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No Agent? No Problem! A Successful Author Talk With THE ARK Author Laura Liddell Nolen

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Today's guest for the SAT (Successful Author Talk) is Laura Liddel Nolen, who grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She has a degree in French and a license to practice law, but both are frozen in carbonite at present. She lives in Texas with her husband and two young children. Her debut, THE ARK, is available now from Harper Voyager.

Laura's success story is doubly special to me, because she was a participant in the PAPfest - a writing contest that I hosted on my blog back in 2013. Laura is also a great example of a non-traditional path to success. She's an un-agented writer published with a major house - not something that happens everyday!

Are you a Planner or Pantster?

Total planner. That being said, things rarely go according to plan.

How long does it typically take you to write a novel, start to finish?

Since THE ARK is my first, I guess I have to say five years. But the sequel is scheduled for publication next year, with the last book in the trilogy one year after that, so I’m going to have to work on my record quite a bit. To say the least.

Do you work on one project at a time, or are you a multi tasker?

I work on one project until I get writer’s block, which happens fairly often. Then I procrastinate by writing a short story or starting a new project. It helps my confidence overall, but not my faith in whichever manuscript is stalled at the moment.

Did you have to overcome any fears that first time you sat down to write?

One problem with writing is, you have to be slightly delusional even to attempt it. Like, what makes me think anyone will want to read my stories? But the more you write, the better you get. It’s quite a learning curve. If nothing else, I can always pull up an old story and cringe my way through it, which helps with confidence in my more current stuff.

How many trunked books did you have before you were agented?

I actually don’t have an agent yet. I’m planning to start querying this summer. I’m living proof that editors read their slush, though!

Tell us more about being published as an un-agented author.

I’m happy to share my “stats,” in case they offer any hope to other writers: I queried nine agents. Six asked to read my manuscript for THE ARK. Of those, four gave me some helpful comments. Of the original nine, two agents sent a form rejection, and one didn’t even reply!

I also submitted THE ARK to Harper Voyager, the science fiction and fantasy imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, when I heard they were accepting unagented work.

I planned to revise the manuscript and resend it to the four agents who’d given me comments. But then I got a call from Natasha Bardon, editorial director of Harper Voyager UK, saying they’d like to publish me! I guess I got the cart before the horse, in a sense.

Have you ever quit on an ms, and how did you know it was time?

Yes! My first attempt at a novel was just awful. I think I was trying to copy everything I thought YA lit should be like, which is a great recipe for a terrible book. I’m glad I got that out of my system. I knew it was time to quit when my friend Taylor said, “I can’t believe you’re not writing science fiction. That’s what you always wanted to do, right?” The next day, I started The Ark, and I haven’t looked back.

Any advice to aspiring writers out there on conquering query hell?

Rejection is an absolute given in this business. That doesn’t make it hurt any less, but at least know that you’re not alone when it happens. It only takes one yes, and bam! You’re in.

How did that feel, the first time you saw your book for sale?

It’s completely surreal. And I’m not sure who’s more excited, me or my mom.

Just kidding. Definitely me.

How much input do you have on cover art?

I was given two options for a cover. The one I chose is the one the editor liked best as well. I’m thrilled to say that I really do love it, and it was clear to me that the artist had read the book. The details are amazing. For example, the meteor matches her eyes. How cool is that? And there are a couple of lines in THE ARK referencing Char’s ratty hair, which is reflected in the cover image.

What's something you learned from the process that surprised you?

It’s amazing how supportive the writing community is. I think you wrote a post about this recently, and it really made me smile. As an aspiring writer, you don’t even need an agent or a book deal to reach out and find thousands of other people in the same boat, almost all of whom will be happy to cheer you on along your way. I’ve made some great friends on this journey. There are also tons of established writers who are committed to helping up-and-comers. It’s an exciting, inspiring group to be a member of.

How much of your own marketing do you?  Do you have a blog / site / Twitter? 

Nearly all of it. Yes, thanks for asking!! I'm on Twitter and have a site.

When do you build your platform? After an agent? Or should you be working before?

If I could do it over, I’d have gotten involved with Twitter a lot sooner. Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot to market before you have a product to sell. I think there’s value in focusing on writing the best book you can.

Do you think social media helps build your readership?

Definitely! Just look at your blog! I started reading Writer, Writer waaaay before NOT A DROP TO DRINK came out. By the time it was finally published, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.



Query Questions with Melissa Jeglinski

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Writers have copious amounts of imagination. It's what makes their stories so fantastic. But there's a darker side to so much out of the box thinking. When a writer is in the query trenches, their worries go into overdrive. They start pulling out their hair and imagine every possible disaster.


Here to relieve some of that endless worrying is a new series of posts called Query Questions. I'll ask the questions which prey on every writer's mind, and hopefully take some of the pain out of querying. These are questions that I've seen tossed around on twitter and writing sites like Agent Query Connect. They are the type of questions that you need answers for the real expert--agents!

If you have your own specific query question, please leave it in the comments and it might show up in future editions of Query Questions as I plan to rotate the questions.

I've been trying to get an agent from The Knight Agency for forever. I'm so pleased to bring you Melissa Jeglinski!

Is there a better or worse time of year to query?
I’m open to queries all year round.  I try to reply within two weeks, unless I’m out on holiday.

Does one typo or misplaced comma shoot down the entire query?
A small typo or misplaced comma will not make me turn down a project, but a lot of such mistakes warn me that you might not be careful with your work and that is a red flag.

Do you look at sample pages without fail or only if the query is strong?
I will look at the first paragraph without fail because honestly, I know queries are really hard to write.  Sometimes the writing is much better than I would expect from what is presented in a query so I always take at least a smidge of a look. 

Do you have an assistant or intern go through your queries first or do you check all of them?
At The Knight Agency all of our queries go to our submissions email and our submissions coordinator gives them a first look.  However, anything I’ve asked for or that may be in response to an article, contest, or interview I’ve done will be forwarded directly to me. 

Do you keep a maybe pile of queries and go back to them for a second look?
Nope.  I make a decision on queries right away.  It’s the only way to stay on top of them. However, I can sometimes waver on partials.

If the manuscript has a prologue, do you want it included with the sample pages?
Let it be known that I do not like prologues; I find them almost always unnecessary.  However, if you choose to start with one, then they are your first pages and should be included. 

How important are comp titles? Is it something you want to see in a query?
I find many queries include strange or wrong comp titles and I’d rather not see any than think I should be getting one type of read and end up with another. 

Some agencies mention querying only one agent at a time and some say query only one agent period. How often do you pass a query along to a fellow agent who might be more interested?
At The Knight Agency we prefer you query only one of our agents at a time.  We will frequently pass along queries we feel may be perfect for one of our colleagues as we are always in touch with one another about what we are looking for. 

Do you prefer a little personalized chit-chat in a query letter, or would you rather hear about the manuscript?
Feel free to include a bit of chit-chat if we have met before or if you have been referred to me by one of my clients. Otherwise, I just want to know what your manuscript is about.  You’ve got mere paragraphs to grab my attention so don’t waste any space. 

Most agents have said they don’t care whether the word count/genre sentence comes first or last. But is it a red flag if one component is not included?
I will not request a project when  either the genre or word count is not included.  I just can’t read your mind and these are usually the most important elements of a query.   

How many queries do you receive in a week? How many requests might you make out of those?
I don’t see every query I receive as our submissions coordinator does weed out ones for genres I don’t represent or perhaps are obviously just not right for me as I always update her on what I’m looking for.  But I estimate I get about fifty queries per week.  Of those I’ll request one, possibly two partials or complete manuscript. 

Many agents say they don't care if writers are active online. Could a twitter account or blog presence by a writer tip the scales in getting a request or offer? And do you require writers you sign to start one?
I never base my requested on whether the author is active on social media. But I do check to make sure if they have a presence, it’s a positive one.  Once I sign on a client I do encourage them to try their hand at some social media but it’s not a requirement. 

Some writers have asked about including links to their blogs or manuscript-related artwork. I’m sure it’s not appropriate to add those links in a query, but are links in an email signature offensive? 
I wouldn’t turn down a query if there are links in their email signature. However, if the entire query is just a link it becomes an automatic no for me. 

What does ‘just not right mean for me’ mean to you?
When I do use this wording as a response, it means that I didn’t find the project so exciting I couldn’t say no.  It could be the writing, the plot, the ultimate execution. It could also be how the writer presented themselves and maybe I just don’t want to be so detailed in my response.  I often hesitate to give detailed feedback because I think that gives a writer hope that I’ll take a look at the project again when often the issue is not something I think can be easily changed; style, plot—these are big issues.  So I find it better to pass in a more generic matter. I know that can be frustrating to a writer but my workload prevents me from being so detailed.  Also, I find some writers can be downright nasty when I give a true reason for passing and I just don’t need the negativity.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been cursed out by complete strangers just by telling them I don’t represent their genre.  So I tread carefully for my own sanity.   

What themes are you sick of seeing?
In Middle Grade age projects it’s the children receiving special powers on their birthday or just being so downtrodden I’m not sure how to connect with them.  For Young Adult it’s a female protagonist so obviously in love with the wrong boy you just want to snap her out of it.  In Romance it’s the simple conflicts that can be solved with a good conversation.  I like complex plots and characters.    

Do you consider yourself a hands-on, editorial type of agent?
Coming from an editorial background I am a very hands-on agent.  I work with my clients to edit their projects while we are on submission to editors.  However, once their manuscript finds a home, I do step back and let the author/editor relationship deal with issues. 

What three things are at the top of your submission wish list?
A Cozy Mystery series with a unique setting and different kind of protagonist (no paranormal.)
A Middle Grade novel featuring a ghost or something quite dark but not horrific—keeping the readership in mind.
A Romantic Suspense series featuring super sexy heroes in some dangerous profession.

What are some of your favorite movies or books to give us an idea of your tastes?
My favorite book of all time is THE WITCH OF BLACKBIRD POND. The plot is complex and the MC’s conflicts are timeless. 
I have really enjoyed Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series and Lisa Kleypas’s Wallflower series.
Recently I have enjoyed WE WERE LIARS by E. Lockhart and CAROLINA MAN by Virginia Kantra.
My favorite movies include The Winter Soldier (Not usually a super hero fan but Cap is so earnest, what’s not to love), State and Main (quirky cast and plot) and Aliens (the most kick-ass heroine ever.)


A graduate of Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in English with a writing concentration, Melissa began her career as an editor with Harlequin Enterprises. Looking to work with a variety of authors and genres, she joined The Knight Agency in 2008.  With over two decades experience in the publishing industry, Melissa has fostered her clients to National prominence including a recent Newbery Honor. She is a member of RWA and AAR. Melissa is currently seeking projects in the following areas:  Romance (contemporary, category, historical, inspirational) Young Adult, Middle Grade, Women’s Fiction and Mystery.




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In my short 29 years of living I've done a lot of things. I've smoked, drank, had sex, stripped(well, I never really took anything off and it was only for 2 days, but still...), tried drugs, and honestly more things that I think I'll leave up in the air. Point is that I never was one to be afraid to try something. Until I had kids I used to say I'd try anything once, twice if I like it. I dropped that motto a long time ago though.

I like to say it's because I grew up, which is true, but man it kinda sucks. I grew up a little too much. It makes it hard to be a parent when you forget how to be a kid. Sometimes I say or do something and think, damn I turned into one of those bitter boring old ladies and I'm still so young.

Once I didn't care what anyone had to say about anything I did. But somewhere I got it into my head that to be grown up, you have to care what others think. You have to constantly worry what someone may say if you do this or that. And the more I thought that, the more paranoid about every single thing I became. Everything I did, or thought about doing I had to stop and think about what may happen. Even stupid things that didn't really matter.

Eventually I balanced out a little and I'm not as concerned. I realized I am who I am and if you don't like it, I don't care. But there's still that little voice asking me if I'm really okay with that.

When people used to ask me something I've done that I regret, I always said nothing. Regretting is for people who wish their life was different. Are there things that happened in my life that I hate? Sure. But each of those things got me to where I am now and for the most part, I'm okay with that. And anything I'm not okay with wouldn't be different if I could've gone back and changed something.

Of course now I do regret one thing and that's growing up too much. I regret losing that open part of myself that let me have more fun. If I could go back and change anything, I'd go back to whenever I forgot how to be a kid and I'd change that one little thing.

But as soon as I think that, I stop and think-what would that change? Changing anything from your past can affect your present and future. I don't think anything is worth risking that. And that is all it takes to keep me from holding any regrets. It is what it is and everything happens for a reason-good or bad.

And sorry about the lengthy post. I'll do better with S...maybe :p

I hope you all have a great day and that you don't have any regrets. :)



Celine a specific celebrity and

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Select a specific piece of fashion and trace its progression over time. The history of swimwear in America, for example, would offer you an opportunity to explore the difference between what men and women wore in the water in the past versus what we celine handbags wear today. Some elements of swimwear have changed drastically. In the 1920s, for instance, women's swimsuits covered much more of the body than the skimpier suits of today. Manufacturers often used heavier fabrics, even wool with some elastic, whereas today, most suits are made of nylon and spandex. Other aspects of the swimwear industry have remained similar, such as the fitted nature of the pieces. Choose a distinct decade or timeline to cover in your paper.
Fashion choices and styles reflect the values, preferences and needs of a given group of people. Choose two regions in the world and compare and contrast a particular fashion trend in these areas. For example, you might compare clothing in the Americas versus clothing in African countries. You could look at specific elements of an outfit, such as headwear or http://www.celinehandbagse.com/ footwear. Explore how headpieces or hats differ or how the types of shoes worn in the Americas are different from those worn in Africa. Think about how practicality plays a role. For example, discuss how climate and lifestyle affect fabrics, colors or cuts used in these regions.
Certain people have become icons in the world of fashion, standing out for their distinctive style choices. For example, the United States has seen style celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. Michael Jackson became known for his sparkly materials, militarystyle jackets, shoulder pads and single glove. Lady Gaga is known for the shock value of her choices her large hats, transparent materials, wild shoes and even an outfit made of meat. Write a paper on a specific celebrity and explore Celine how the person affected the world of fashion.
What Are Good Topics That Can Be Used for a Research Paper? Fashion Research Paper Ideas. The celine handbags online fashion industry is huge, which is both a positive and a negative. There are many angles from. Research Topics for a Research Paper The research paper is a high school and college requirement. Since format constitutes a large portion of the grade, many students become.
Fashion and Beauty Magazine Topics Fashion and beauty magazines include articles that relate to the wellbeing of women, as well as topics aimed at making women look. Research Topics for QuasiExperimental Design Quasiexperimental designs include research designs that lack randomization. What this means is that unlike experimental designs whereby samples are picked in .


Jana Kramer Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Her Big Night

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fashion, news

Last night, country star Jana Kramer wowed the crowd on the Academy of Country Music Awards red carpet in a black-and-white chevron-printed plunging Jay Godfrey gown. But before her big debut, we got a look behind the scenes with the star as she was getting ready for her big night! Check out the exclusive photos and details, below.
Prepping for the star-studded night was an all-day affair for Kramer and her glam squad. “It took a little bit longer [to get ready] here, just because of the logistics of the Dallas Stadium,” she tells PEOPLE. “So we got ready pretty early this morning, put my hair up in curlers. And then we went to a [private box in the stadium] and got ready there, so probably a total of about three hours. Way too long, because it usually takes me about 30 to 40 minutes!”
But for a big award show like the ACM Awards, Kramer and her team wanted everything to be perfect, which is why they began planning for the night months in advance. “I start planning a red carpet look at least three months in advance,” Kramer’s stylist Lo VonRumpf explains. “I attend New York Fashion Week to get inspired, and then develop mood boards for us to narrow down the ‘look’ and feel ahead of time. It’s always nice to plan ahead.”
And for last night’s show, VonRumpf brought quite a few options for Kramer to pick from — 15, to be exact. “On average, I usually pull 30 to 40 options,” he says. “We tried on about 15 options. I love Jana to have lots of options — a variety of colors, style, silhouette and texture keep our fitting fresh. We drink wine, play dress up and have fun with it!”
Posted Image
gold bridesmaid dress
So what was the dress of choice? “I wore a Jay Godfrey dress; it was definitely something way different than I’ve ever worn before,” Kramer says. “I haven’t really worn a lot of prints, so to wear the chevron was definitely something different for my look, but I was super excited about it because I like taking risks in the fashion world. When I saw it on the rack of the dresses I knew I wanted to wear that one for sure, and then when I put it on it fit great!”
Kramer accessorized the gown with a pair of white Stuart Weitzman sandals, Leticia Linton jewels and a bejeweled Swarovski clutch. “The dress is a statement in itself, so I wanted to keep the accessories monochromatic and simple,” VonRumpf says. “Leticia Linton was the perfect designer to go with. I chose black and white diamond earrings paired with an oversized white diamond ring with a beautiful stone. It still had the bling on the carpet, but was chic and fashion-forward.”
But the star’s favorite accessory of the night? Her sparkling engagement ring, of course! “It’s a halo, with diamonds all around the sides, it really sparkles from every angle — Jack Kelege designed it, and, for me, it’s just the perfect ring,” she tells PEOPLE. “[Fiancé Michael Caussin] really did an amazing job picking it out. It’s very classy and elegant [but] it could have just been a band. I just want to be married to him — I don’t care how big the rock is.”
As for the star’s hair and makeup, her beauty guru Lindsay Doyle kept the look soft and feminine. “It started with the fabulous dress, and then it was a collaboration from there,” she says.
And Kramer agrees — it really was all about the dress. “I just wanted [the makeup] to be soft; you don’t want [the makeup] to be too costume-y, especially with such a busy print,” Kramer explains. “So my hairstylist did really soft curls, flat-ironed the curls through and then did a bolder eye and a softer lip, to make more the focus the dress.”
So now she’s got one big event behind her, with two more to go: She’ll also be headlining the CMT Next Women of Country Tour beginning next week — and there is that little detail of her extremely imminent wedding.
“[Wedding] planning is going really good. We’re almost done. We’re getting married within the next 30 something days, so it’s definitely crunch time,” she tells PEOPLE. “We’re getting all of our feedback and we’ve got to put the seating charts together. At the end of the day, I don’t care as long as each of us are happy.”
dark red bridesmaid dresses


Chargeur pour Asus X93SV

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Asus lance en France son nouvel ordinateur portable grand format Asus X93SM-YZ158V au format 18.4 pouces. Pour moins de 800 euros, il intègre sous plateforme Intel Huron River un disque dur véloce de grande capacité, un processeur Core i5 Sandy Bridge, une carte graphique NVIDIA de dernière génération, de l’USB 3.0 ainsi qu’une dalle Full HD.

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter comprend des versions limitées de Word et Excel. Chargeur Asus X93SM Il est cependant possible de bénéficier de toutes les fonctionnalités de la suite Office en achetant une carte d'activation (ou une version boite) auprès de Microsoft ou chez les revendeurs partenaires.

Ce portable revêt une finition texturée sur la coque et le repose-poignets mais métal brossé autour du clavier. De couleur marron, il arbore un design à la fois sobre et original.

Posted Image

L’Asus X93SM-YZ158V s’adresse à ceux qui sont en quête d’un portable polyvalent de grand format offrant de bonnes performances générales.

L’un de ses atouts est sans nul doute son disque dur. Il s’agit en effet d’un modèle véloce puisqu’il fonctionne à 7200 tr/min contre 5400 tr/min habituellement ce qui apporte plus de réactivité au système. En outre, il offre une grande capacité de 1000 Go afin de pouvoir installer de nombreux logiciels et conserver quantité de fichiers divers et variés.

Il profite aussi d’une dalle offrant une belle résolution Full HD idéale pour profiter d’un grand espace de travail mais aussi de loisirs. Elle est ainsi d’autant plus adaptée à la lecture de vidéos HD qu’elle adopte un format 16/9ème et un traitement brillant qui fait ressortir les couleurs.

La carte graphique dédiée GeForce GT 630M est justement en mesure de lire sans souci des vidéos HD 1080p. Surtout, elle permet de s’adonner à pas mal de jeux de façon satisfaisante si l’on accepte de diminuer la résolution et/ou les niveaux de détails sous les titres les plus gourmands en ressources 3D. Pour rappel dans les jeux en effet, plus la résolution est élevée et plus le nombre de fps chute. Du coup, du 1920x1080 demande bien plus de calculs pour le GPU que du 1366x768.

Les 4 Go de mémoire vive et le processeur Core i5-2450M garantissent pour leur part de bonnes performances générales y compris en multitâches afin de satisfaire un maximum d’utilisateurs. Par la suite, l’utilisateur peut même augmenter la mémoire vive en ajoutant une barrette sur le slot RAM libre.

Enfin, ce portable intègre une connectique qui devrait satisfaire la plupart des utilisateurs avec ses ports audio et Ethernet, son module Wi-Fi n pour se connecter à distance sans-fil, ses sorties vidéos VGA et HDMI pour le relier à une TV ou un moniteur par exemple sans oublier ses 4 ports USB. Chargeur pour Asus X93SV L’un d’entre eux est plus précisément un USB 3.0 et si l’on y branche un périphérique USB 3.0, on obtient alors des transferts bien plus rapides qu’en USB 2.0.

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter comprend des versions limitées de Word et Excel. Il est cependant possible de bénéficier de toutes les fonctionnalités de la suite Office en achetant une carte d'activation (ou une version boite) auprès de Microsoft ou chez les revendeurs partenaires.

L’Asus X93SM-YZ124V se destine à ceux qui recherchent un portable polyvalent de grand format offrant une orientation multimédia.

C’est le cas de ce modèle équipé d’une dalle arborant un format 16/9ème bien adapté à la lecture de vidéos ainsi qu’un traitement brillant qui ravive les couleurs mais se montre en contrepartie sensible aux reflets. Surtout, il adopte une résolution Full HD idéale pour profiter d’un grand espace de travail et de loisirs.

Le Full HD est bien sûr très bien adapté à la lecture de vidéos HD 1080p et c’est tant mieux car l’unité optique embarquée est en mesure de lire les Blu-Ray, Chargeur Asus x93s médias en Haute Définition dont l’on peut donc tirer parti directement sur la dalle du portable.

Il est bien sûr possible de lire sans problème les Blu-Ray et vidéos HD grâce à la carte graphique dédiée GeForce GT 630M qui peut aussi prendre en charge pas mal de jeux si l’on accepte de faire des concessions en diminuant les niveaux de détails et/ou la résolution de l’écran sous les titres les plus exigeants en ressources 3D afin de conserver une bonne jouabilité. En effet dans les jeux, plus la résolution de l’écran est importante et plus le nombre de fps chute ce qui peut se traduire par un manque de fluidité. Ajuster la résolution permet donc généralement d’y palier.

Ce portable intègre également un disque dur offrant une belle capacité de 750 Go pour installer quantité de jeux et logiciels mais aussi y stocker de nombreux fichiers divers et variés.

Également au programme, une connectique à même de satisfaire bon nombre d’utilisateurs avec son module Wi-Fi n pour se connecter sans-fil à distance, ses ports audio et Ethernet, ses sorties vidéo HDMI et VGA pour relier facilement le portable à une TV ou un moniteur par exemple sans oublier ses 4 ports USB, tous compatibles USB 2.0 et USB 3.0. Cependant, si l’on branche un périphérique USB 3.0 sur l’USB 3.0 du PC, les transferts s’exécutent alors plus rapidement qu’en USB 2.0.

Enfin, ce portable délivre de bonnes performances générales y compris en multitâches grâce à son processeur Core i5-2450M Sandy Bridge et ses 4 Go de mémoire vive que l’on peut augmenter dans le futur au besoin grâce aux slots RAM libres. Ce duo est à même de satisfaire de nombreux utilisateurs en matière de performances.

Attached Thumbnails

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Book Thoughts: Lark Rising

  Posted by Mia K Rose in Mia K Rose | Forsaken Illusion, 20 April 2015 · 8 views

Have you had a chance to read this one? If so, what was […]



Warning! Gays Ahead!

  Posted by Rick Pieters in Room to Wonder, 20 April 2015 · 17 views

Dark Light is an urban sci-fi thriller. It's not LGBT fiction.  It does, however, have a protagonist who is gay. That, apparently, is cause for flashing red lights.

The book got a nice 4-star review on both Amazon and Goodreads. Goodreads chose to hide the review behind a click saying the review contained spoilers. I expected to read dead give-aways, but no. The spoiler they hid was, well, read it below.

"This book was intriguing... It was kind of a cross between over zealous holy men attempting to take over the town in an invasion of the body snatchers sort of way...
Carter (main character) comes home to help his ill father and help his sister run the family business. He is met by strange occurrences and unexplained accidents/deaths with some of the town residents.
The ghost of the previous owner of the house he's renting helps to guide him and his family on the right path to save themselves, the town and possibly the world.
**Just a note for prospective readers-Carter is gay, there are no overt sex scenes-but it is implied. (Emphasis mine.)
Overall a good book that keeps you intrigued until the end!"

And there you have it. Carter is gay. And, by the way, so is his partner, Robert. I get it. I guess. Or maybe not. How disturbing to get a few chapters into a book, be caught up in it, enjoying it, only to realize that guy you were liking is, gasp, gay! Quelle horreur!

But guess what. That was my intent. A not-purely-gay novel, mainstream even, where a gay person would be simply the protagonist, as if, uhm, it were, like, normal.

So, let's lay cards out, face up, with an excerpt. Carter comes home to find Robert has finally arrived:

Robert walked in and stopped, looked at the foyer, window, living room, and back at Carter standing against the opened door. "Nice house," he said, took Carter's head in his hands and pushed him against the door, fingers buried in his hair. Robert tilted Carter's head, moved close enough to mingle warm breaths, and their mouths and bodies pressed together.

Carter let himself go. For one moment, he didn't have to hold the world together. Like the first time Robert kissed him, the knee-buckling feeling overtook him, and Carter hooked his arms around Robert's shoulders to keep from sliding down the door.



The Summer Sisters Read Order

  Posted by Jean Oram in The Love Bug Blog, 20 April 2015 · 18 views

Which book do you read after Love and Rumors? Do you read Love and Dreams before you read Love and Trust, or do you read Love and Danger first?

No problem. I created a super quick video that shares a short bit about what each book is about, which couples star in which book, as well as which order to read the books. Complete with book covers!

And just for laughs…I left in where the GIANT snowflake gets me while recording the video. Welcome to Canada!


Don’t forget–you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more great videos!

P.S. Love and Rumors is now free everywhere!

Amazon US Amazon UK B&N iBooks Kobo Google Play

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CROWN OF ICE on NC Writers’ Network “Book Buzz”

  Posted by LucidDreamer in LucidDreamer's Blog, 20 April 2015 · 15 views

CROWN OF ICE is featured on the North Carolina Writers’ Network “Book Buzz”: http://ncwriters.org/2014-01-07-18-35-09/book-buzz  



Stay In The Moment

  Posted by From The Write Angle in From The Write Angle Blog, 20 April 2015 · 20 views

I had a long eventful weekend so this will be short and, hopefully, sweet.

I spent Saturday and Sunday managing the Society ofChildren's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) booth at the Los Angeles TimesFestival of Books. It went very well, and I'll blog more about that after I recover from the exhaustion.

On Sunday, I had to slip away from the festival to attend a memorial for a friend from my theatre days. It was a beautiful service that got me thinking and feeling. My friend was not only a successful actor, but also a fantastic person. He had two great kids who he and his wife raised to perfection. He took life as it came, with a pragmatic approach to solving life's problems.

Why do I bring this up here? As a reminder.

We artist of all disciplines sometimes get lost in our work. We can lose sight of what is important. In trying to hold up a mirror to life, we sometimes forget that we must also live. Our books, our paintings, our performances become important to others, but our lives are what are important to us.

Or, they should be.

Live well. Stay in the moment. 



Rejection Hurts!

  Posted by Joe Stephens in My Train of Thought, 20 April 2015 · 14 views

icre cream, cone, fail, mess, spill, sad, woman, girl, brunette, pavement, ground, people
Last Friday I asked for people who would like to review my newest book to leave a comment on this blog. The next day I heard from a couple of folks on Facebook that they had tried to comment but were not allowed. I thought maybe some others of you had the same problem. 

If you had this situation, I would appreciate it if you would let me know. I'm trying to find out what the problem is and just how widespread it is. If you would email me at trainguy917@gmail.com, it would be a great help. 

And don't forget--my newest book, Kisses and Lies, is available on Amazon. I'm working toward getting this, along with Shalan Adventure #1, Harsh Prey, into bookstores in the next couple months. Please also remember to come see me on May 16 for the launch party for K&L. There's plenty of information on my website, joestephenswrites.com



nike roshe run saldi & nike roshe run prezzo

Posted by songwenjie in songwenjie's Blog, 19 April 2015 · 24 views

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  Posted by SC_Author in SC Write--Writing, Publishing, and Harry Potter, 18 April 2015 · 29 views

Are you watching closely?

Yes, that’s right – Round 3 for Nestpitch2015 is here!

Over the coming days and weeks all Teams will be working with their authors to help them polish their submissions, but I can’t tell you too much; oh to hell with it, I don’t think Nikola Vukoja is watching, here are my Submission Picks!


Drum roll...


Wounds Heal, Scars Remain
Straw Salt Gold
Fairy God-Mother Boy
New Girl

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! You all know all about keeping on even if you're not picked. Contests are subjective. We passed over so many entries, even entries we loved. Don't worry if you're not picked.

On May 11th I will be posting each author’s entire Pitch but for now, it’s all hush-hush

You can find the first clues to the other pitches here (remove your blog from the list):

And you can also go to the Nestpitch Blogwhere you find a link to all the blogs as well as a complete Title, Category/Genre & Author list.

So; here we go, cone of silence may need to be enforced here! Oh wait! Before I go, come back before May 11thbecause that clever Nik is running Unmask the Agent again this year & I promise to update you on the details *there’s a $20Amazon Voucher up for grabs and you don’t need have submitted to Nestpitch, all you need is a bit of a detective spirit and to know your (our) agents!

COME ON OVER TO #TEAMONEBASKET!!! We're Twitter fun. Really. And thank you EVERYONE for submitting to Nest Pitch. 



First Five Frenzy with Rebecca Podos of Rees Literary Agency

  Posted by Amy Trueblood in Amy Trueblood's Blog, 17 April 2015 · 28 views

            If you’re like me, you toil for hours editing and fine-tuning the first pages of your manuscript. You look at the first lines to make sure they are compelling and tight.  You examine the next few paragraphs, hoping your MC’s voice is already taking hold of the reader.   The […]



Friday Freeday Ramblings

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses in The Writer Ambitious, 17 April 2015 · 21 views

Happy Friday!

I actually don't have a lot to say today, as far as I know.

Yesterday felt like Friday, so today feels like it doesn't truly exist.

I got toast crumbs in my Kindle. I had a microwaved egg for breakfast and am still working on the iced salted caramel coffee w/fat-free french vanilla creamer. Yesterday was Free Coffee Day at Wawa.

I weep for those who don't have a Wawa.

I queried two agents who have a 2-month waiting time. I want to be at least nearly-complete with my proposal before I query the third, the one who tells you to be prepared to submit those in case they accept you. I should probably look into marketing, but business stuff is so...I wasn't born with the wherewithal to care about it. Did writers in the past have someone who cared to do it for them? It's so foreign to me.

I'm thinking of getting another part-time job while I'm stuck in "This person is going to retire, and you'll get their job" Limbo. And when I think about it, I don't really want their job. I just want to 37.5 hours and benefits just in case the next president decides to take away the Affordable Healthcare Act without actually giving us a better option like they keep saying there is.

I actually feel like I--someone who almost never gets sick or injured--shouldn't really have to pay for a service I almost never use just in case I happen to need it in some nondescript day in the future, but...that's another rant.

A to Z is going well. I think I've already said how surprised/glad I am people like my simple theme.

I decided to jog/walk yesterday. My right ankle wants to know why.

I continue to declare that 2015 is my year. We'll see for what when we reach that bridge.

Have a good weekend!



Print Books Have Arrived!

  Posted by Deb Borys in Debra R. Borys, 15 April 2015 · 30 views

Originally posted on BOX OF RAIN: another STREET STORIES suspense novel:
You can now order print books of Box of Rain from your local bookstore, online, or get a signed copy directly from me.    



My Promoting Experiences

Posted by D. E. Jackson in Adventures of Wolf 4, 14 April 2015 · 43 views

It's what we all want to know about. How do I get noticed? How do I promote? Answer, wish I had one. But here is what I've tried so far.

Not very many Likes yet. It is open to the public, so anyone is able to take a look at it. Even those who don't have a Facebook account. It is slowing growing however, so perhaps I just need to be patient. I did hold a contest of which author photo everyone liked best. I invited everyone everywhere to come and Like my Page and vote. I have to say it went well and I got Likes from doing that.

I really enjoy this site. I do most of my blogging here, just started really, and I'm able to keep track of my reading progress and see what everyone else is reading. I think I might have a better following here if I work at it.

I really do enjoy my forums. Conversing with others, getting ideas, helping other writers, it's been great getting to know new people. There are also places to let people know about my book. Some are interested.

I don't have a Twitter account. I did, but I found it too much too quickly to be able to keep up with everyone and everything. I know I must get one however, for a starting author, it seems it's a must. Perhaps things are better from the last time I had one a couple years ago.

Book Trailer
I got a lot of views for my book trailer. Enough that I'm happy about it. :happy:

Making your own Brand
I just took notes on a video I found here on AQ from the site Whisky, Wine, and Writing with guest Meghan Engdahl. I found it very informative and thought I would share my notes here...

(These are notes I took from the video. Some are word for word. Others I’m paraphrasing.)

The goal of becoming a truly great brand is to become a verb. Example: Google is a company, yet when we want to look up something on the internet we say, I’ll Google it. (Of course that might be a bit harder as a writer. It’s just one example of a big brand almost everyone knows and how successful it has become.)

People choose brands based on perceptions.

Perceptions – are the ideas you own in people’s minds
You want to create a signal in people’s minds and own a perception of what you stand for.
So brands have two things:
  • Perceptions that you own.
  • Promises you can make to your consumer.
Think about when you’re writing a novel. What are the perceptions that you want to own? What do you want people to know about you, think about you, and have them say, “Oh yeah, he/she is “that” writer. They do “that” and it’s really amazing.”

So when people engage with you, what do you promise that their engagement is going to be like? Example: Fun and innovative
Think about Harley Davidson. They own the perception of rugged, manly, and almost this “don’t mess with me”, really great vibe of tough. The typical person who buys these bikes are usually a 45 year old white male accountant who wants the perception of rough and rugged and look like they could beat someone up.

So Harley Davidson has sold the perception that whatever you buy from them is going to make you rough and rugged, etc.

So it’s really important that the perceptions that you own and promises you make are going to be delivered at every single point of contact. That’s the key of making a really good impression and really strong stance with your brand. It can be the book that you’ve written, your bio, your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and be sure to be consistent every time you deliver it.

So how do you come up with the perception you want to make? There is an exercise you can do that will help. You make a Vin diagram with three circles. One circle for true, one for meaningful, and one for different/distinctive. Or could also make a list for each one.

True - Make a list of what is true about yourself as an author.

Your writing style, when you started writing, your genre, etc.

Meaningful - What is meaningful to your target audience? Make a list.

What do they want to hear in a book? What do they want to read? Does my book relate to my target audience? Did I write a book that will resonate with a 16 year old girl or a 30 year old married woman? (I am personally have a problem here. I wrote whatever came out of me. I had no control over it. Who is my target audience? I think it remains to be seen. But perhaps it's not an "age" group, but rather a "certain" group of people. For me, I think my target audience are fantasy readers, gamers, and metal heads.)

It can be very tricky trying to find the overlap of what is true to you and yet meaningful to your target audience and finding it is key. Do one of these also show up on your True list? (Match all the ones that do. These are the things you want.)

Different/Distinctive - What is different about you? What makes you different than the thousands of authors who also write in your genre? Make a list.

You might have something that’s different about you, but might not be meaningful to your target audience. Or you may have something meaningful and different, but not true to who you are. That will not do you any good. You must have all three.
This will ultimately take a lot of digging, hard work, and time to come up with all three. It’s also important to stay consistent once you find your brand and not change it. People want consistency, they like consistency, they like to know what they are going to expect going in.

An example of a brand that tried to change was Old Spice. Example: Old Spice vs Axe. Both are deodorants, both keep you from smelling bad, and both wanted the teenage boy market. Axe had something true, they had a great product, something meaningful, you’re going to the girl, and the way they advertised themselves was different.

Old Spice was… well… old. You come out smelling like an older man. They tried to change by bringing in a fun and funny guy, but the brand didn’t really resonate with the young teenage male market. The name itself says it’s for an older generation. “Old” Spice.

So stay consistent.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. Happy reading and writing! :happy:


celine handbags would guess that

Posted by kkojkkuiiuhu in kkojkkuiiuhu's Blog, 14 April 2015 · 26 views
celine handbags

SAP Needs Some Shai AgassiJust to add insult to injury in the recent shellacking SAP took in Oakland, former SAP VP Shai Agassi the man who would have been SAP's CEO now (or at least coCEO) if he had just waited patiently in line like a good boy has just been named 28th leading "global thinker" on the Second Annual Annual Top 100 celine bag List of Global Thinkers.
Therefore presumably he recommended it to SAP's boards along with a caution that Oracle would maybe/likely/probably sue SAP. Also according to published reports, Agassi estimated in an email that IT investment analysts would quickly figure out that this idea would hurt Oracle future earnings so much that its market valuation would plummet because the big profits in enterprise software are on the services side of the income statement. (In reality, investment analysts yawned at the idea and although I have not read the transcripts and filings I celine handbags would guess that back in 20062007, SAP's boards would have spent no more time thinking about this idea than on the annual SAP paperclip budget.)
So that was the "global thinking" part of the TomorrowNow idea. I admired what Agassi was doing at the time with the SAP NetWeaver business. It was similarly wide in scope and potentially gamechanging for the enterprise software market. SAP's middleware business quickly but quietly passed the billiondollar mark. The thinking was outside the box (shame on me) even if the TomorrowNow fiasco led to some inside the buoy sailing.
As I said, I haven't studied the transcripts. Please correct me if the public record says I'm If Agassi personally was involved in the subsequent TomorrowNow operations (he says he was not), including the illegal downloading of Oracle software to which SAP has admitted and about which SAP executives have admitted knowing post acquisition, then the whole global thinker thing takes on a different dimension.
[Side note: From an Celine IT perspective, working through the list to Shai you also find Amazon's (NASDAQ:AMZN) Jeff Bezos and Apple (OTC:APPL) cofounder Steve Jobs, and the Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Boys.

[Second side note: Speaking of shellackings, President Obama came in at number three after Buffet/Gates at number http://www.celinehandbagse.com/ 1 and the leaders of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. In golf, that would put Obama in fifth place instead of third but apparently the rules are different in foreign policy.]


Spring Optimism

  Posted by Jemi in Just Jemi, 13 April 2015 · 26 views

Camp NaNoWriMo is here and I've pitched my tent and am camping out for the month. While we still have piles of hardened snow in our front and back yards, we also have these popping up, so spring is finally on the way!

After piecing together my last draft and doing a round of revisions, I needed to let it sit for a bit, so it's a perfect time for NaNo.

I've set my goal at 30k for the month, but I'm already over 20k, so I know I won't have any trouble meeting it.

This story is a companion novel to the previous draft and another in my potential Bloo Moose series. I feel like I'm finally making progress incorporating conflict into my stories, and the last 3 stories will hopefully be publishable after a few more rounds of revisions and edits.

Maybe it's just spring making me optimistic, or the excitement of NaNo, but I feel I'm becoming a stronger writer and hoping I'll have the confidence to put those stories out there when they're ready!

How about you, is spring making you optimistic too? Or am I the only delusional one around here?


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