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Here we go!!! 2018 Sun vs. Snow Announcement!

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It’s that time again for THE BIG BATTLE between the heat and the cold! Yes, it’s time for the FIFTH YEAR (!!!) of Sun vs. Snow hosted by me and the AMAZING, Michelle Hauck! We had several amazing success stories from last year and we’re hoping for many more to come!

Please read this post THOROUGHLY as we have a fun new question and some important details about the entry process.

The submission window for Sun versus Snow will open January 23rd at 4:00 pm EST. 

Act fast. We will only be taking the first 200 entries. Please do not enter early or your entry will be deleted. You can resend at the proper time if this happens accidentally. Confirmation emails will be sent. If you don’t receive one, don’t resend. We don’t want duplicate entries. Please check with us on Twitter first to confirm your entry did or did not arrive, then you may resend.

There is only ONE, yes that’s right, ONE entry per person allowed. Any attempt to cheat will result in entries being thrown out. This contest is only for finished and polished stories.

Important note: The story can’t have been in the agent round of any other contest in the last three months. This doesn’t mean twitter pitch events with hashtags, but multiple agent blog contests. 

Also, Michelle and I have decided not to accept picture books for this contest. Though we love picture books, Michelle holds special contests just for them. We do accept all MG, YA, NA and Adult genres, excluding erotica. To enter you must be followers of our blogs. Click the “follow” button on my blog. You can find Michelle’s blog here. If you can’t subscribe to our blogs, follow us on twitter (@atrueblood5 or @michelle4laughs) or check out Michelle’s newsletter.


The Format:

Send submission to Sunversussnow (at) yahoo (dot) com. Only one submission per person is allowed. It doesn’t matter if you write under different names or are submitting different manuscripts. You are still one person and get one entry.

Here’s how it should be formatted (yes, include the bolded!) Please use Times New Roman (or equivalent), 12 pt font, and put spaces between paragraphs. No indents or tabs are needed. No worries if your gmail doesn’t have Times New Roman. No worries if the email messes up your format. Yes, we will still read it! 🙂

(Here’s a trick to keep your paragraph spacing: copy and paste your entry into your email and then put in the line spaces. They seem to get lost when you copy and paste. It may look right, but sending scrambles the spacing.)


Subject Line: SVS: TITLE, Age Category + Genre

(example: SVS: GRUDGING, Adult Epic Fantasy)


In The Email:

Title: MY FANTASTIC BOOK (yes, caps!)

Genre: YA dystopian Ownvoices (Age category and genre. Add “Ownvoices” here if it applies)

Word Count: XX,XXX (round to the nearest thousand)

Twitter Handle: (Optional so we can contact you. Will not be public.)


Is your antagonist hot or cold? 

Describe whether your antagonist is hot or cold. Personalities differ. Does your villain snap easily or are they calm and calculating? (Don’t have an antagonist who is a person–then describe the weather of your setting.)

(Can be in your character’s POV, but doesn’t have to be. 100 words or less.)



Query goes here! Include greeting and main paragraphs. Please leave out bio, closing, and word count + genre sentence. You may include comps if you’d like. There is no word count limit on the query but please aim for 250 – 300 words.

You may include if your story is OwnVoices up in the genre line. We really want diverse and talented writers and striping out the bios sometimes leaves us in the dark.

Remember a query has several paragraphs. Don’t send us a pitch.


First 250 words:

Here are the first 250 words of my manuscript, and I will not end in the middle of a sentence. But I will not go over 257 words. Be reasonable and don’t make us count. Don’t forget to space between paragraphs! No indents!


That’s it for now. Get those entries ready for January 23rd and leave any questions in the comments or ask on Twitter.

Mentors and agents will be posted in January. As of now, we have eleven agents signed up!! We are also drafting some crazy cool mentors who are itching to work with the selected entries. Keep checking our blogs, or sign up for Michelle’s newsletter, for advance warning of the FREE PASS to be on Team Snow or Team Sun!

So get those entries ready! We can’t wait for the epic battle to begin!



Savannah Hendricks On Combatting The Fear Of Never Selling Another Book

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Welcome to the SNOB - Second Novel Ominipresent Blues. Whether you’re under contract or trying to snag another deal, you’re a professional now, with the pressures of a published novelist compounded with the still-present nagging self-doubt of the noobie. How to deal?

Today's guest for the SNOB is Savannah Hendricks who holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, an Associate degree & CCL in Early Childhood Education, and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice/Criminology. She works full time as a medical social worker and writes because to write, is to listen, to everyone, including yourself.

Is it hard to leave behind the first novel and focus on the second?

For me it was easy to start on other work. My first book, Nonnie and I took seven years from draft to sale so I already was well on my way through other stories, even submissions. There was a lot of focus on sales, which kept me distracted around and after the release date. I felt as though I was always checking to see where the book stood and if it had any reviews yet, plus my own marketing kept me busy. I did get the nagging feeling when I was submitting my second manuscript that I would never sell again, and still feel this way some three years later.

At what point do you start diverting your energies from promoting your debut and writing / polishing / editing your second?

I would say that today, I still have some energy focused on Nonnie and I. I think that unless you have a huge publisher (and even if you do), the work never ends. You don’t want your books to ever fall onto the “out of print list.” What writer doesn’t want their book to be considered a classic? I do have the fear as I work on a second book that Nonnie and I will be the only one I will ever have in reader’s hands. That can cause a lot of anxiety when you want to focus on other manuscripts. You don’t want to be a one hit wonder. 

Your first book landed an agent and an editor, and hopefully some fans. Who are you writing the second one for? Them, or yourself?

I sold Nonnie and I on my own, without an agent. But, I’m in the process of finding one. The publisher I worked with only had minor editorial changes. For any book, this is kind of unheard of, but for Nonnie and I it just worked out that way.

My second book I’m writing for me, one hundred percent, but the feedback I’ve gotten from the industry has really helped me/pushed me to make it better so that it can sell. I’ve learned you can’t write for anyone but you, especially in a profession that is subjective as this one. Overall, I want readers to love my stories. That is how it was with Nonnie and I, and how it will continue. My worse fear is getting a book published only to have readers hate it. Reviews where a reader didn’t connect with the story. That the characters were flat and the reader didn’t care what happened to them.

Is there a new balance of time management to address once you’re a professional author?

For me time management has always been a balancing act since I have a full time job outside of writing. As a social worker, most of my evenings after work are “wasted.” Because I don’t have the energy to devote to writing, and if I do, I almost become wired and then can’t sleep, which causes issues the next day at work. I do try and use the week nights for reading and researching so that when the weekend comes I can devote most of the day to actual writing and editing. If I’m able to get a lunch break during work I will try and read, edit or create a new rough draft of a story idea, but this is pretty rare.

What did you do differently the second time around, with the perspective of a published author?

The second time around, as I write I have learned that most of my drafts, which I thought were ready to go and perfect are not at all. I submitted too soon on so many of them. Also, I have thicker skin in a sense that I know it’s a waiting game, I just hope it’s not a seven year game. I have learned this second time around that it’s important to keep writing, when creativity strikes write it down. It’s important to have more than just one other manuscript, especially in the picture book world. The other day I submitted a picture book to an agent and the agent replied right away asking if I had any other picture books she could look at as well. If I only had that one, then I would have missed an opportunity. Regardless of the outcome of that agent, it’s important to have more than one thing in your portfolio, illustrators do, and writers should too.



dreaming a reality

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last night I dreamed a dream so close to reality that I had to confirm if was a dream when I awoke. the world was burning, the sky was falling, but the people were frozen. birds and pets were on fire dying in the streets. I walked up to the first frozen person and stared at their face. it was someone I once knew, or at least she looked like her. then I glanced around and realized, these are all people I once knew. I even saw my self. at that time I was trying to piece things together. "Maybe I'm dead and this is me looking back on the past?" I walked through the streets of stillness. it was lonely. everyone was "there", but they weren't "THERE". then I saw a house. it was familiar to me, even though I've never seen this house before in my life. I walk up to the door, started to knock, but then remembered I'm alone and just walked in. Once I get in, there's a person! she was the first person I saw when I came into this dooms day '17, but she wasn't frozen anymore. she's sitting on the couch crying. I walked over to her and instantly started to comfort her. Forget everything else, forget the world crashing all around me, forget the frozen family and friends, it was her time now. "what's wrong?" I asked. she looked up at me with the eyes of everyone I know and said "You're so worried about me, everything else is falling apart. you have to forget about me." the sentence stung my heart, but my eyes were paying the price. I looked over her head, out of the window, and watched as the sky fell and set fire to the bodies of ever body I once knew. she was right. then I woke up drenched sweat and tears. I immediately ran out side in just my boxers to feel the cold are and feel something to let me know that it was just a dream. but was it? 


Do You Dare To NaNoWriMo?

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Just in case you haven't heard of NaNoWriMo, it's an acronym for National Novel Writing Month. Each November, intrepid writers of all ages and genres (including fanfiction) attempt to do something wild and adventurous -- write 50,000 words of a novel in one month. That works out to about 1,667 words per day in order to reach that goal. You can do word sprints with others to challenge each other to write more, hang out in the forums to chat with other writers and get inspiration and help resolving plot issues, even track your daily progress. Oh, and consume copious amounts of caffeine.

The classic way to do NaNo is to start fresh with a new novel, but you can also use your time that month to complete, or at least make a lot more progress writing, a novel you've already begun. And whether you reach that goal of 50,000 words or not, you can feel great about having participated. You'll have had fun, connected with others, and experienced the exhilaration of stretching yourself as a writer. You'll have written more amazing words than you otherwise would, or imagined you could, and you might even find the month has helped you develop a good writing routine that will carry over long past November. Oh, and in my inbox at NaNo, I just discovered they have a new goal tracker you can use to set your writing goals for other projects, like editing that NaNo novel, and track your progress toward your goal.

Did you do NaNoWriMo? If you did, how did it go, and what did you write? I'd love to hear from you. This was my third year doing NaNo. On November 1, I decided on the spur of the moment to jump in and start writing a Harry Potter fanfic that's been swirling around in my head for awhile and managed to achieve about 18,000 words, most of which came in the initial days of the month. I'm not the fastest writer, and it's super hard for me to turn off my inner editor. Here's the summary of my story and a little excerpt for you:

Fem!Snape Selena has other plans for her life than becoming a Death Eater, but her skills in spellcraft and Potions have placed her in Voldemort's sights. Meaning, she has to walk a fine line in Slytherin house and play politics if she wants to survive long enough to escape his clutches. For now. On her worst day, after THE fight with her best friend Lily, a new ray of hope comes into her life. Her mother is finally leaving the abusive situation with her father, and the Prince family has welcomed Eileen and Selena back into the fold. Now, with a new last name and a wonderful opportunity to complete her education on a Caribbean island that is the Prince's winter home, a tropical paradise far from Voldemort's reach, Selena may just manage to reach her dreams. Unfortunately, Voldemort's forces are not so willing to let her go, drawing Selena inexorably into the coming war.

Chapter 1: The Worst Day
The sun burned into Selena’s back as she trudged across the grounds of Hogwarts to her favorite tree by the lake. Echoes of the Marauders' taunts at the end of their Defense Against the Dark Arts OWL followed her, crowding out any joy or pride she should be feeling right now after acing the exam. Her greasy, hooked nose had been buried in her paper as she wrote, they’d said. All that black hair hid her ugly face like a mop of moldy limp noodles, they’d said. She had skin as pasty as the school ghosts, and any day now she’d start to float away with them – not like the ghosts would want anyone as horrible as Slimy Selena  among them – they’d said. It made her blood simmer and bubble, a poisonous potion corroding her insides. Okay, so she wasn’t pretty, vivacious, and sparkly like her best friend Lily, but her marks placed her near the top of their class, right up there with Lily. Sure, Potter and Black did well enough without even studying, but Selena far surpassed them in intelligence and magical skill, not to mention an insatiable appetite for learning, and they all knew it.
Oh, how she loathed the Marauders! They’d made her life at Hogwarts, a place meant to serve as her haven, her refuge from her drunken father’s abuse, almost as miserable as her so-called home life. Just the thought of what awaited her when she returned to Spinner’s End in a few days caused knots of anxiety to twist in her stomach. Selena did not want to return there, not now, not ever again, but she had no other option. Some of the Slytherins had offered to have her stay for part of the summer. That would get her out of her predicament for maybe a week or two here and there, if her parents let her go. It wasn’t enough. Her father, as controlling as Tobias Snape was, wouldn’t allow her to get a job to escape the house. No, he wanted her there under his thumb, helping her mother Eileen keep the house and prepare his meals. Which really amounted to it all falling on Selena, as had been the case for the past few years. Her mom had become so beaten down by life, by her father, that she’d become an empty shell of herself and tiptoed through life meek as a mouse, as though she’d break into pieces at any moment.
Just two more years, she reminded herself. Two more years and she’d never have to see them again.
Selena reached her tree and heaved a sigh of relief to find it unoccupied. She slung her tattered backpack, with its faded grey and black stripes and tattered seams, off her shoulder and dropped it to the ground. Unburdened of its heavy weight, she sank down beside it and rested her back against the tree trunk. Tomorrow, she had her Potions OWL, her best subject next to Defense, so this year should end on a high note for her. Maybe she should find a way to quit listening to anything the idiotic Marauders said about her. Or did. After almost getting killed by Black’s thinly disguised murder attempt, which they tried to pass off as a stupid prank of all things, she probably should ignore them. What did she care that Lupin was a werewolf, anyway? If the Headmaster wanted to risk the lives of students because of some bleeding heart need to see the spineless prankster get an education, far be it from her to argue. Selena cared little what he was. What she cared about was that he was too weak to keep his even more monstrous friends in check, which led to their latest prank that could have gotten her killed. Obviously, Lupin had already forgiven them for setting him – and her – up, even though it could have cost him everything, too, by exposing him as a werewolf. A killer.
Having time to herself to think about all these thoughts swirling around in her mind was giving her a rather nasty headache. Selena rubbed her temples before reaching into her book-laden backpack to retrieve her Potions text. Finishing an exam early had its advantages, as it gave her the chance to get a head start on studying. Not that she couldn’t recite the exact recipe for every single potion they’d covered this year, and every single interaction among the various ingredients to an intuitive degree way beyond any of her year-mates. No, Selena didn’t have a need to study Potions. She had a need to distract herself, and immersing her mind in one of her favorite subjects was the best way to do that.
“Hey, Lena,” a cheerful voice called sometime later, drawing her out of her reading. The owner of that voice plopped down beside her in a flash of red hair, brightened to a golden glow in the afternoon sun. Lily grinned at her, tossing her books onto the grass between them, already forgotten, and leaning back onto her hands with her face tilted upward toward the sky.
“Lils, hey.” Selena returned the grin with a true, genuine smile of her own, one rarely given and only in the company of her best friend. The two girls had been drifting apart in recent years, their friendship strained by their housemates pulling them in different directions, trying to poison them against each other. More and more, it seemed to be working, so it came as a relief that Lily had actually come over to talk to her. “Took your sweet time finishing up, I see, not that you had to.”
“How did your exam go?” Squinting, Lily turned to her, sitting upright now that the subject had come up. She twisted her hands together and worried her bottom lip. “Not that I need to ask. I’m sure you got top marks, and don’t think I didn’t notice you were one of the first ones done. I’d have been out here sooner, but it just made sense to take the time allotted to check everything over first.”
That was Lily, exuberant and carefree in spirit, yet meticulous and detailed when the situation called for it.
“Well…yes,” Selena admitted, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “It did go well. Hey, don’t be nervous, and stop fidgeting, will you? I’m sure you scored almost as high as me. Are you ready for Potions tomorrow? I was just starting to study.”
Lily waved away the question and lay back on the grass with a sigh. “Argh! Can you think of nothing but exams? It’s getting me all anxious when I really need to relax before I even start thinking about the next one. Let’s talk about something else.”
Selena chuckled. “You have no reason to be anxious because you’re more than ready for tomorrow, but fine.”
“Yeah, whatever,” Lily said with a snort.
Laying back next to Lily, just like they’d done years ago, when they’d whisper their secrets to each other, Selena grew serious and met Lily’s skeptical but amused gaze. “It’s true. Anyway, believe me that I have way more than mere exams on my mind. Listen, Lils, there’s so much that I want to tell you about what’s really going on. What my plans really are.” Now, before too many other students gathered out here, especially the ones she could ill afford to overhear this conversation, seemed like the perfect time.
Following her lead, Lily’s voice fell to a hushed whisper, “Like what?” Shock and confusion warred for dominance in Lily’s brilliant green eyes, and Selena understood why. They didn’t talk about this stuff usually, except for Lily complaining about the awful curses Mulciber and Avery used against Lily’s Gryffindor friends, and Selena pointing out that the hexes the so-called Marauders used were no better.
“Like the fact that I don’t…”
But a snide voice, that hated voice of Potter, interrupted what Selena was about to say. “Well, if it isn’t Slimy Selena. Can’t you leave Evans alone, you snake? She doesn’t need the likes of you clinging to her.” He ran a hand through his hair, as if he thought the manic-crazy, windswept look actually made him look cool. A gentle breeze blew through the tree branches, causing a rustling sound as they swayed in the wind. A few petals from their flowers drifted down into her hair and Lily’s.
“Hey, let’s teach the slimy snake a lesson,” Black chimed in, slinging an arm around Potter.
“Go away,” Lily declared, sitting up and brushing a petal from her face. “What’s Lena done to you, anyway?”
“It’s more the fact that she exists, you see,” Potter said, flashing Lily what he must have thought a winning smile before turning a sneer on Selena.
Selena rolled her eyes. She had no patience for fools, and Potter had time and again proven himself the biggest fool of all. “Or maybe you’re just jealous that yet again I beat you at your best subject, transfiguration, and I’m going to beat you at Defense. It would be such a shame if your marks didn’t earn you the NEWT level classes you need to become an Auror. Oh, and with Potions tomorrow, can you really afford to be spending time blathering at me when you should be focusing on your weakest subject?”
While Lily tugged on her arm, saying, “Let’s just go, Lena. It’s not worth antagonizing them,” a look of rage crossed Potter’s face.
Distracted by Lily’s attempt to drag her away, Selena reacted too late to protect herself when she heard James’ spell: “Levicorpus!”
Her shout of “Protego!” didn’t work in time, and Selena found herself toppling upside down, suspended by her feet and hanging in midair as from an invisible rope. To her dismay, her robes fell down her body, displaying her underwear beneath. As she fought to cover herself and reach her wand, her face warmed, and not just from all the blood rushing to her head. Great. Now her cheeks must be turning beet red.
“Much better,” James laughed, a loud, hearty, obnoxious that made Selena want to punch that smile right off his stupid face. Except, she couldn’t. She hung there in helpless fury, unable to do anything against him or Black. “That should teach you to talk back to people who are better than you. And really, such language. Didn’t your parents teach you to talk to people in a more civil manner? You should wash your mouth out with soap. Scourgify!”
Soap bubbles filled her mouth, choking her, drowning out any of the words she wanted to hurl at him. She wanted to tell him that she’d do much, much worse to him as payback. That he was a pathetic, insecure little person if he had to go around insisting that he was better than others, because after all, people who actually were better didn’t have to point out that fact. Oh, and he should be careful because that line of thinking, placing himself above others, sounded very much like something the dark lord would say. He’d hate that comparison.
Selena had no choice but to open her mouth, letting the foam drip to the ground. Still more bubbles formed, a never ending torrent that soon ballooned to cover her nose, too, and now she couldn’t breathe.
Now, true panic set in, even as other students gathered around to stare and laugh at her. The sight of her gagging and convulsing, at Potter’s mercy, must be truly hilarious. Lily locked eyes with her, emerald eyes going wide.
“Let her down, right now!” Lily shouted, grabbing for Potter’s wand arm. He danced away from her, grinning at the chase. Gasping for air that wouldn’t come, inhaling soap bubbles that seemed to fill any available space inside her, Selena could only watch the scene dim and her vision fragment to pieces. Even her eyes were covered with soap now, and she had to close them. Too late. Her eyes stung and burned, even when tears — from the stinging soap, not the humiliation, mind you — leaked from beneath her lashes. “Can’t you see she can’t breathe? This isn’t funny.”
“Aw, Evans, go out with me. Then I promise I’ll leave old Slimy Selena alone.”
“I’d rather go out with the Giant Squid,” she heard Lily say. “Anyway, unless you and Black here want to get expelled, or worse, sent to prison for murder this time, you need to end the spell now and let her down. Wouldn’t want that on your record to keep you from becoming an Auror, would you?”
Potter huffed. “Fine. As you wish, milady.”
The next thing Selena knew, she was falling, falling, and struck the ground hard. She lay in a crumpled heap, her body aching everywhere. At least the soap bubbles had dissolved, and Selena gasped for breath with lungs greedy for air. When she could manage to move her limbs, she reached up to wipe away the lingering soap from her eyes. Her vision swam into focus, and now an even larger crowd had gathered to witness this. Heat and rage flamed her cheeks again, and she glared at them all, defiant, as she stood and tried to still her trembling hands. Of course if she retaliated right now, she’d get blamed for the whole thing. Potter might not even get into trouble. Dumbledore had too much fondness for the Gryffindors to punish them for their misdeeds. No, it would be better for Selena to bide her time and strike when she wouldn’t be caught in front of witnesses. Revenge as a dish best served cold, and all that.
A clucking sound from somewhere in the crowd caught Selena’s attention, and she turned her head to the right to find Avery and Mulciber at the back, shaking their heads in dismay. Just wonderful that they were here to witness her humiliation. Well, at least they might help her plan her retaliation later, but if they caught her here with Lily, Merlin knew what they’d do to her muggleborn best friend. They didn’t like Selena hanging out with muggleborns like Lily, and had begun to torment Lily’s closest Gryffindor friends to drive a wedge between the two girls.
Their threats against Lily had been the reason Selena drifted away. So long as Selena stayed away, Mulciber and Avery would set their sights on other targets, and her best friend would stay safe.
Lily, unaware of the threat, rushed to her side. “Lena, are you okay? Oh, what am I saying — of course you’re not. I’m so sorry. Those guys are such arrogant toe rags, and —“
“Don’t touch me!” Selena hissed, jerking back out of Lily’s reach. Her gaze strayed to where Mulciber and Avery watched the interaction with interest, and she prayed that Lily would follow. Hating herself, but having no choice, she bit out her next words. “I don’t need help from a filthy mudblood like you.”
Lily blinked. “Fine. Oh, just so you know, you’d better wash that underwear, Slimy Selena. They’re stained. Better yet, do yourself a favor and buy some new ones that aren’t granny panties.”
I will not cry, Selena told herself. I will not cry.
Laughter erupted among the crowd, with Potter laughing the loudest of all. It didn’t drown out the sound of her heart turning to glass and shattering into a million pieces, broken and irreparable. She’d officially lost her best friend. Even when things were strained to their worst between them, Lily had never turned cruel like this. Maybe Selena deserved it for what she’d just said, but it still hurt more than anything in her life, more than all the insults and bruises heaped upon her by her father over the years put together, that Lily couldn’t see why she’d had to call her that hateful name.
For a second, Selena allowed herself a thrill of hope that maybe Lily had caught on and was playing along, but she quickly quashed that hope. And anyway, Selena couldn’t talk to her here in front of everyone to find out.
“Whatever,” she said, her voice turned ice cold. Raising herself to her full height, she stared Lily down. Being tall had its advantages. She hoped her face masked her pain so nobody else could see it. Spinning on her heel, she stalked away from Lily, pushing her way through the crowd and back toward the castle. Nobody tried to stop her.
“All right, what was that?” Mulciber demanded, trailed by Avery as they fell into step beside her.
“What do you think? Potter being his usual self.”
“No.” Avery said, a hard edge of disappointment in his voice. “The point is, you let him catch you off guard.”
“No,” Selena retorted, fixing him with a stern glare. “Potter attacked when my back was turned. I was leaving before…all that.” True enough. Mulciber and Avery didn’t need to know she’d been about to leave with Lily.
“A coward’s move,” Mulciber observed. “One wonders how he ended up in Gryffindor. So, let’s go plan our payback. It’s time to make the so-called Marauders regret ever messing with you. And I have something very special in mind, something they won’t see coming.”
Despite her morose mood, a smile quirked Selena’s lips upward. “I appreciate it. Let’s go.”
“Hang on,” Avery said, and stopped. The others followed suit, staring expectantly at him. “You weren’t going to leave with the mudblood, were you?”
Selena arched an eyebrow, though inside her stomach was doing a somersault. “Just because she was there, don’t read too much into it. It’s a nice day outside. Everyone’s out enjoying the weather.”
Except for herself, of course. Oh, no, Selena didn’t get that luxury, and fate would see fit to ruin what was supposed to have been a great afternoon.
“Don’t worry about it. We’ve got more important things to do.”
With a tightness in her throat and chest, as if a noose had wrapped around her, Selena followed them inside.



IWSG & BackTracking

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The Insecure Writer's Support Group is the brainchild of Alex J. Cavanaugh. He, his clones, minions, friends, and fellow authors make it an amazing event every month.

Purpose: To share and encourage. Writers can express doubts and concerns without fear of appearing foolish or weak. Those who have been through the fire can offer assistance and guidance. It’s a safe haven for insecure writers of all kinds!

And we’re revving up IWSG Day to make it more fun and interactive! Every month, we'll announce a question that members can answer in their IWSG Day post. These questions may prompt you to share advice, insight, a personal experience or story. Include your answer to the question in your IWSG post or let it inspire your post if you are struggling with something to say.

December 6 question - As you look back on 2017, with all its successes/failures, if you could backtrack, what would you do differently?

Tough one. I'm one who prefers to look forward rather than backward. It was a very difficult year with several medical issues & dementia taking up huge amounts of our time and energy.

Writing-wise, I would wish that I'd been able to squeeze out more time for a rewrite that I put on hold at the end of the summer. My heart was full and I wasn't able to dig in with the energy & joy required. I haven't given up on the story, and with the input of an amazing crit buddy, I'm looking forward to that rewrite in the new year (after I finish up my NaNo project).

How about you? What writing projects are you looking forward to in the new year? Any rewind wishes? 



Happy Holidays: Enjoy 3 Sweet Romance as My Gift to You

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Happy holidays!

It’s the season of giving and I’d like to give you the gift of me-time and three great, sweet and fun books that will warm your heart and provide you with a little treat this holiday season.

I know how busy and crazy the holidays can be with family, parties, gifts, and more. It can be a lot of work and I’d like to give you, my reader, the chance to put your feet up, have a few laughs (and maybe a few tears) as well as some happily ever afters that will warm your heart and leave you smiling.

And so I’d like to offer you my Blueberry Springs Series Starter Box Set as gift. It’s a free download as an ebook on all of your favourite online bookstores today. This is a very limited time offer so be sure you claim yours today!


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This box set contains the first 3 books in the Blueberry Springs series and contain no cliffhangers–just good ol’ happily ever afters. Titles include: Whiskey and Gumdrops, Rum and Raindrops, and Eggnog and Candy Canes.


I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. All the best to you and your family in 2018.


Jean Oram


P.S. If you’d like another free book (at the time of posting) I’m offering The Promise for free to my newsletter subscribers at www.jeanoram.com/FREEBOOK



the explorer

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#story #review

Hey, Guys so i'm really new to this platform and i have no idea what I'm doing. Anyways i was given a creative task to do and i would love to anyone to review my work thank you.

When I was just a young boy, my father and I would go out to the coast to explore the white sparkling sand that resembled thousands of stars. We would spend hours jumping and dancing in the icy blue sea that was so clear, it was clear as glass. When we became tired, father and I would watch every cloud forming their mysterious shapes and we would use our imagination to guess what it was. These monumental days went on forever. A never-ending journey of exploration of the golden beach that my father and I have once claimed land, the land once we cried with laughter and understanding the beauty of the fiery sunset. As 20 years have passed, I’m standing on the very same beach with the same dancing flames of sand, radiating my toes as I admire the beauty that nature as created. I cannot help but think of him. He would always carry a map and would say “the gods are always going to trick you Charles, that’s why we follow the map.” And now what’s left is grief and pain inside of me as if he had shared his feelings and disappeared.

To me, I admire him as an explorer not some kind of Geologist or Cartographer. He would often go out to the world for months and each time he came back he would tell me stories of mystical creatures he had found and fought, treasures he swore was made from diamonds that was too blinding to take. Even though I loved his stories and I screeched with excitement whenever he told me. I would hide my annoyance of him leaving me again and again. “Pa, why are you leaving again and why does it have to be so long?” “Well son I don’t want to disappoint you with my stories, besides explorers go out with a bang,” he said with a cheeky wink.

The harsh reality behind my father’s stories was never up to my expectations. Every trip he made he became more obsessed with his projects; every trip he took his office would be filled with coloured post notes that would make you sick if you stared at it long enough. I would always be waiting for him to get home. My favourite spot was at the door whenever I would hear his footsteps I would be the first person to open the door and whenever I do I swear the door would get lighter. He would greet me and pick me up, spin me around as if it was just me and him in a different universe. When he was in his office, I would sit beside the closed door with my ear pressed on the wood trying to figure out what his project entailed. I would imagine that he was the only genius, figuring every riddle that had come to challenge him. Whenever he had figure out the riddle he would burst out of the door followed by a gust of wind and laugh, with me up in the air laughing with him we would dance and sing while he showed me his work of art; the maps. I’m glad that I had captured these moments, because as time has passed he had forgotten our tradition of summer days at the coast and even so, me too.

How I come to finally realise that he was gone when I couldn’t find my inner youth. How I realised time was playing games with me every minute, every second he would change into a different man, but obviously, I didn’t realise that I was just a simple child. As time goes by he would go for months in his “adventures” and lock himself in his office for eternity trying to memorise the ghastly post notes trying so hard to keep it fresh in his mind that he became obsessive. His sickness grew every second when he spent time in that room. When he finally opened his door, instead of picking me up and cheering for his victory he slammed me across my face. The burning and tingling sensation spread effortlessly while hearing the painful words of “go away, you are useless and distracting me from my work”. My mother rushed in and comforted me saying “It’s alright Charles he’s just tired, let’s just leave it”. After that, I never saw him as a man, as a father or even an explorer I had once admires and aspired to be. He was now just an obsolescence who is obsessed with rocks; he’s no one to me. He would occasionally let out a scream of frustration because he would have forgotten or couldn’t solve a text and worst of all he would pack his wrecked leather suitcase and not knowing where to go.

One summer morning mother and I smelt something burning. It was like a trail of black wings guiding us and once we open the door, the horror laid on display for us to see. The burning of his art turned into nothing but flames and he was lying in the middle of all the mess with the very first map he had ever created with an emotionless expression.

I’m now pulling myself out of the past and jumping back to reality, I now know I have the power of forgiveness. I knew he had a choice to stop, a choice to restart his life but he didn’t because he thought he was chasing his dreams and nothing could’ve stopped him not me nor time. Life is unexpected and people change: in my case, it wasn’t for the better but my father was suffering and I forgive him even if he decided to leave me forever because now he is in peace, I guess that’s what makes me human. How I can take this lesson and carry this through my journey. I brought out the urn of ashes and set it free with the crystal sea while I burned the once beloved map watching it float its way to the next destination.


Best Philip K Dick Novel

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Best Philip K Dick novel and 5 more...

Best Philip K Dick Novel
The Guardian ran an article on Dick’s Best Novels chosen by Nicola Barker, Michael Moorcock, and Adam Roberts on 27th August 2017 at Philip K Dick Best Novels. There's all the normal stuff you'd expect to see - Adam Roberts sensibly chose Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? You find out Moorcock's take on Dick –as editor of New Worlds, Moorcock sought out voices to flesh out his vision of Science Fiction, indeed Moorcock was one of the high prophets of New Wave SF. Nicola Barker's take set my brain into gear.
Dick: “the core of my writing is not art, but truth”, and – still more perplexingly: “I am a fictionalising philosopher, not a novelist."{C}
Nicola Barker: deny it as he might, he is a novelist
This misses the point; Dick didn't fit into the traditional author-publisher mould. Even now, a publisher would be itching to hack through his work.
In 1960 Dick was willing to take twenty to thirty years to succeed as a literary writer. His overtures into mainstream were declined - rightly so; his unique talent would have been destroyed by the editing process and, on a more selfish note, he'd have been lost to SF.
His work survives because he found a way through - first via the Science Fiction magazines and then Ace Books. Remember the Ace smaller format? they used to drive me mad while trying to force my makeshift library into some form of neatness. Back in 50s and 60s Ace was one of the big two US SF paperback publishers (the other being Ballantine). Ace books woes in the mid-1960s - they could no longer pay authors reliably - would have affected him (Ace were boycotted over a Lord of the Rings copyright infringement - they settled but their business was damaged). It's round about that time that Dick's output declined - I've always wondered if this resolved in some way to the question: how can you write with no pay? Upfront royalties were significant in the Ace business model. Bringing me to my favourite Dick novel.

Galactic Pot-Healer
I fed my early Science Fiction addiction via Burnley Library and, when I could afford it, used paperbacks from the second hand book stalls on Burnley Market. This gave me cross section of beat up (but treasured) US SF editions which is how I discovered Dick. Most of my 40+ collection of Dick's books are pre-1980. I read all Dick’s SF novels and most of his short stories.

Posted Image
Philip K Dick: Solar Lottery
Arrow Books edition 1972

Posted Image
Now Wait for Last Year
Macfadden Books 1968 edition

Eye in the Sky
Ace Books H39, 1967 edition

Clans of the Alphane Moon
Ace Books 1964 edition, F309

The Unteleported Man
Ace Books double (with Dr. Futurity) 1972 edition

We Can Build You
DAW Books #14 1972 edition

A favourite of mine is Galactic Pot Healer which came out in 1969. I had the 1976 Pan edition (sadly lost in a recent house move).
Joe Fernwright, the protagonist, lives in a future Earth with intriguing yet disturbing resonances to the here and now. He repairs art on a commission basis but has virtually no work (gig! gig! gig!. He is hired by a powerful being - Glimmung - for a one-off bit of art restoration. The restoration project involves beings from different planets and as it progresses, Joe strikes up a romantic relationship. In the background, Glimmung is in a struggle with the Kalends, which manifest through a book that foretells the future. This struggle is desire vs the inevitable but which is fake, Glimmung's words or the Book of the Kalends? I can so easily imagine the kind of Earth Dick describes (in my head we're almost there). The work transmogrifies via the gestalt... but Joe Fernwright chooses to go back to normality.
Telling the difference between the fake and the real is more than keeping up appearances, it's about preserving normality, without which people (beings) don't function. Galactic Pot Healer is a transitional work, yesteryear's mutants, ESP, precogs etc are well on their way to VALIS. It contains many of the darkly funny moments I like about Dick's work. He is an acquired taste but once you slip through the doorway, he writes an engaging tale. Dick's work evolves into his exegesis. He also did drugs. Are the two connected?

Dick and Drugs
Drug damage? Certainly - Dick acknowledged this. Did drugs invalidate his message? I'd say both yes and no and then as a rider, would add that this is up to the reader to decide. Importantly he put stuff in the public domain that stretched the genre. SF / Fantasy normally struggles when depicting metaphysical matters - with Dick it just works. It took me a long time to realise he was well read (I was a product of lower class inverse snobbery and despised arts, philosophy etc - it took some autodidact to catch up on where he was at). Most of his work is good - the early SF novels are the least 'Dick-like' but these are a must for those who want the journey.
The overall impact of drugs? I just accepted them as part of him as opposed to a separate influence. On the doing of drugs, I've seen it do damage to those around me - I see it as not too dissimilar to the continuous intake of media input of only one kind - it distorts your perceptions and leaves permanent marks that aren't too easy to shuck off. I get it that just as speed, or whatever, helps keep going on the job, it can help churn out wordage. Do drugs open the doors of creativity or just passive consumption? Of course a writer can interpret (words are his work) but all that's actually happening is for a few brief hours, the filters of everyday existence are slackened off. In my case (as a writer) I rarely write under the influence of alcohol - or even too much coffee.
Dick died as Blade Runner came to completion. Since then more of his works have leaked into the media and his reputation has grown. imho he died too soon.

Dick in the Media
They won’t let him alone. Can’t. Dick provokes cerebration. We’ve had Total Recall, Screamers, Minority Report, Impostor, Paycheck, A Scanner Darkly, Radio Free Albemuth, The Man in the High Castle and more. The upcoming series: Electric Dreams adapts some of his shorter stories interspersed with episodes inspired by his works. I've listed these and, for episodes adapting specific stories, shown year of publication. Episodes marked * are amalgams from various Dick works.

Episode 1 The Hood Maker (1955)
- other writing credits Matthew Graham

Episode 2 Impossible Planet (1953)
- other writing credits David Farr

Episode 3 The Commuter (1953)
- other writing credits Jack Thorne

Episode 4 Real Life
* writing credit: Ronald D Moore

Episode 5 Crazy Diamond
* writing credit: Tony Grisoni

Episode 6 Human Is (1955)
- other writing credits Jessica Mecklenburg

Episode 7 Kill All Others
* writing credit Dee Rees

Episode 8 Autofac (1955)
- other writing credits Travis Beacham

Episode 9 Safe And Sound
* writing credit: Kalen Egan, Travis Sentell

Episode 10 Father Thing (1954)
- other writing credits Michael Dinner

* Episodes inspired by Dick's work.
Aficionados will have the opportunity to debate respective influences, indeed it’s possible they may argue over how true Dick inspired episodes are to hiss work. When I originally blogged this, that was still to look forward to.
Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams airs on Channel 4, from 17th September 2017.

In Perspective
I well remember Michael Bishop’s Philip K Dick is Dead, Alas. Dickanian? Yes. Ultimately I read little beyond chapter 1. Then wasn’t the time to write about Dick in a Dickanian style. It wasn't the right postscript to Dick. A good postscript would be someone to carry forward the baton Dick let drop. You watch and you wait. He, or she, must be out there, somewhere; meanwhile we look back to the Master. Ever decreasing circles.

Philip K Dick is Dead, Alas - Michael Bishop
Grafton edition 1988

I’ve read a lot of Golden Age SF plus a fair sampling of authors up to the 80s: Aldiss, Anderson, Asimov, Ballard, Bradbury, Clarke, Farmer, Herbert... to name a few (there's 1,500 genre paperbacks in my library) eventually you get to a point where formulaic fiction begins to irritate you. I got my intellectual kicks from Idries Shah's works on Sufism. His Darkest England delves entertainingly into the character and mores of the English. Caravan of Dreams is a more general work on Eastern thought. For an eclectic takes on space fiction, Doris Lessing, who moved in the same social circles as Idries Shah, produced a 5 volume work: Canopus in Argos. I'm easily led astray by the history of other civilisations. At present that revolves around Central Asia, nomadic eruptions and the Khwarezmian Shahdom. I pretend to myself it's research for a Fantasy project but the reality is how can you write about the rise and fall of galaxy, or even star spanning civilisations if you haven’t grasped the emergence and subsequent collapse of our own great civilisations? The vicissitudes of life (kids, pets, writing groups) mean I don't write enough SF but here's a novel.

If you want to support my forays into SF, please check out my books. They've had good feedback and I consider them fair value.

# The Tau Device (space opera) POD, POD+ Kindle
The Slow Holocaust (collected dystopias) POD
Burnley (non-fiction, history & nostalgia) POD
Silt from Distant Lands (poetry) POD

Experimental narratives:
A Guide to First Contact (post apocalyptic SF) POD, POD+ POD++, Kindle
Brant (fantasy) POD
Ice Made (short stories) POD

# Recommended


The Beginning of the Cycle (How Writing is My Therapy)

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I have officially come full-circle again.

This cyclical way of my life baffles me—every time it comes back around, I am still struck with surprise and shock. One would think that after experiencing it my whole life, I’d get used to it by now. It’s like I fall into an unexpected slumber mentally (still physically awake, of course, but consciously… blank). These periods come with the normal ups and downs of my life, and it’s something about this time of year that really gets me going.

I’m working on a new novel, and it feels so good to say that. That alone is how I know that I’m starting a new cycle—a new cycle of conscious expansion, of adventure, of pushing myself into new territories. During my off-season (as I like to call it) I rarely write. I rarely read. I rarely do any of the things that cause me to grow mentally. It’s like I absorb everything during this period, and then let it all loose when I’m back in action.

In January of this year, I released a book via Amazon, and there was a lot of internal excitement and anxiety with that—this was a story I’d held on to for many years, written over the course of my teenager years, always seeming to change. It was a tremendous relief to finally get it out to the public, whether it be good, bad, or ugly. I felt that I needed to release it, just so that I could move on. Only, the release of that brought upon the End of the Cycle. The excitement faded, and I didn’t write anything or do anything after its release.

I’m happy to say that the gears are turning again, the engine is warming up, and the train is in the process of leaving the station. I’ve only recently noticed that I almost unconsciously touch on personal things in my writing, whether it be through a character’s actions or feelings. I don’t go in planning on that, it comes out silently, like little phantoms of a haunted house that creep up unsuspectingly on any patrons. I go into a trance when I write, and it isn’t until I come out that I realize that I’d had my own little therapy session.

And that’s how I know that writing isn’t just something I do. It goes beyond book sales and genres and “what’s selling.” With the risk of sounding exceptionally cliché, writing lets me bare my soul. Sure, there are characters we create. There’s whole worlds we design. But in every little aspect of what we write, there are pieces of ourselves laced within the words, and it’s important to be aware of that. Writing (for me, at least) isn’t something I strictly do to earn money (although I hope it becomes lucrative for me down the road) but it literally keeps me from losing my mind. It allows self-assessment without judgement. It lets us analyze our fears and insecurities in a way that isn’t negative. It literally saves our lives.

So, whether you have “off-seasons” like myself or not, I hope all is going well in your lives, and that you are prosperous in everything you do.

Until next time,



I do not know how or what to do

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Long story short, I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember as it always has been my dream to make a book out of all the effort that I have placed into it. I shared it with a lot of my friends and strangers that I meet up with in person. Many encouraged me to publish my work and ever since, I have been looking for a way to publish.

The first thing that came to mind was to go to a university, and see how they publish their works. I then stepped upon an incident which was unfortunate for the lad involved, but fortunate for me, as I was planning to actually go to the same person who was included in the incident. Anyhow, the lad was furiously attacking the person that I was seeking for stealing the credit of his work by publishing his work under his name instead of the lad's name or something like that. That was my warning and first slap for publishing.

That was the only place in my region that actually publishes books. That out the choice pushed me to search for alternatives, some of which encouraged me to go to India and get it published there, however I do not know anyone in India or know where to begin, so my lack of knowledge about India marked itself out as a choice. Then VALLA!!! I found an online publishing office, which looked so good to be true, however it wasn't. It was your typical "Give me your money" kind of scam. I traced the IP address of the person contacting me, who claimed to be in California, which he was actually in Singapore, and then I googled the website, to find several warnings of it being a giant scam train for writers of all sorts.

I figured I would find a local community of writers and one of them would have a lead... I found a magnificent group of poets and they were beyond excellent, however, all of them were in the same shoes as I was. They were all looking for a way to publish.

What to do, where to go, how to do it...

That is why I am here, I hope that someone can give me a lead, or show me which star to follow.


Writing can get emotional!

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Emotional Writing and 1 more...

Writing can get emotional! Okay, I needed a break from my writing. My book is doing so good that I just wrote a sad part. While I was writing it I felt the sadness and began to cry while writing. The people in the book becomes family that when something happens to one you feel it. A main character was just killed. It was so sadly written I cried. I sure pray it gets picked up and becomes a movie. It would make a great movie. It is a young Adult fantasy about other dimensional worlds.


My Novel Is Finished... Now to Find an Agent

Posted by Soreen Laythyn in Trinity: Death and All His Soldiers, 28 July 2017 · 144 views
queries, finding an agent and 2 more...

Hey everyone, this is my first post for this blog. I have another one on Tumblr if you want to see that one, but I'm documenting my journey to becoming a published author and I hope that you all follow me on it. So without further or do, my name is Soreen Laythyn and my Novel is called Trinity: Death and All His Soldiers.

It's about a teenage boy who can see, hear and speak the dead but wants to lead a normal life. When his life and the life of his family are put in danger, he finds out that he's not the only person who can do what he does. Enter the Reapers; half-living, half-dead superhumans who fight the dead and help them cross over to the Spirit World.

He'll need their help if he wants to figure out what happened to his family, and why he can see, hear and speak to the dead. Because the Reapers sure would like to know...

If you like it, drop a comment. If you search the title of my novel on the website, you'll find a few discussions on it. Thanks and stay tuned. Follow me on Tumblr at this website:



Does anyone feel as though they are directionless

Posted by lcjm1922 in Lavivian's Blog, 13 June 2017 · 167 views

I am 24 years old and yes there have been times in my life where I have felt so lost. This world offers so many different directions its hard to know which one to choose to go in. Since we have to choose a direction to go in all we can do is hope its the right one. Nobody wants to walk around feeling completely lost...Does anyone else feel this way?


Announcing THE STAR SHEPHERD – an illustrated MG Fantasy

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I’m so thrilled to share the wonderful news that I’m co-authoring THE STAR SHEPHERD with the incredibly talented author/illustrator Dan Haring! THE STAR SHEPHERD is a heavily illustrated middle grade novel and such a wonderful, special story. I’m so excited that this book will be published and that our agents had the brilliant idea that […]



26 Books

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Follow the Facebook page: https://www.facebook...32310180551492/

26 Books is a conceptual publishing collective. It is "collective" in the sense that there is a group of self-publishers of artist books, that make their work into a collectible set of 26 books.

A complete set of 26 books will span the colors of the light spectrum, from red to violet, book-ended by black and white [Titles beginning with A are red, to Z (violet), black and white are wildcards]. All books must be at least 100 pages, so as to produce a spine approximately 1 inch to clearly display the color and title. People can collect a complete set of 26, drawn from a library of contributing works organized alphabetically. Some of the books would be blank, and people would fill them with content as unique singular artist books.

You don't necessarily have to finish a book, you can simply choose a color and title it accordingly, and briefly describe what the book is about.

You can register it here, then write it later. It is your custom "Moleskine" book. (All topics are moderated and approved by 26 Books. "Tasteful" adult books will be accepted, such as nude art photography.)

N.B.: 26 Books is Not a Publisher. It is a group-concept of artist books, produced and published by you. It may decide to become a publisher at some point in the future. You retain all rights in your work.

If you decide to self-publish your work to print, contact us for formatting specifications. Currently Lulu.com is the preferred vendor.


My Blog Is Relocated!

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Followers of my blog can find it at this new address: https://www.joestephenswrites.com/blog.



Quality Monitoring Technology of Laser Welding

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Quality Monitoring Technology of Laser Welding
For 1mw laser pointer welding of diamond saw blade, the need for appearance, microstructure and welding strength and other parameters of the test. The appearance of the main detection of the existence of welding macroscopical defects such as hole cracks, undercuts and not penetration, etc., usually need to be 100% of the detection, significant organizational detection of the main parts of the chemical parts of the inspection, significant changes in the structure and phase structure, The results show that the fine chemical composition of the molten zone has a gradient diffusion, and the transition layer hardness is lower than that of the matrix, which is higher than that of the tip. The welding strength test mainly tests the tensile strength, bending strength, impact toughness and residual stress of the weldment. It is usually necessary to carry out 100% welding strength test, and the residual stress and distribution after welding seriously affect the service life of the diamond saw blade.

Posted Image

At present, laser welding diamond saw blade process there are still some problems, we need to conduct further research, to carry out special laser welding diamond saw carcass or transition layer material formula research, to carry out new ultra-fine or nano-pre-alloy powder research, The research on the mechanism of laser welding of diamond saw blades, especially the research of temperature field, flow field, mass field and stress field of 5mw green laser welding diamond saw blade and the on-line quality monitoring technology of laser welding diamond saw blade process are carried out. In fact, only a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of laser welding diamond saw blade, it may be developed accordingly the new online quality monitoring technology; only master the theory of pre-alloy powder, it is possible to develop a new ultra-fine or nano-alloy powder and Better use of new ultra-fine or nano-pre-alloy powder to develop a dedicated diamond saw blade.

In accordance with the current theory of physics, the fastest speed of non-speed must go. Although the human in many areas to the development of the speed of light level, but has not yet applied to the semiconductor case. This technology requires not only a smaller 3D transistor, but its working principle is not dependent on the power to achieve, but the laser, it relies on ultra-fast laser pulse to move the electron. Scientists use gallium selenide crystals as their semiconductors and impinge on red laser pointer pulses at femtosecond speeds, and for "lightwave" electronic devices, the charge carriers move too fast and they no longer collide with each other, not only to increase the speed, And more energy efficient.

The promotion of the concept of lightweight automotive industry is growing. Lightweight, is to ensure the strength and safety of the premise of the car, as far as possible to reduce the quality of car preparation, reduce fuel consumption, reduce pollution, a concept and method. Due to the increasing importance of fiber lasers in highly automated, highly flexible production systems, the laser solution covers all applications in the automotive industry. We first look at the following in the General Motors as the representative of the US auto industry, aluminum body manufacturing laser welding applications introduced.

Typically, automotive laser welding is mainly used for suspension structures, such as the door and the back cover and white body welded together. Cadillac CT6 aluminum alloy roof and body connection and the trunk cover assembly connection is the use of laser welding process. The connection between the aluminum plates is achieved by the 50mw green laser melting aluminum material. One of the aluminum lid welding of the back cover is not required to be polished and other processing to carry out the subsequent painting operation, which shows the smoothness of the weld surface. And the ceiling and the aluminum alloy weld between the body without grinding, only in the coating before applying a layer of glue and scraping to ensure the quality of follow-up paint finish. In addition, the OEMs have recently begun to use laser welding internal components, such as aluminum alloy filter and steering wheel, as well as electric vehicle battery aluminum alloy shell, copper pole and so on.

Laser processing equipment demand continues to expand, the advantages of the platform to help Han's laser technology to fully benefit from laser technology has become an important means of advanced manufacturing technology and upgrading of traditional industries. Panel industry competition pattern is undergoing profound changes, the domestic panel manufacturers are playing a decisive role in the entire panel industry, the future of domestic production line panels using domestic100mw laser pointer equipment is the trend. Dazu laser with a full set of panel production line of laser equipment supply capacity, the domestic OLED production line panel production line and its related products is expected to be applied to the LCD laser equipment upgrades and subsequent batches of investment and construction, in order to become an important thrust of future performance of the company.





March PBParty Submission Day

  Posted by Michelle4Laughs in Michelle4Laughs: It's in the Details, 25 March 2017 · 198 views


The agent round will be April 5th - 7th. See the list of agents here

Please be a follower of this blog. You can click the "Join this Site" button in the left sidebar. Or if that is stubborn and won't work, you can subscribe to my newsletter or follow @Michelle4Laughs on twitter. I imagine I will be tweeting hints as well as partying!

You may send two entries for different manuscripts in separate emails. That's two and only two, whether you have multiple pen names or multiple email addresses. Please be honest and not send more. Only one entry will be chosen per person. If you send two, still only one will be picked. Any attempt to cheat will result in entries thrown out (and sadly it has happened in the past.) 

On March 26 at noon Eastern the submission window opens. Do not send early or your entry will be deleted. You may resend at the correct time if this happens. I'm recycling an email address as I already have too many. Please send your entry to SunversusSnow at yahoo dot com

You should receive a confirmation email. If you do not, please contact me on twitter before resending.We want to get a good count of entries and duplicates make that harder. The window will stay open until we get 250 entries. However long that takes. It could be minutes or it could be days, but I'm betting there will be plenty of time this round.

This contest is only for finished and polished manuscripts. It has to be ready to go out to agents.

The Format:

Subject Line of your Email: PBParty: Title

Example:  PBParty: Hot Tub Santa

Inside the email please bold where bolded in my example. Single space with spaces between paragraphs. Use Times New Roman or equivalent font and the size should be 12. 

(Here's a trick to keep your paragraph spacing: copy and paste your entry into your email and then put in the line spaces. They seem to get lost when you copy and paste. It may look right but sending scrambles the spacing.)

Name: Sharon Chriscoe
Twitter Handle: @extracleansanta (optional)
Genre: (Here please tell us what type of picture book this is) Example: Board Book, Bedtime Rhyme, Nonfiction, Biography, etc. or List Chapter Book If this is OWNVOICES, please say so here!
Word Count: xxx (round to nearest ten, hundred for chapter books)


Your entire query letter here. Include your comps, bio, greeting, closing. Please be sure to note diversity and ownvoices in the query as well. (You may use whatever you want for a greeting. Dear Agent. Dear Michelle and Sharon.) 

Here is your chance to make your entry shine and make the agent fall in love with your words. 

First 50 Words:

Include your first 50 words for a picture book, 100 words for chapter books. Do not stop in the middle of a sentence. You may go over by one or two words to finish a sentence but not more than five. Single space and put spaces in between paragraphs. You may center or tab if appropriate.

Edit: For short picture books, less than 50 words may be submitted. Any count under 50 is allowed.

Also I will delete parts of entries after the contest ends, if requested. For those writers uncomfortable with their work being out there for all to see.  

Bonus: You may attach one illustration to your email to show an example of your artwork. If you don't have artwork, don't worry. 

Messed up formatting won't hurt you, but forgetting to include some part of the entry will. Double check before sending.

Now for the twitter party fun! Visit daily under the hashtag #PBParty to meet and greet and scout out slush hints.

Sunday, March 26        Tell us what genre you write and when you entered. Then share your muse. What gives you inspiration to write?

Monday, March 27th     Do you listen to music when your write? Have word count goals? Set aside BIC time (behiney in chair)? Share your daily writing routine.

Tuesday, March 28th     How do you handle writer's block? How many drafts do you write before finished?

Wednesday, March 29th  Animal, vegetable, mineral. Tell us if your MC is human or something else.

Thursday, March 30th     What picture/chapter book gives you the warm fuzzies? And shout out some books with diversity to spread the word on them!

Friday, March 31st       What picture book character would you like for a best friend? What picture book do you remember fondly from your childhood?

Saturday, April 1st       What's your best advice to get through querying? What keeps you sane?

Sunday, April 2nd         Look for CP partners and make more friends. What are your favorite writing craft books?

Sharon and I are not sure when the picks will be announced, but it should be around Friday. We are so excited for the fun to start. As you've probably noticed we have a great group of agents and editors.

Good luck everyone!  



Habitually Almost Quitting

Posted by Brian in Montana in BrainBlog, 16 January 2017 · 231 views

Lots of smokers could probably be described as habitual almost quitters. I could say that about myself when it comes to writing. I don't have the same frustrations a lot of people do. I'm not trying to make a living at this (haven't quit my day job yet, although some day I hope to), so I don't worry too much about rejections and the sort. What makes me "almost" quit on a habitual basis are the people closest to me. I enjoy 3-day weekends, so generally my habit is to get up early - Friday through Sunday, go into the big walk-in closet with my laptop, and start working on whatever it is I've been writting, an article or a story or whatever. I find that what often happens is, I'm really starting to hit my stride when my three kids start crawling out of their beds. They're good, polite, intelligent little farts, but the first thing they want to do is come into the closet and sit and talk to me while I'm writing. I have a one-track mind and need to have quiet when I'm writing. So, I sit there and hope that my wife will get up and get them some breakfast started or something - that never happens. Then another kid comes in, then another, then its very crowded in the walk-in closet and they all start talking to each other as well as me. At that point it, I'm starting to snap at my kids, who really haven't done anything wrong, they're just being kids. Then it becomes clear my wife isn't getting up any time soon, so I shut down what I'm working on and go make them breakfast.

And I'm mad, and frustrated, and feel guilty for barking at my kids, and then I just want to throw up my hands and quit writing. I need to get up at 0400 in order to actually get anything significant done, and like most other red-blooded Americans, I'm generally too tired for that. I usually get up before 6:00, but that hardly cuts it a lot of weekends.

I'm not going to quite. This is part of who I am and I've had a little success at it, so I know better than to actually say I'm going to quit. It's just that being a writter and an introverted loner in a family of five comes with some minefields. I guess that's the point. Life is complicated and it can be hard to carve out time for our interests. "We" meaning "me" of course. If you don't seem to struggle with this, you have my envy. But I'd be lying if I said I would trade my family for anything. I wouldn't. It's just the juggling act can be tiring.


Roter Laserpointer kaufen shop

Posted by assiduous in Sehr Starker laserpointer, 06 January 2017 · 227 views
Laserpointer, Laserpointer kaufen and 2 more...

5 in 1 Leistungsstarke grun Laser Pointer mit 5 Sterne Caps, vier Kappen können vier Arten von Mustern und die fünfte eine Schutzkappe zu schaffen.
Kaleidoskopische Morphing Lichteffekte, Morphing der Sterne änderte sich durch die Sternkappe. Wunderbar und schön, einfach zu bedienen. Perfekt für Parties und kleine Shows.
Starker laser de Feature:
1. 5-in-1 200mW 532nm leistungsfähige grüne laserpointer
2. Rollen der Parttern, um den Laser-pointer zu ändern
3. Fünf Arten der parttern Köpfe, die erstaunliche Laser-pointer erzeugen
4. Dynamischer flüssiger Himmel, belebte bewegte Sterne
5. Deutlich sichtbar im Sonnenschein und in der Dunkelheit, zeigen Sternenlicht Spezialeffekte über 8000 Metern
6. Siegelkopfentwurf verhindert Stäube vom Eintreten

Posted Image
7. Einfach zu bedienen, müssen nur die Taste drücken, dann können Sie sehen markante grüne Sterne Licht
8. Witterungsbeständig, aber nicht in Wasser tauchen
9. Kompakt und beweglicher Entwurf, geringes Gewicht, einfach zu tragen
Laserklasse 3b Spezifikation:
Produktname: 3in1 Laserpoinnter
Erster Knopf: roter Laser
Zweite Tastenklick: Weißes LED-Licht - Blaues UV-Licht
Kompakte Größe, mit einem Karabiner tragbar zu nehmen
Angetrieben durch 3 x LR44 Batterien (eingeschlossen)
Max. Leistung: 5mW
Gewicht: 16g
Farbe: Random

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