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Witty, Wonderful Podcast Wednesday: April 10, 2019

  Posted by Amy Trueblood , 10 April 2019 · 72 views



Hello readers! When I first started this blog back in 2012 I had two main goals: share the ups and downs of my writing journey and shine a light on people who were doing great things in the book/publishing community.

Over the years this blog has evolved and morphed into many things. I’ve had varying features, series, and posts which aimed to help writers at every level. As things have changed, so have aspects of publishing. One of the fastest growing platforms I’ve seen over the past two years is the skyrocketing development of podcasts.

When I first discovered podcasts there were just a handful that were talking about writing and publishing. Now, there are dozens that tackle craft, as well as the business of publishing. I have to admit I’m sort of hooked now because each week I find myself intrigued and/or motivated by a topic that teaches me something new in regards to the reading, writing, or publishing worlds.

Because I find so many of these shows worthwhile, I decided I wanted to use this platform to boost my weekly discoveries and thus Witty, Wonderful Podcast Wednesday was born!

Today’s inaugural offering is from the AMAZING Literaticast hosted by literary agent, Jennifer Laughran of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

In the latest Literaticast episode, Laughran talks to Newbery Medal winner, Meg Medina about her writing career and how she creates a diverse and interesting cast of characters. Medina also discusses the way she builds an intriguing contemporary world in all her books. Her comments on coming to writing later in life and her bravery in tackling difficult subjects is truly awe-inspiring.

Here is the link to the podcast titled: Meg Medina Changes Gears.  Hope you enjoy!


Side note: Most of the individuals hosting podcasts provide content with little or no funding. If you enjoy what you hear, and have the means, please consider contributing to the host’s funding sites to help support the good work they’re doing. Thank you!¬†






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