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are individual businesses that deals

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Missouri gold buyers St. Louis are individual businesses that deals with the purchase of all items made from this precious metal. This is everything from coins, jewelry to cigar cases and trophies. Given that these are high value items, it is important to establish the legitimacy of any dealer before getting into any business with them.
When conducting the sale online, there are a number of things to check out for in a website. Genuine dealers will routinely update their site to reflect only the new and current prices. They also provide toll free numbers where a potential seller can get in touch with their representatives in case they would like to know more.
This is also in addition to describing how packages www.christianlouboutinus.com are collected and delivered. Collection and delivery should be done in an open way so as to prevent the disappearance of client items. This reduces cases of items getting lost before they arrive at the purchaser which may be a con.
Another set of details that the seller should clarify on is how payments are made. The actual weight as well as authenticity of any merchandise is first established before this can be discussed. But once they have been found authentic, there must be mechanisms in place so as to make sure that instant payment is done.
Since the deal was done online, the option of online payment should be available. Websites that look unprofessional or poorly designed should be an indication that things are not right. It should not be hard to locate any information within such a site.
A supplier should always ensure that they are being offered the right price. For those who may not be sure, there are ways to calculate on how much each carat weighs and its current rates. This will help in calculating how much one should earn after a sale is complete.
The better business bureaus are the best places to check for feedback. These are places that have been set up to ensure that there is a good relationship between a client and a provider. They are also used as arbitration points in the case of a dispute between these two parties.
Any deal that is to be made with the Missouri gold buyers St. Louis must be done in a legitimate way. This will enable the law to help a seller if they were to be conned. Engaging in fishy dealings is risky as one stands to lose everything they have.


Judge Nicknames for Query Kombat 2015

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Since the kontestants get to invent amazing nicknames, naturally the judges want one, too! Plus it lets them vote with more freedome. To recognize our wonderful judges and know the vote is legit, here is a list of the nicknames they have chosen:

Library Junkie
Ice Ice Outpost
Jamie Blythe
Dire Wolf
Romilda Vane
Jackie Jormp-Jomp
The Trickster
Judge Valkyrie
Mrs. Pollifax
Scott Pilgrim
Princess of Llamas
Regina Phalange
Sally Sparrow
Felicity Porter
Hot Lunch
Sir Coffeeton
Princess Buttercup
Bookalicious Mama
Mallory Pike
Mid-size Car
The Praetorian
Dr. T.J. Eckleburg



Cover Reveal: Brenda Drake’s LIBRARY JUMPERS

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    Brenda Drake has done amazing things for the writing community. Year after year, she tirelessly puts together opportunities to connect agents and editors with writers via her contests like: Pitch Wars and Pitch Madness. On top of that there is also the infamous #PitMad, Twitter pitch contest, that I know has connected many writers to […]



Thursday Thoughts

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Thoughts lately...

1) Chewbecca carries a crossbow, but we never see him use it.

2) We know what an aftertaste is. An afterburn on the eyes would be an aftersee. An echo would be an afterhear. So what is an afterfeel?

3) My b/f gives me a hard time about how deeply and how long I can sleep. He won't think it's so funny when we all have to go into stasis.



Wednesday Words: Fire

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Happy Hump Day!

It feels like a Tuesday, but thankfully, it's not one!

I have finally moved onto Fire, by Kristin Cashore, which I bought immediately after reading Graceling, the first book in the series. This world so far is surprisingly different than Katsa's on the other side of the mountains: there are MONSTERS over here! By monsters, I mean animals and people who are weird colors and can persuade you with their minds. Yeesh. I can't wait to see how this ties in with King Leck from Graceling, though I sort of see it. I also really like Fire and her best frenefit (lol) Archer, though he's a little dense sometimes.

(Side note: having posted the cover, I now see there's a face on it. I must not have stopped to look at my actual book.)

Alright, to the point. On Wednesdays, I use Random.org to share with you a piece of what I'm reading, so let's get into it. There are 461 pages in Fire. Let's see what Random chooses.

Page...................................................148. Ooh, I'm almost there.

Hey, the beginning of a chapter! There are approximately 21 lines on this page, so let's see what we'll be reading.


No. Cansrel's mind was strong as a bear and hard as the steel of a trap, and every time she left it, it slammed back into place behind her.

Fire's father was a very scary man, and I'm pretty sure I know how he "killed himself."



New Release: Love and Danger Available!

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Love And Danger, book four in The Summer Sister Tame the Billionaires series is the last book in the four-book series and is now out!

Grab your copy: Amazon US Amazon UK B&N iBooks Kobo Google Play


Love and Danger features Daphne Summer, the youngest Summer sister, and Evander de la Fosse. Daphne is a hippie who sees life as a hopeful, positive place. Evander, however, is an ex-military man (and billionaire in disguise) and has been broken by the war. He believes he is no longer able to deal with real life. But little does he know, that his job protecting Daphne and her five-year-old daughter, Tigger, will not only change the way he sees life, but so much more.

Evander de la Fosse from Love and Danger

I have to admit, when my fans asked me to write a broken hero who had a military background I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure whether I could pull it off. In the end, Evander ended up being my all-time favorite hero. He’s tough on the outside and all gooey and wonderful on the inside (even though he’s loath to show it!). And he’s handsome–of course! :) He made my beta reader cry – in a good way. He led my editor to tell me that this was my best book yet, and he made one of my critique partners swoon.

I hope you enjoy Evander and Daphne as much as I have writing them.



Grab your copy: Amazon US Amazon UK B&N iBooks Kobo Google Play


Love and Danger: Summer Sisters book 4 Jean Oram billionaire in disguise

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jean Oram!

One hippie. One ex-military hero. Two very different life philosophies. And one situation that will alter the path of destiny.

Daphne Summer has always believed in the power of love and destiny. But she figures fate must have a wicked streak for sending Evander de la Fosse into her life. The steely-eyed, former military hunk of manhood won’t leave Daphne’s side after her ex-boyfriend utters what she believes are idle threats due to her sisters blocking his development across from their family cottage. She knows the man, the father of her five-year-old daughter, would never hurt her. But try convincing Evander.

Evander de la Fosse knows going to war broke him. Now he’s good for one thing and one thing only—stopping bullets meant for others. But as he shadows the single mother, Daphne, who always sees life as a bright and positive thing despite the odds against her, he finds himself wishing for the one thing the war took from him—real life.

Will these two opposites find a way to see eye-to-eye so Evander can keep Daphne safe? Or will the culmination of the Summer sisters battle against Rubicore Developments finally come to a fatal head in Canada’s Muskokas during the fourth book in this contemporary romance series?

But most importantly, will Daphne and Evander be able to see each other’s true side before it becomes too late to claim their chance at true love?

The Summer Sisters Series (Billionaire romances set in cottage country!):
Love and Rumors (Book 1 FREE!!) Audio coming soon!
Love and Dreams (Book 2)
Love and Trust (Book 3)
Love and Danger (Book 4)

Grab your copy, only $2.99:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Google Play


The post New Release: Love and Danger Available! appeared first on Jean Oram.



Survivor’s Guilt

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This is not a writing related post and honestly I’ve been putting it off for almost two weeks. Usually, every year when I reach May 9th, I proclaim to the world that it is my “cancer-free” day and celebrate the number of years I’ve been free from Synovial Sarcoma. This year May 9th came and went and I forced myself not to comment, pretended I didn’t notice.

Part of me wanted to not notice as though forgetting that trauma meant I was never at risk of suffering from it again. Another part worried everyone is tired of hearing about this thing, which is a monumental moment in my life, but probably tiresome to hear about every year.

But the real reason I avoided the post this year is because of guilt. I’ve been working on edits for my newest book, working title is LETTERS FROM THE DIRT (or BEYOND). The whole book is about a woman, a mom in her thirties, who has succumbed to an aggressive cancer leaving behind her husband, children and an avalanche of mysterious letters that are delivered through her mail slot every morning before sunrise.

As I wrote this story I used some of my personal experience with cancer, but mostly I relied on the experience of my good friends at The Sarcoma Alliance and their journies’ through this disease. I’ve followed them closely, included them in my thoughts and prayers, and their struggles have weighed heavy on my heart and mind.The past few weeks have marked some major surgeries and losses in our group. They are people I may only have known through a website, but I’d connected with through my heart. As May came around, to celebrate my continued health seemed unfair, insensitive and cruel in the face of all they lost.


But, then I remembered when I was first diagnosed nine years ago. On that day I searched hungrily for stories of long term survivors and found none. Then I remembered how scared I was every time I had a scan or blood test because I’d never heard positive stories of survival from Synovial Sarcoma, only devastating ones. So I decided this is a post I have to make. Not for me, not for the families who wish their stories had turned out similarly, not for the hearts that break every day when the space their loved one used to occupy cries out because of its painful emptiness. I have to celebrate my survival so others will have hope for theirs1186055_10151814592916093_959913265_n

So, two weeks late, I celebrate. It has been nine years since I was declared cancer free—nine years since I started down a path to an unknown destination. I look back on those years and I thank God for them. Like the salt in a cake, the bitterness of my sickness has made the past nine years taste even sweeter.

10397833_10201361726644588_2571284491346198623_nPS- If you are suffering from this disease and if you need someone to talk to—please reach out via my email, in the comments or check out the Sarcoma Alliance FB page for a great support system: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sarcomaalliance/



Time to Say Goodbye

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This blog's primary intent is to write about the author half of my life, but the reality is that it's impossible to completely compartmentalize myself. Sometimes I'm mostly a writer and sometimes I'm mostly a teacher and each thing contributes to being better at the other. This week, I can't imagine writing about anything other than being a teacher. Next week I'll be back to being mostly a writer for the summer.

Yesterday I said goodbye to another crop of seniors. As I knew in August when I met them, they broke my heart. They didn't do it on purpose and I'm not complaining because I signed on knowing I'd be devastated and besides, it's worth it.

A long time ago, my mentor, a man named Dan Daniel, and I discussed the fact that the way we relate to our kids made it a foregone conclusion that the last day of school would, barring some personal disaster, be the saddest day on the calendar. That's because we both have made the conscious choice to let our kids in. There are teachers who choose, consciously or not, to keep the relationship purely professional. They are the vendor and the students are the clients. There is an element of this for me, but I am simply not wired to leave it at that. I adopt my kids. They are my students and I do everything I can to teach them what they need to succeed in college, but they are also my children. They can come to me and talk about their life choices. They can eat lunch in my room and chat. They can cry on my shoulder when their loved ones are sick or even dying or when their girlfriend or boyfriend turns out to be a jerk. And because I allow myself to become a part of their personal lives, they automatically become part of mine. When you eat lunch with somebody almost every day for ten months, you become family.

But the time we have together is, by definition, finite. It has an expiration date. While the relationship between a parent and a child changes when the kid goes off to college, they still remain parent and child. When my kids leave, I am their "old English teacher." And in many ways that's sad. But it's also okay. For that short period of time, our relationship becomes quite intense and several kids, especially girls for some reason, grow to see me as a father figure. The times over the last couple of weeks I cried the hardest were when I got letters from students who talked of not having a real, reliable father in their lives and of how grateful they were to have, if only for this short time, a stable surrogate who was there for them literally every day. That's humbling. To know that I had the opportunity to show those kids that there are men who will love them unconditionally and won't take advantage of them is such a blessing and such a responsibility--a responsibility I don't take for granted or take lightly.

And yes, from time to time, a kid sticks beyond the terminus. I have lifelong friends who were once students. Their relationship morphed from teacher/student into friends and, in some cases, I have remained that father figure. That is one of the greatest joys in my life. Recently, I was visited by a former student who is now a doctor in Hershey, PA. She is, in every way that matters, a daughter in my heart and mind. She graduated almost fifteen years ago. Another young lady who lives in New Orleans who graduated even longer ago than that, is a real, significant part of my life. I visit her and she visits me. I got to see her graduate from law school and even officiated her wedding. Both of these people are my family as sure as my parents and siblings are. And there are others who, to some degree or another, remain close. This year, I can sense that there are a handful of kids who are going to hang around. How long is up to them. I would be happy if that were for a lifetime, but I'll settle for as long as they need me.

But mostly, that's just not true. A former student posted a picture today on her Facebook page of the last day of her senior year six years ago. I was first struck by how different the room looked, but then I was hit with the fact that, of the dozen or so faces I could see, there were maybe three or four I could actually name. Does that mean I didn't love those kids? No. Does it mean I wasn't important in their lives for that period of time? I would hope not. But my place in their lives was designed to be intense and short. Then, if we did it right, they would leave with warm memories of their wacky senior English teacher but also with some life lessons that would help guide them through college and life beyond. Lessons about love of literature, of course, but even more important were the lessons I tried to teach them about loving your fellow humans and about finding God and about living life with joy and passion and about doing the right thing even when it's difficult--or especially when it's difficult.

As I read back over this, I fear it makes me sound like some sort of saint, but the opposite is true. As I fought through my tears yesterday at the end of each class period, one thing I told each group was, that no matter what they think, I am the one who benefits most from this relationship. I get to have kids to love and hug and support for ten months and then I send them off to college with not a single bill to pay. But even more than that, they bring me joy and enthusiasm and zest for life. I often get mistaken for being younger than my 51 years, and that's all because of them. Teaching will either make you old fast or, if you're in it for the right reasons, it will keep you young forever.

So here's to never getting old.



BOOKCON! Sat., May 30th

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I will be signing copies of CROWN OF ICE at BookCon (Javits Center, NYC) from 11AM to 11:45AM on Saturday, May 30th. If you are attending BookCon, please drop by and see me at booth 2579 — Month9Books.



Happy 81st Birthday, Mom

  Posted by Deb Borys in Debra R. Borys, 22 May 2015 · 33 views

This is my mother. I don’t mean this was my mother, or even this is a picture of my mother when she was a girl. I mean my mother is a girl. Sure she is 80 years old today and … Continue reading



Query Kombat Submissions Open TODAY!

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The submission window will open on May 22nd at 5:30 PM Eastern time and close in ONE hour. Repeat: YOU HAVE ONE HOUR TO ENTER ONLY. The window closes at 6:30PM.

We will have email confirmation. If you don't receive it within an hour of submitting your entry, contact us via twitter and let us know. Kontestants will be revealed on May 31th, and the tournament will kick off on June 1st.

ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ONLY. No cheating and using other email addresses.

IMPORTANT: The Query Kombat team reserves the right to disqualify any entrant at any time for any reason. If an entrant is disqualified before the agent round, an alternate will take its place. If an entrant is disqualified after the agent round, the opposing entry will automatically advance to the next round. The only time we will ever disqualify an applicant is if you say or do something to blemish the spirit of query contests. Query Kombat is supposed to be fun…

So none of this!

In order to enter the contest you MUST follow formatting guidelines, and submit during the contest window. All entries that follow said guidelines will be considered.

In the event that we receive more than the available 64 spots (this is highly expected), Michelle, Mike, and I will savagely attack the slush pile in attempts to build the best team. We will pick (and announce) three alternates in case a submission is disqualified.

Entries should be sent to: QueryKombat (at) gmail (dot) com. The email address has changed from last year. Be mindful of that.

Formatting guidelines:

Font: Times New Roman (or an equivalent), 12pt font, single-spaced with spaces between each paragraph. No (I repeat: NO!) indentations.

Subject line of the Email: A short, unique nickname for your entry [colon] your genre (audience included). Do not skip this step or your entry will be deleted. (ex. I Fell in Love with a Ken Doll: Adult Erotica)

For the nickname, make it as unique as possible so that there are no duplicates. These will be the names used in the tournament (or an abbreviated version if it's too long) so keep it PG-13 and try to have it relate to your story in some way.

In the body of the email (with examples):

Name: Michael Anthony
Email address: myboyfriendwasbittenbyashark (at) gmail (dot) com.

Entry Nickname: I Fell in Love with a Ken Doll
Title: Eunuchs and Politics
Word count: 68K
Genre: Adult Erotica


Your query letter here. Do not include your contact information. Do Not include your bio or comps. But include all the other paragraphs.

I FELL IN LOVE WITH A KEN DOLL tells the harrowing story of Barbra B. Doll, a US senator who goes against country, family, and the Illumaniti to be with an amateur surfer with no genitalia.

First 250 words:

Don't include the chapter title, and please, don't stop in the middle of a sentence. DO put spaces between paragraphs.

For PB follow these directions but send only 50 words, including art instruction.

All queries submitted are FINAL. We will not edit them in any way, shape, or form. Please read, reread, and rereread your submission before you hit send.

Because the immense amount of work ahead of us, the tournament will be hosted on three separate blogs. In order to enter the contest, you MUST following Michael's and Michelle's blogs, and have signed up for SC's monthly newsletter concerning the 'Write Inclusively' campaign.

Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor!



Learning to Rewrite

  Posted by From The Write Angle in From The Write Angle Blog, 21 May 2015 · 29 views

by Jemi Fraser

For me learning to rewrite a draft was NOT an easy road.

Stage #1 - Complete Ignorance

  • in my first rewrite, I had no idea what I was doing. I went through the draft, fixed all the typos, tweaked some sentences, and was daring enough to eliminate a couple of paragraphs here and there
  • then I met some amazing folks over at Agent Query Connect and learned that a rewrite should be a slightly more intense process
Stage #2 - Gaining Confidence
  • the next step in my journey was realizing that everything I'd written in my first drafts didn't have to be included in the final draft. I could take out entire scenes. I could move entire scenes. Change pov.
  • these realizations actually shocked me, and took me a while to wrap my head around 
  • at this point, I carefully saved each new 'draft' with a date indicating the changes
Stage #3 - Gaining Crit Buddies
  • this changed my world and burst my naive little bubble. And I will be forever grateful.
  • I learned that a rewrite involved more than the tweaking I'd been doing.
  • reaching deep down into the story was pretty tough. I was faced with some big realizations. Probably the biggest one was that external conflict isn't enough. There needed to be internal conflict too. For both my MCs (I write romance).
  • this involved re-reading and re-writing scene by scene, making changes, keeping track of changes, making notes, deleting favourite scenes & lines, adding conflict (lots and lots of adding conflict)
  • I no longer saved drafts, only the main one, with a folder (I'd discovered Scrivener at this point) with the very few scenes I though I might want to reuse or rescue somehow
Stage #4 - A Real Rewrite
  • I tried my Stage 3 version of rewriting for several of my novels, and found it very discouraging. Several stories I know have tons of potential were languishing. I also discovered Stage 3 is HARD. Very hard. For me, a million times more difficult than writing a first draft.
  • brainwave!
  • I decided to dump all my chapters and scenes into a new Scrivener folder titled Draft 1
  • because I love (LOVE!!) writing first drafts, I decided to treat Draft 2 like a Draft 1
  • I rewrote the draft from scratch. At first I found it tough to not peek at the first draft, but it definitely got easier. The changes I needed to make were core changes and because of that, the story changed dramatically, while keeping the same basic plot elements, and I already knew those plot elements, so I didn't peek.
Stage #5 - Unknown
  • as I'm evolving as a writer, I know my style will change too
  • I've got 5 or 6 stories begging for rewrites (I was stuck fast in Stages 2 & 3 for far too long) and at this point I'm nearly salivating wanting to do a Stage 4 rewrite for each of them
  • I wonder if I'll have discovered Stage 5 by the time I get to them all?
Learning to write well (and to rewrite well) is a personal journey. My journey will probably look nothing like yours, but I hope by sharing mine, you might find some ideas to help you move along to the next step. Or suggestions as to what Stage 5 might look like for me!

Do you rewrite? Do your rewrites look anything like mine?

Jemi Fraser is an aspiring author of contemporary romance. She blogs  and tweets while searching for those HEAs.



Learning to Love Revising

  Posted by Jemi in Just Jemi, 21 May 2015 · 29 views

I'm over at From the Write Angle today talking about what I've learned about rewriting. I'm nowhere near Expert level at this, but I've learned a lot in the last few years!

I MUCH prefer that initial draft - in fact, I could probably write 1st drafts forever and be happy.

But, I've learned to enjoy revising as well. I didn't think it would ever happen, but it has.

I like rereading that draft and finding sections I love, and sections that need to be eliminated post-haste!

I've learned to like weaving in details - although I'm still working at learning to weave in more description. Anyone else find that really, really hard???

I love the slash and burn rounds of editing. Trimming the story and finding those redundant phrases fills me with giddy pleasure. Weird, but true.

Adding/Deleting plot lines isn't something I'm adept at yet, but I'm working on it. Still gives me nightmares though!

How about you? What's your favourite (or least favourite!) part of the revising process?
(Hope to see you over at From the Write Angle!)



Trope Awareness: High school stereotypes

  Posted by Mia K Rose in Mia K Rose | Forsaken Illusion, 19 May 2015 · 13 views

We’ve all read and seen it, the high school stere […]



Family, Writing, Work, Other. It's like taking a Poll.

Posted by D. E. Jackson in Adventures of Wolf 5, 05 May 2015 · 57 views

There are going to be needs. You have to take care of family. You have to work. And sometimes Writing takes a back seat. I'm writing this today because I have two weeks left before school is out. The house will no longer have the quiet vibe I need to write and it will be out of the question. I thought some might be in the same boat and I'd like to share some ways you could do other things that pertain to writing while you wait for the next school year. Here is a list I'm going to try this summer.

Family: First off, Family must come first! I cannot stress this enough. I know you want that book written and edited. That query done to perfection. Researching that might take hours. But first! You must see to the Needs of family. So this summer we are...

Planting a garden and caring for it.
Doing some yard work. (I have a beautiful big yard)
Fishing (I have a small creek in my backyard, though I don't know if we will catch anything)
Walk the neighborhood
Bird watch and learn about nature.

Benefits for writing:
Gardening- a good description on how hard or soft the ground can be when traveling will be of good use in my books.
Fishing- I can learn about minnows, and maybe even frogs should my characters ever run across a stream.
Walk the neighborhood- I can meet new people and perhaps pick up new personalities, features, and habits that would go good with characters.
Bird watch and learn about nature- I can learn about the Flora and Fauna my characters might be traveling through and perhaps morph them a bit to be of more interest. (have your phone or a note pad ready and take notes.)

Work: Most of you will have people you see everyday. You already know them well. So I suggest switching their personality with another.
What would this person be like if they had so and so's personality instead?
How would the person with the bald head act if he suddenly had a full head of hair?
What if the beautiful girl who sits at her desks and knows she's got it all suddenly didn't?
You get the idea.

For you stay at home moms, such as myself:
What if your child's room were actually clean! Yeah right.
What if your floor was a different color? Had wood? Had carpet?
What types of homes or places would your characters visit?
How would they feel in your home and feel about you as a hostess?
Who would you need to be to please them?
What type of house would they feel comfortable in or uncomfortable?
What kind of sounds do you hear in your home and how would you describe them? (My house makes noises. I think its the change in the weather.)

In every activity you do, look for the possibilities and write them down when they come to you. I hope I've helped while you wait to write again. I'll post what I've learned throughout the summer for future writing. Until then, stay strong! :)


chaos balenciaga bags of most sports

Posted by vasiquneces in vasiquneces' Blog, 04 May 2015 · 49 views

In the controlled chaos balenciaga bags of most sports, you have to sift out which elements demand full your attention and which need to blocked out. While selective attention or "focus" may seem to be a cliche spouted by athletes and coaches in postgame interviews, the ability to screen out irrelevant stimuli in fact may be among the most important to highlevel performance in sports. Your mind is programmed to focus to novel stimuli, part of the orienting response needed by our ancestors in balenciaga part time brgouesthe wild. But for sports contests, a different approach better serves you.
Stay in the present, clinical and sports psychologist John F. Murray advises. Balenciaga Briefly note mistakes and move on, and curb a tendency to worry about possible mistakes to come. Relax for a moment between points, as tennis stars such as Roger Federer do, and regroup, especially for match points.
Recite relevant mantras to your sport, such as "watch the ball's seams," "attack," "hit the hole" and balenciaga city"look the ball in" balenciaga work to increase your selective attention.
Pay selective attention to relevant cues so you can anticipate your opponent's move. In racket sports, look for the opponent's shoulder and trunk movements and racket position, recommends University of Idaho sports psychology professor Damon Burton in "Sport Psychology for Coaches." In hockey, focus more on the shooter's stick than the puck itself. In baseball or softball, watch the batter's feet. In basketball and football, watch the passer's eyes, and in soccer, watch the midsection of the balenciaga giant 21 bag dribbler.
Calibrate your visual field to your specific sport, broadly looking at the field or court in balenciaga first bagsports such as basketball, soccer and football balenciaga outlet and narrowly directing your attention in sports such as skiing, where simply focusing on turns and hand position helps most.


Upcoming Writer Contest Alert

  Posted by Lora Palmer in Lora Palmer's Blog, 30 April 2015 · 52 views

Hey, fellow writers! I want to share a contest alert with you guys.

Michelle Hauck is gearing up for another lovely contest for unagented writers who have a completed, finished and query-ready manuscript. Get ready for Query Kombat! The entry window opens May 22nd at 5:30 pm Eastern time and lasts for an hour. So, you still have plenty of time to get those submissions polished to perfection. Check here for more info.

The fun thing about contests is the connections you make with other writers on twitter while you all wait together to see whose entries are chosen, no matter how it all turns out. Give a shout out if you're planning to join in!

For me, I'll probably stop by and cheer you all on, but I'm going to focus on my short stories and editing my second novel. I''ll try to get RED SKY all shiny and sparkly by this time next year--if not sooner, which would be awesome-- and will definitely try my luck with contests again.

Best of luck, everyone!




  Posted by K McClelland in Teardrops On My Book, 30 April 2015 · 34 views

Several Z words going through my mind. (Surprising since I had some issues with X and Y).

When I was a little younger, if I heard Zig-Zag, my mind tended to think of herbs...

Zapped makes me think of a Disney movie that my kids have made me watch twice. (And I don't hate it although it's not my favorite.)

And speaking of, Zendaya is a really awesome young lady. I like that my kids look up to her. (Hence why they needed to see Zapped several times and why I needed to record the Radio Disney Music Awards).

And the last Z word I thought of was zing. One of my favorite movies for I'm not really sure what reason exactly is Hotel Transylvania. I'm a little more excited than I should be about them coming out with a sequel really. But why I thought of zing because of it, in case you haven't seen the movie, is because that's what they call that feeling when you meet the one.

I always find it interesting in stories to hear what words they use. In romance novels of the paranormal variety I tend to hear people giving a title to that feeling. It's neat how different writers can come up with different things. Lynsay Sands calls them 'life mates' in her Argeneau series. JR Ward uses hellren, shellan, and also leelan for her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. And even Laurell K Hamilton uses different terms for Anita's many different lovers/boyfriend/whatever...

In Hotel Transylvania, that 'zing' is when you look into someone's eyes and just feel it. That pull, that voice screaming they're the one. A zing only happens once in a lifetime and it's not guaranteed to happen at all. It can seem a little cheesy, but so do the other love stories sometimes. I'm a sucker for love stories though so oh well.

Damn it's been one helluva month. Glad that's it's over, hate to see it go a little. Only a little though because April has honestly kinda sucked outside of the little blog world.

Thanks to all who stopped by this month. If I haven't been around to your site yet, I'm very sorry and I'm going over all my commenters today to make sure I stop in on you all. I'll do the same for those from today. I hope you had fun, if you hang around after the challenge I hope I can keep you entertained.

Have a great day and I'll see you next time. :)



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Beginners.....got to start somewhere

Posted by Jenn_TheBookGeek in Jenn_TheBookGeek's Blog, 25 April 2015 · 61 views

You know how the old saying goes...."Got to start somewhere", so that's what I'm doing. This is my start. I have never had a blog nor have I ever belonged to any type of literary website. At least that's what I consider Agent Query Connect to be. I'm hopeful to read other aspiring writers work and not so much to "put myself out there" to have my own work read. I love to read and as much as I would love the chance to be published, I just can't seem to put a book down long enough to get it done! Is there anyone like me out there? Just curious...

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