritance, the Relic of Knowledge. Unfortunately, Calista has no memory of her magical life and no idea where she hid the relic. As her memories begin to resurface with bone crushing agony, Calista must face the facts: she is a Volshebnitsya of the High Realm of Skazka and it is her duty to stop the Glava, the masters of Shadowlands.

The world around them begins to falls apart. Plagued by storms that are destroying cities and torn by the sinister monsters of Russian lore. The secrets locked deep inside her mind are her destiny and her undoing. If both worlds are to survive, Calista and Brendan must face the darkness around them—and the darkness threatening from within.


And here is the gorgeous cover…






This amazing book is now available for pre-order here.


Author. Photographer. Artist. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, Valia Lind always had a love for the written word. She wrote her first full book on the bathroom floor of her dormitory, while procrastinating to study for college classes. Upon graduation, she moved her writing to more respectable places, and has found her voice in Young Adult fiction.

You can visit her online at Valialind.com or follow her on Twitter, where she spends way too much time, @ValiaLind.





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