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Entries in March 2019
13 Mar A Little Bit of Destiny (#BookQW: Word) 0 Comments
12 Mar Nook March Find: Discounted Romance Audiobooks 0 Comments
06 Mar Who will win? (#BookQW) 0 Comments
Entries in February 2019
22 Feb Schedule Some “Me Time” with these Must-Read Romances 0 Comments
15 Feb Exclusive BOGO Romance Sale 0 Comments
15 Feb Love Audio: Free Romance Audiobook! 0 Comments
13 Feb Have Heart! A Sneak Peek for Book Quote Wednesday 0 Comments
13 Feb Cover Reveal and a Valentine’s Day Giveaway! 0 Comments
Entries in January 2019
25 Jan Three Books for the Price of ONE on Nook: Exclusive! 0 Comments
23 Jan The Assistant and the CEO! (Book Quote Wednesday’s Word: Order) 0 Comments
16 Jan It’s a Surprise Wedding! (Book Quote Wednesday: Surprise) 0 Comments
11 Jan Two Free Feel Good Romance Novels (limited time!) 0 Comments
Entries in December 2018
13 Dec Three Reasons to Get into the Holiday Spirit on Kobo 0 Comments
12 Dec Book Quote Wednesday: Immediate (Christmas Romance Book!) 0 Comments
09 Dec Jean Oram Book Read Order List 0 Comments
05 Dec Book Quote Wednesday: Nothing (From Love and Mistletoe) 0 Comments
04 Dec TODAY! 99 cent audiobook romance (Save your credits!) 0 Comments
04 Dec Come Join the Fun! Audio Bookfly Audiobook Party! 0 Comments
01 Dec #SnowAudio18 Audiobook Giveaways! Champagne and Lemon Drops 0 Comments
Entries in November 2018
28 Nov Book Quote Wednesday: Question from Love and Mistletoe 0 Comments
25 Nov 99 cents–Just in time for the holidays…Love and Mistletoe, a Christmas Romance! 0 Comments
23 Nov Gratitude: A Note From Jean 0 Comments
21 Nov Book Quote Wednesday: Thanks 0 Comments
19 Nov A Heartwarming Trailer for Mail Order Soulmate 0 Comments
16 Nov New Release: Mail Order Soulmate 0 Comments
16 Nov Kobo Readers Save 40% on The Summer Sisters! 0 Comments
05 Nov LAST CALL: Save 75% on Barnes and Noble’s NOOK! 0 Comments
01 Nov Nook readers get 75% off ALL my Books with this Coupon Code! 0 Comments
01 Nov How to Use a Coupon Code on Barnes and Noble & Claim 75% off! 0 Comments
Entries in October 2018
31 Oct Mail Order Soulmate Available for Preorder & a Sneak Peek with #BookQW 0 Comments
30 Oct We’re Back on B&N! 0 Comments
28 Oct Apologies to my Nook Readers 0 Comments
24 Oct Book Game! It’s Book Quote Wednesday: Fingers 0 Comments
20 Oct Warn Your Husbands… Devon’s Story Went Free 0 Comments
19 Oct 3 Reasons to Love The Marriage Pledge’s Trailer 0 Comments
11 Oct Two Friends Work in a Bar… 0 Comments
Entries in September 2018
25 Sep Time to Fall in Love! 0 Comments
14 Sep The Autumn Cooking Challenge 0 Comments
03 Sep Need a book to read while you wait for The Marriage Pledge? 0 Comments
Entries in August 2018
24 Aug Kobo readers get this new release for a discount! 0 Comments
05 Aug Forgive me for I want to give this away… 0 Comments
Entries in June 2018
08 Jun Sweet Matchmaker is FREE this weekend only! 0 Comments
Entries in May 2018
28 May Your Next Favourite Heartwarming & Hopeful Read is Available! 0 Comments
26 May Exclusive Sneak Peek of Sweet Forgiveness 0 Comments
25 May New from Indigo Bay–three great sweet romances! 0 Comments
19 May Indigo Bay Giveaway! 0 Comments
17 May Kobo’s Small Town, Big Hearts Romance DEALS! 0 Comments
Entries in April 2018
11 Apr 6 New Books Coming to Indigo Bay–Heartwarming Exclusive iBooks Preorders 0 Comments
Entries in March 2018
26 Mar I wanted to share the news! 0 Comments
25 Mar Sneak Peek from Accidentally Married 0 Comments

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