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Older love interests in YA: Creepy trend or human nature?

Posted by Selene Bell in Confessions of a Binge Reader, 30 July 2014 · 24 views

The vampire men of romance novels have always been older than the women they hook up with. (That’s true of other paranormal males, too, of course. Thea Harrison’s Dragos, for example, or Lora Leigh’s original breeds.) I don’t think many readers questioned it. Lots of women end up with older men in real life -- my husband is nine years older than I am. I think it’s a leftover instinct from our hunter-gatherer days or something. Women are often attracted to powerful men, talented men who know what they’re doing and who are financially stable. And it often seems a fact that men mature more slowly than women, thus women look to older men. Yes, that’s a ton of stereotypes I just threw out there (studies like
this one and this one support those ideas) and there are plenty of books where the love interests are the same age, and more and more books where the woman is older.

But when Twilight came out, and Edward was sneaking into Bella’s room to watch her sleep before she knew it, it kind of hit me (and scores of other readers) that this January-December romance might be a little squicky. (Not to diss that book. I liked it when I read it.) It seems in the years since that a bigger number of YAs or New Adult novels have paired teen girls with older men, often teachers. To name just a few, Pretty Little Liars, Slammed, the darker and less-well-read Captive in the Dark and Veiled Innocence (which was a nice turnaround of the girl being the aggressor). That’s not to get into the paranormals, such as The Vampire Academy books. Even with their leading lady who pushed boundaries, she still went for the traditional hero. (Which I’m not complaining about. Dmitri. Happy sigh.) The guys in these books are great. I’m not saying the girls shouldn’t have been all in.

But then there’s the side of life books don’t get into. Grocery shopping. Paying rent. Being so tired after work that all you want to do is come home and crash on the couch. The guy’s whiskers left all over the sink. Things that decidedly are not sexy. I mean, I crazy-ship Beth and Daryl in the TV version of The Walking Dead, despite their age difference. But in real life, if there was not a zombie apocalypse, Daryl wouldn’t be some heroic boyfriend for Beth who’d do things like remember her birthday, go to her performances or care about her friends. Of course, love makes squicky things, like watching you sleep, romantic.

I don’t know, I’m a huge believer in willing suspension of disbelief, and I’ve loved lots of older-man characters. (My WIP has a — I’ll say love possibility instead of love interest — who’s seven or eight years older than the seventeen-year-old MC. He’s a police officer.) But the biggest time this age difference doesn’t work for me is when the man’s the teacher. That’s a pairing that’s so imbalanced power-wise that I just can’t get behind it. Why? I’m not sure. I love it when bad-on-paper pairings work out. I like dark romances. But the person who is supposed to challenge you to learn new things and assign homework shouldn’t want something, especially sex, in exchange -- no matter how meeting-of-the-minds the connection is made out to be. He’s getting paid to teach you and he sees you every day in an environment in which the age difference — the life difference — is emphasized. It’s a time in which teen girls need to learn to relate to men in a nonsexual way, or they will always be seen and see themselves as a walking vagina first, and a smart, thoughtful person second. That’s the worst life lesson a girl can get. So I don’t find teachers sexy. In fact, teacher romances have become an immediate turn-off for me. Like books with surprise babies, they need warning labels.

Maybe the other part of why it doesn’t work for me is the tone of the books. I mean, I can read a book about a guy who kidnaps a woman and they fall in love, or a pair of lovers who kill someone together, or a guy who falls in love with the girl he bullies, and never blink. It’s the treatment. When you read a book that’s dark, you expect dark things to happen. When you read a book that sets out to include a sincere romance, dark things seem out of place.

And, I still think paranormals (and probably dystopians, too) exist in their own special place where age doesn’t matter. (Go Daryl and Beth!) Call me contradictory.


Wednesday Words: 18 Things

  Posted by DebsBlueRoses in The Writer Ambitious, 30 July 2014 · 11 views

Good morning! Every Wednesday, I will use Random.org to pick a page of the book I'm reading and a line or two and post it. I was still reading Talulla Rising last Wednesday, but I finished it (that book was AWESOOOOME!), so I'm about to start a book that's been in my Goodreads for 2 years (blush), 18 Things. Here is the blurb:

Olga Gay Worontzoff thinks her biggest problems are an awful name and not attending prom with Conner, her best friend and secret crush since kindergarten.

Then, Conner is killed in a freak boating accident and Olga feels responsible for his death.

When she downs an entire bottle of pills to deal with the emotional pain, her parents force her into counseling. There, her therapist writes a prescription in the form of a life list titled “18 Things”: eighteen quests to complete the year of her eighteenth birthday.

But there’s more to Olga’s quests than meets the eye and when her therapist reveals a terrifying secret, her world is shaken.

There’s only one thing she knows for certain: her choices won’t just affect her future, but all eternity.

And a big thank you to Jamie Ayres for sending me a copy!

Now, there are 246 pages to 18 Things, and I'm reading it on a Kindle with percentages...So let's see what happens. lol

Random.org has given me Page 198, which is 80.4% into the story.

And there are 17 lines on the 80% area where I stopped, so...Random.org gave me line 17!

"If I would've known your parents weren't home, I would've invited Mom and Dad in to take some pictures for us."

And now I'll force myself not to read everything around it just yet!



W.O.W. – Writer Odyssey Wednesday with Christina Lee

  Posted by Amy Trueblood in Chasing The Crazies , 30 July 2014 · 13 views

    I was lucky enough to meet today’s featured writer, Christina Lee, at the Romantic Time (RT) Convention in May of this year. What struck me most about Christina was her kindness (especially when I peppered her with all sorts of writing questions) but also her honesty in sharing the ups and downs of publishing. I […]



What is Sad Humor?

  Posted by Professor VJ Duke in The Punchy Lands!, 30 July 2014 · 6 views

I think this professor promised to do a post about Sad Humor.

It’s a wonder of a topic, in truth.

For…what is it?

Well…here’s some thoughts.

One, Sad Humor could be humor that’s sad in nature, but still makes one laugh. Maybe Pathetic Humor would be a better phrase for this type of Sad Humor.

Two, Sad Humor could be humor that is so low–so base–that it makes one cringe. “This,” you might say, “was horribly sad humor.” It’s just not funny, you see.

Three, Sad Humor could be humor that makes you sad after you hear it. Here’s an example: Suppose an ant is invading the professor’s home, and the professor crushes him in self-defense. This is funny at first, because the ant’s invasion failed so miserably. It’s ultimately sad, though, because the invasion didn’t bloom into a war. (Maybe not the best example.)

Four, Sad Humor could be something this professor just made up.

Punchy Family, I fear that I’m leaning towards the last one. Any thoughts on the matter?

Just a picture: A bunch of fish going to school.





  Posted by Michelle4Laughs in Michelle4Laughs: It's in the Details, 30 July 2014 · 11 views

So the other day I used the hashtag #amimagining. I have no idea if this is actually a thing, but it should be! There are tags for #amwriting and #amediting, even #amquerying. Why not a tag for the most important aspect of the whole writing process.

Without that time spent letting our minds roam, none of our creations would come to life. We need time to dream, time to plan. Letting our imagination run wild is the best way to fill our invented worlds with real details and make our characters larger than life. 

I don't know about you, but I often hold whole conversations in my head between multiple characters as though I were schizophrenic. Create flowery descriptions of places I've never seen. Or plot misery and suffering for my main character. Then I'll frantically text information not to be forgotten to myself or jot it down on scraps of paper pushed into drawers in my bedroom.

Background music is a necessity for me, though any sort of talking brings my #amimagining to a screeching halt. I can't work with the tv going or when my teens are chattering. For me, #amimagining requires solitude or at least silence from the other person.

The absolutely best time for me to plan a murder, kiss, or sword fight is while I'm getting ready in the morning. Then when I come downstairs, I can rush straight to writing--if I'm lucky. If I can stay awake, the time before sleep is also great for #amimagining. Taking the dogs for a long walk is the perfect place to work out plot problems. And vacuuming is not only relaxing and useful, but fantastically creative!

So let's have a conversation about the wonders of #amimagining. What are your requirements? Where do you get your best thinking done? Shout out about it on twitter and in the comments. Let's see if we can't get this hashtag trending!    



But the music is still new

Posted by cifulchae1499 in cifulchae1499's Blog, 29 July 2014 · 11 views

In addition to Nike, Adidas, Converse mall as well as Discount Stores, Discount Stores, Li Ning, Anta seasonal discount stores, discount stores and the Disney Stores Peak. Pick and Disney neglected to say, we are interested in visiting Kazakhstan gram sub Anta seasonal shops can also right, in general, and Cimenkou Discount almost no cheap shoes online, 67% off, the way clothes are about 6 fold , sub shop is relatively large, multi-choice, but the style is not too nice. Shoes are also a lot of old models. 123 GuoZiHao brand, also known China's brand femme chaussures asics for many years among the hundred counties in the top ten. Jinjiang in footwear, clothing and other traditional manufacturing-based economic structure is relatively extensive. With the advent of the global financial crisis era, Jinjiang private economy also suffered quantity type development bottleneck in the new situation, private enterprises in Jinjiang how to continue to maintain strong economic vitality, how to take measures to meet the challenge, not only for the business itself and also how will Chinese private enterprises learn to play the role of the financial crisis after the era of spend. Fight again, Johnson has become the victims. KD scored 24 points and 4 assists and 2 blocks, just to become the Nets background. In the second quarter, he led the team to the force, the team scored 33 points in one fell swoop the advantages of 15-point lead. Currently, the defense forces building in countries alone independent defense industry has been difficult to support many vital military high technology, such as computers, semiconductors, communication is mainly driven by civilian needs. The recent local wars also shows that increasing the cost of the war, the dependence on the overall strength of the national economy is growing, military and civilian development strategy is the inevitable choice. Currently, the U.S. But Ancelotti is likely to White Real Madrid, Kaka Italians are horses. Kaka has indicated recently that he hoped for at least another year validity Higuain at Real Madrid is one of the signings of Juventus target Bianconeri CEO Marotta today confirmed that he will be in a week and Florencio Tarantino will interview Higuain transfer. Marotta claimed buy Tevez, Higuain harder than buying, because of the greater age of the latter and the contract only last season. Juve senior's remarks were seen as a means of lower prices Higuain of Real Madrid for the price of 25 million euros, the price tag is not outrageous, but Juventus still do not intend to pay the full sum of asics gel speedstar 5 mens money. According to Turin Sports Daily, said Juventus want to take the head as Lichtsteiner gave Real Madrid. Real Madrid is indeed a lack of good right back Arbeloa not assists, Ramos were fixed in the middle Aspen Today pointed out, Adidas hopes to help Flamengo get Kaka. Neymar signed Nike, Adidas, which makes the lack of a sufficient commercial value of the star in Brazil. Taking into account Kaka at Real Madrid has been the bench, Adi willing to pay to help Flamengo get Kaka, in order to further develop the Brazilian market by Kaka. But Ancelotti is likely to White Real Madrid, Kaka Italians are horses.


Bella strategic layout of the Asian markets

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Playing games is a diagram happy, happy kind of different, some brush chart diagram passion, some chart PK stimulation, some dating bar chart. My map is like raising children, planting trees a class. Is watching their numbers gradually become poor by refugees become civilians again become well-off and then again into small Tyrant Tyrant again become a great attitude, like this, in fact I do not like brushing chart, is not keen PK. Senior Lecturer Taobao network operators training center founded by the University of Taobao good Marshal on the microblogging said, this finished on evaporation one dollar trading, there is indeed use low prices to attract buyers, obtain personal information seriously risk in a 1 yuan spike Jackets page, reporters repeatedly tried Messenger chat tool to contact the owner and ask the delivery time and other issues. On the product pages, the words Want burst, customer service busy, a direct shot, Self shipped without consulting and other words, asics gel speedstar 5 mens five days later, reporters think of entering the transaction page, find the store had been people go shop empty To ask the seller from the mouth of the user information to sell this thing basically impossible. They do it themselves inherently high-risk industries, tight-lipped, but the information collected by the buyer to resell online shopping platform, which has become an industry recognized gray industry. This Home and Garden video tutorial shows how to deal with fire ants in the garden. This video is from Danny Lipford. These fire ants have been travelling fast and are spreading rapidly throughout the USA. Adi King Chinese trademark and LOGO free transfer Adidas? After saddled with the message cottage king accusations started, and almost miraculously hit a billion profit, more recently, under the king in Quanzhou brand asics gel kinsei pas cher Adidas Adi 5 years of infringement proceedings offensive reconciliation of success, while the other side Adidas denied reconciliation. Recently, the reporter Adi King Lynx flagship stores and other online channels found Adi King LOGO has disappeared from the media reports showed the king with Adidas Adi agreement mainly includes two aspects: First, the defendant Adi Wang (including dealers , regional agents, stores) may not continue to use the trademark contains Adi Adi Wang and Wang triangle mark LOGO logo on the product, packaging, promotional materials; Second, since April 7, all the shops Adi king shall arise triangle mark and the words Adi King, if there is need for compensation of 300 million. Subsequently, the reporter login Adi Wang flagship store in Lynx saw its brand identity in English only adivon appears, although there are still some of the goods to sell on the triangle LOGO, but the Adi King brand is no longer the words appear.


Because she was on the ground slippery fall apart coccyx

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Exam one night, while playing Guangzhebangzi 80 points, while watching the next exam questions. The results of the first test of the court quoted Jiangsu third. Alarmed by provincial police recruitment meeting, actually no visual requirements, they reported the police a quarter 061,999 in July, carrying students used adidas bag, came to report to the army for five-story building. Nike's director of communications in recent Zhu Qian come forward to clarify: on Liu Xiang shoes can improve performance of 0.02 seconds argument, belongs misinformation. Accurate to say that Liu Xiang's jersey displayed in asics gel saga pour homme the test, because it is designed to effectively reduce drag, so the distance of 100 meters, can provide faster speed of nearly 0.02 seconds Zhu Qian said that before Nike Liu Xiang's injury has understanding, but in the case of an injury resulting in out of the race today also unexpected. Nike athlete signed a long-term cooperation, Liu Xiang Nike is always proud of this event indicates understanding out of the race after the incident, Nike produced an immediate redeployment of print ads, to express feelings about the event. From product sample we don't buy cars every day but. The cars really the place where we can see a lot of Johnson in the next year to. Right the cup holder now you know. For example, in 2007, in 12 industries in Guangzhou, the textile industry reached 64.698 million tons of fresh water, after electricity, heat industry, and its wastewater discharge volume reached 53.214 million tons, ranking first in the industry , more than 2.8 times the second paper. Wastewater discharge its yuan output value reached 1.274 million yuan, ranking second rubber products than we are also 8.7 times higher. In the survey, we see part of Zara suspected suppliers with environmental violations, including complaints from the local people, the direct discharge of untreated wastewater section, was named one of the typical local environmental law cases, as well as due to clean up wastewater pond accidents resulting in casualties, etc., as one of the world's largest fashion retail company, on its website declaring that in good faith to establish contact with a wide range of stakeholders and society; interests of continuing with the previously mentioned parties and social organizations engage in dialogue; Finally, the overall business activity to transparency, particularly sustainable development strategy should be transparent. What people don understand though is the meta is more than builds and traits. Its gameplay skill. You can have all the asics gel kinsei 5 femme pas cher meta gear and meta traits and still totally suck in a dungeon. Brodde say, this concept has been widely accepted by all countries, including China. Consumers should put pressure on these brands to make the final choice of alternatives. Last year, including Nike, Puma and other companies have pledged to take action to remove the products of harmful chemicals.


Body all have strict requirements Adidas shoes

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In 2002, the Kailuan developed a corporate strategy, is the country's coal enterprises development strategies of the earliest newspaper reporter access to the transition year Kailuan idea: First, foreign expansion, possession of resources; Second, the creative industries, such as the development of historical sites , coal and electricity integration, etc.; Third, cross-regional, cross-industry, cross-ownership, cross-border operations. But until 2007, has been the development of a five-year transition, and no significant improvement, the proportion of the total economy from the coal industry is still as high as 72, an industry dominant and the slow development of non-coal industry has not been able to solve the problem. Status practical needs of transition and transformation progress stark contrast. With one more mutual topic to discuss, running the marathon together has deepened the bond that the couple share. Have more time together the car when travelling to the racecourse where we train and back, and one more common subject to talk about. This is one of the things that I think has motivated her to run this year, besides wanting to keep fit, Ramesh tells me excitedly. Zhang found the store, the staff said the warranty period has expired, the very fact that you can do to identify the quality inspection departments. When Ms. Zhang to do to identify quality inspection departments, quality control department, said the shoes warranty period has expired, you can not issue a test report. Wu Jun said Dian remind the industry, in fact, bought the consumer to bear the cost of the license plate, the purchase price is just part of it. In order to curb the phenomenon of speculation license plate, authorities set up a few plates tenure threshold - the original car should either scrapped; later bought cars need maintenance to pass inspection, but no less a point to pay their maintenance fee , to pay compulsory asics gel kinsei 4 femme pas cher insurance, travel tax ...... In the support this car broken car three years later, before they can apply for scrap old cars, old license transfer. Media Grantland advice from everyone, it seems more likely Durant Kobe style. In fact, Bryant also said privately: Durant is a 6-foot-11-inch me. In this year's playoffs in the West, they have had the opportunity to fight face to face several times, and finally, the Thunder had the last laugh But asics gel lyte 3 femme pas cher Bryant with five rings aura, was still highly respected position in the play from the point of view, Durant also like Kobe Bryant.


But still followed the family has one thousand

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GDP combination Spurs are caught shooting crisis yesterday, Duncan 5 of 15 shots, 12 shots 6 Parker, Ginobili 5 asics gel saga pas cher 1 vote, but more important is the other role players do not contribute more energy. Rebounds survival was first Thunder pressure off, even as many as 21 turnovers. Popovich hope that this failure is a lesson that can re-energize the players on the champion's desire and energy. Different from the Beijing Olympics were nine sponsors, the London Olympics, only seven sponsors. UPS is the only one which has become a two-time Olympic host country sponsor companies. This sequence, the figure is still no host nation China's third-level sponsorship program is the host nation providers, there is no distinction between the national sponsor of the sequence of history. Compared to China's placement of straightforward and without intelligence, so placement is more accepted and recognized by the audience, Big Bang in China assembling a large number of fans. The emergence of lactose milk will quickly lead to Chinese fans watching. In media interviews, said the U.S. Nike Suzhuobozi aside absently hum ha ha promised. The Chinese named Zhang Lanzhen mother, was a very simply agile middle-aged women. Nike was in the same restaurant with the chef, the difference is Nike doing Indian, Zhang Lanzhen cook Chinese food. 4 reviews Serving Upper Roxborough and Andorra, the Shawmont School is asics gel noosa tri 9 homme pas cher a K 8, coeducational institution within the School District of Philadelphia. Students from the school consistency achieve higher test scorers than peers throughout the city. In addition to standard curriculum, the school prides itself on its diverse musical offerings. Greenpeace pollution prevention projects with the main Renzhang Kai said, is discharged into rivers, lakes and oceans of these toxic and hazardous substances NPE, will be converted into more toxic chemicals interfere with the endocrine system NP (nonylphenol). NP is recognized worldwide environmental hormone. Studies have shown that even low concentrations of this substance emissions, but also very hazardous Zhang Kai: It is persistent and bioaccumulative. According to media reports, since 2009, Johnson & Johnson products were recalled in 25 countries, but these are basically the recall does not involve China, its improved product sales only in some developed countries Britain, Japan and so on. Face of challenge, Johnson & Johnson said their products fully comply with China's national standards, so do not recall related products. Some foreign car manufacturers find product recall when there is a security problem, it is often not the country included, for the same reason is exactly the same: products meet Chinese specifications.


But there are different points of view

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The difference is the color changed from the traditional black and white body gold, decorated with black and white color. Only the final order to use golden goal Teamgeist. And golden goal Teamgeist very limited number of global distribution, can be said to be a limited number of adidas Golden Ball Teamgeist;. Just enter the market for a brand, freshness is essential, of course, optimistic Sagittarius Capricorn Capricorn Capricorn positive attitude: scrawny body, there is a strong will to climb cliffs endurance, on behalf of the symbols in earnest with a goat head and beard, in fact, represent Capricorn is a goat, and the goat had a personality that is very tough and hard-working animals Nike: NIKE this name, in the eye of the West was very lucky, easy to read and easy to remember. Nike trademark symbolizes the Greek goddess of victory wings of feathers, representing the speed, but also represents the dynamic and gentle. Nike Nike's trademark, design is a small hook, concise style, acute, such as lightning, to see people think of speed after using the Nike sports goods produced by Aquarius Aquarius and explosiveness Brilliance Auto Brilliance Auto. More conservative estimate, these activities involve advertising endorsements will exceed $ 500 million. It is reported that Liu Xiang endorsement of several brands before giant has produced a large number of advertising plans Aug. 18 Liu first race from start running, involving television, newspaper, outdoor, Internet and other media platforms. In addition, he also the 17th in Quarry Bay for the first time respond to the attacks. He said there were some reports detail the existence of an inappropriate place. At that time, the hardware store staff extortion 100,000 Hong Kong dollars as a venue fee, but the cast members rejected his request. O'Meara offered in Germany and also the United Kingdom, and has also worked in the Far East with the Brigade of Gurkhas. Upon making the Army, she required her skills within m . O'Meara dished up in Germany as well as the United Kingdom, and has in addition worked in the Distance with the Brigade of Gurkhas. 3, watching fitness videos workout - the most suitable person lifestyle is not fixed this method is relatively simple, steady type belongs. Looking at the screen, followed by fitness exercise videos, immersive realism. Benefits: easy, can begin at any time after the home. But the fact that Nike foundry work overtime phenomenon increased rather than decreased, over two percent of Nike foundry weekly working hours over 60 hours. According to Nike's standard workweek at 60 hours was excessive overtime, the number of Nike foundry excessive overtime in fiscal year 2007 the proportion of all manufacturing enterprises is 20% more than in fiscal year 2008 to 22% in fiscal 2009 further increased to 2409 fiscal year, Nike total global foundry business is 618, as of June 1, 2009, Nike total of 136 foundries in nike stefan janoski pas cher China. Therefore, there are claims that Nike sold worldwide in every three pairs of shoes from Chinese manufacturers Nike have a pair admit asics gel saga pas cher sometimes its Chinese OEM factories require workers to excessive overtime, in limited circumstances, to allow time to work over 240 hours a month short .


By a separate team of operators

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My phone is the Motorola W220, the U.S. Company producing the model in China. Although lithium Korean goods, but the text on the back it says Assembled in China. Thus, in September 2006, Li Ning sponsored the Sudan signed track and field team. And after last January outs Olympic sponsor, Li Ning sponsored significantly increased the pace of foreign delegations. January, March and June, Li Ning Basketball successively and Argentina, Spain, Sweden and the IOC to establish a cooperative relationship acuity after Li Ning is the foresight of the Erke. With Imprecise Chips to the Artificial Brain May 16, 2014 Which circuits and chips are suitable for building artificial brains using the least possible amount of power? A surprising finding: Constructions that use not only digital but also analog compact . Marine Corps personnel prepare for and recover from stressful combat situations. The study suggests . By then, there will be a number of NBA (microblogging) game scouts to inspect if Wangzhe Lin outstanding performance, is expected to impress the scouts, paving the way for their future into the NBA Nike Summit has entered into the 15th, the intention of this summit is to talented young players from around the world to provide a better stage. Participate in the 2012 Nike Summit players except Wangzhe Lin, there Canadian high school star Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett Canada, Croatia 达里奥萨里奇 and other potential players Wangzhe Lin is the eighth player to participate in this event China . As early as 1996, Wang had participated in this event, then Wang on behalf of the international team played, scored 6 points and 6 rebounds 1 blocks; 2004, Yi Jianlian also participate in this event, the United Arab scored seven points and eight rebounds; In 2006, Kyrgyzstan microblogging. Tomorrow we will leave Hong Kong, today is the last day is the day we went to Disneyland to play, such as Disneyland when we arrived we stayed in Hong Kong, the weather actually cleared up, but unfortunately when it starts looking cloudy, no The weather put on a good sun hat, the mood is the same hearty as the sky. Taking advantage of fewer people, we played a game Winnie the Pooh, we are obedient hands on the trophy I still misses picking up some cosmetics to help orange asics gel kinsei a friend, to leave paradise, take the subway to Tung Chung, Hong Kong people here call the tube East Chong, there is a Citygate Outlets, have anti-Kee Di Puma and other sports stores, as well as Colombia and other outdoor stores, as well as Klaus slippers stores, as well as Samsonite luggage stores, as well as Salsa and Fortress, the price is a lot cheaper back paradise indeed, looked after spray parade, the family looked Mickey Turn of Century Classics and The Lion King celebrations, which are to Disneyland two years ago we have not seen, this will make Toy Story is back at base camp, we asics gel noosa tri 8 pas cher and Zhang a rendezvous. Two children play in the water and ran along Grizzly Gulch, has been to see the fireworks when dabble in Grizzly Gulch, there are two little boys play in the water, we look at these two little girls are pulling the rope, then watching the water rushing stream, then rushed from the curtain courage in the past, followed by a loud scream, laugh and run away, and then try it, the cycle was estimated to be like the kind of excitement, fun feeling.


But he seems simply thought that

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Is inserts printing expensive? No! Inserts printing is very affordable and even dirt cheap if you know how to pick your printing options. Decent quality large inserts can be had for as low as $100 for 250 pieces of large full color inserts. You can cheapen this to only $35 dollars if you pick smaller sized inserts with standard quality inks and paper materials. Among the initial quote, Li Ning and Anta reason why prices have been breaking 100 million to spend such a high price, which must be justified. Anta look turnover in recent years can be discerned, when early 2004 collaboration with the CBA, the year they recorded a turnover of 310 million, respectively, after several years of price: 670000000, 1250000000, 2980000000, 4630000000, 5870000000, until the 2011's 8.9 billion. At this rate, almost every year at times turned to Li Ning to rise, according to its internal high-level sources, on a number of their best selling basketball shoes. Anta declined to disclose the specific amount of sponsorship, but still by comparison Glimpse 12. At the Beijing Olympics, Adidas has paid a total of $ 60,008,000 thousand. The industry generally believes that the four-year package Anta large orders, the amount of no less than this figure This means that this sponsorship costs account for the proportion of total sales amount ANTA will be up to 14?%. Enrich people's spiritual and cultural life of the people to enjoy a healthy rich spiritual and cultural life, is building a moderately prosperous society in an important part asics gel saga pas cher of popularization of scientific knowledge , the spirit of science, raise the scientific literacy. Extensive fitness campaign to promote mass sports and sports-round development. So in 1995, Kevin Garnett in the first round of the NBA draft to fifth overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves selected. After entering the NBA, although only 99 kg of body weight, but because Garnett reached 2.08 meters tall, so he had on the field with some of the superstars in the paint confrontation. Malone, Kemp, Weber, Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwon have suffered enough to let him, but he was still afraid to face the wall Timberwolves general manager O'Neill was in the office painted two lines, one with the ground distance is 2.10 m, and another is 2.14 meters from the ground. Land can also be understood as the cover out of the house, the cost per square meter of land included in the price. Construction cost is relatively stable part of the room rate, which is the cost of housing construction and housing facilities and equipment installation costs for short. The development of real estate taxes and administrative expenses, mainly produced in the planning, built, pre-sales and other aspects of State of the Union (or his policy speech) from the U.S., the government work report is derived from the Soviet government, even before the establishment of the Soviet government as early as According to the survey had begun prototype data shows that housing prices after deducting the cost of profit margins, housing prices in 65 samples collected 12.1 percent, having high? For example, according to nike dunk sb pas cher WIND IT statistics show that the average gross profit margin in the first quarter of 2013 the ten most profitable industry over 50%, which ranks the liquor industry ranked first in the top ten securities industry.


But the details of the play it is actually not much applauded

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Team to play the advantages of speed and athletic ability, can still win the battle: the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the U.S. Team in fact only one pure center Howard; 2010 World Championships, Chandler is only nominally starting in the 5th position the longest playing time, but rather in the NBA playing better at the perimeter Odom's more, in today's Team USA, there asics gel kinsei 5 homme pas cher are many players can a guest inside. Coach K has confessed and Anthony, let him appear in the center position, James will put his fabulous comprehensiveness from the NBA Finals to the Olympics so some funny but true dialogue: an ignorant American reporter, In that James would ask the emperor at the time of the London guest center: ? LeBron, do you remember what time the last play center is the right thing, James replied: Do you remember your last look at basketball, what When the idea? '. And it is this: in states where tax credits are not presented, the ZEV discount disappears to. That means soon after the federal tax credit score, which does not kick till you femme chaussures asics file your earnings taxes the subsequent yr, the value of your Feel Town is $28,995. A cursory appear at the web site revealed that "Thelma" was offered, featuring a black paint career. Met dinner, went to a small restaurant near the road pony, dishes personality, environment quite petty. Now, however, to choose noodle, restaurants and a few small, Guangyuan Road, also the demolition. Estimated that in the near future, the rise of a high-rise in turn, sent what use is unclear, but certainly not a small noodle shop, a small restaurant when the morning rush hour in the subway car, saw little of the delicate white-handedly leaving makeup brand bag in one hand and carrying a lunch box, and my heart glad - fortunately I have a canteen units. Early in the game after the All-Star starting lineup announced that the voice of reason Durant has an absolute all-star lineup on the already overwhelming. Although the final failure in the competitive Western fore, but with the Rookie of the Year is a wonderful play tells us a good gap and a second-year player between quasi-all-star players in the end how the audience voted 25 17 Rookie Tournament history to get the maximum 46 points, Durant MVP trophy will be no suspense income of the bag. And he is not simply in the field to attack the basket, several teammates enough to explain its overall performance. When Cheng arrived, mall staff are busy warehouse drainage, a piece of clothing, shoes were brought out, most of the water, according to security ticking Master Li recalled, about 3:00 in the afternoon, after his patrol to counter Cheng, find a corner seepage. Inspection found that the water is Cheng warehouse ceiling sprinkler system started. Master Li flung open the doors and found the foot of water has passed.


Judgement is still in the hands of God

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Insiders are prohibited from trading based on non public information

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Looking around the country, many contemporary sports brand presence orders fell, inventories, profits fall in pressure. By participating in the Olympic Games, such as Nike, Adidas name for themselves as to achieve a significant jump in sales, many companies expect. However, the success of the process before Walker has been accumulated, the Olympic strategy is just one of the accelerator. Step by step is required. Former national women's distance running coach Tao Shaoming coach said, for the primary runners, it is recommended every day to adhere to 3-6 km jogging. Once a week was two kilometers faster practice enough, more will be counterproductive if you have ran some time, and ready to run a 5 km mini-marathon, runners want to challenge good grades, once a week 30 minutes of varied pace, time interval running, according to their characteristics to be adjusted. In many cities, each store plethora be confusing. But I always have such a question: how many of these clothes is really, how much is false. Where printed with MIDE IN CHINA how people are less able to accept, not to mention those of brand-name clothing. And the treatment, which is not complicated or extensive, is the same for everybody from kids to grandparents.It all starts with the kneecap. In a perfect world, it rides up and down in the V shaped groove just behind it as you walk, run, or cycle. More typically, though, your foot rolls in, or pronates, as you move from heel strike to toe off, and the kneecap ends up scraping along one side of the groove instead of sliding smoothly up and down the middle. April 12, this reporter went to Nanjing West Road is located within Jialin Jie outdoor sports brand's own stores, outdoor clothing to see where the main spring and summer, beautiful colors, style is quite complete, except for outdoor sports , but also suitable for daily wear. From the price, a spring jacket in price from a few hundred to a thousand dollars and called Kroceus then looks relatively unknown brand. The brand's Chinese name is thought Kono repair, meaning earth colors. For this season, Derek Fisher, the twists and turns. nike free 5.0 v4 femme pas cher During the lockout, featuring the players union president, he is outside the focus of attention, while mid-season, he became the Lakers bargaining chip, even though he helped the Grand Army of five championships. Fisher eventually signed with the Thunder. Limit my search to /r/leagueoflegendsuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. My masteries for this setup is 9/21 and my runes are pretty interesting. I take AD Quints, SplitPen nike free 3.0 v4 pas cher Reds, Armor Yellows, and scaling ap blues.


Blog Ring of Power Interview — Matthew Cox and his new book, CALLER 107

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Today I welcome back speculative fiction author Matthew Cox. Matt has been featured on the Blog Ring of Power before, but he has a new book out, so welcome him again! Also, the Blog Ring of Power is happy to be part of the official blog tour for Matt’s new book, CALLER 107! You can find the other […]



Successful Author Talk With S.L. Duncan

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Today's guest for the SAT (Successful Author Talk) is an old writing friend, SL Duncan. He's a writer and traveler seeking stories from inspired locations - a connection of prose to place. The first book of his YA book series, <a href="https://www.goodread...pate.&nbsp;</i>



I write letters

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Letters are a bit of an old fashioned thing.  No, this isn’t a blog nostalgia-ing about sending things through the post.  Nor is this a blog about my recent spam of letters, both physical and virtual, which have been raining down on unsuspecting literary agents in New York.  While writing query letters has consumed some of my time lately, that’s not what this is about.

No, this is a story about being too stubborn to not ask.

I write letters.  That fact has been established by the title.  I’ve been writing letters since I was a teenager.  For those keeping tally that’s at least ten years ago.  People on the receiving end are all executives or senior leaders in companies which you no doubt have heard of.

My first letter was to Chrysler, back when they were an American publicly traded company and bankruptcy was a thing only crappy companies did.  I was an aspiring automotive engineer in grade 9 with dreams of someday designing computer systems for automobiles (way to go on that, Dan).  During class, when I was supposed to be listening and learning, I had designed two cars that I really believed were super.  The first was a redesign for the Dodge Charger.  Chargers were a huge favourite of mine; particularly the 1969 Hemi.  You have to realize that at this point in time there was no Dodge Charger, none was even on the horizon.  I was a bit surprised when they announced they were relaunching the Charger in 2005.  Their design did not resemble mine in anyway, which is probably a good thing.  My second car on submission to them was a completely new sports car called the “Clipper”.  Being the weather geek that I am, I took my inspiration from the name for weather systems that often whip across the prairies.  Powerful and speedy, I figured it was perfect for a sports car.  This car, too, never saw the light of day.  What I did get, however, was a very nice letter from then CEO.  Still being young enough for it to be considered “cute” he actually responded.

He didn’t know the effect it had on me.

My letter to Chrysler was shortly followed with one, written in tandem with my good friend Nick, to the CEO of Porsche.  I figured since the Chrysler CEO had written me, perhaps the Porsche CEO would too.  Our letter was all business.  We wanted Porsche to move a factory to our city of Cambridge, Ontairo.  We created a list detailing why the city was a great choice for the company, the German heritage of our area and Toyota’s success.  Sadly, nothing came of that letter.  In fact, with the exception of a few auto-replies or tersely short “thank yous” from customer service reps, my letters went without response.  Yet, I continued to write.  Among those who received my crazy letters were:

  • Porsche again(a complaint about treatment at the auto show)
  • Audi
  • Christophorus Magazine (official Porsche magazine)
  • Sea Ray yachts
  • Neptunus Yachts (a letter that resulted in a guided plant tour)
  • Volvo
  • Brunswick Corporation (parent company for Sea Ray and Hatteras Yachts)
  • Prime Minister of Canada
  • Bungie Corporation (see below)
  • Audi Canada (again, including a local dealership)
  • Daniel Ratcliff and Emma Watson
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Tesla Motors

The list grows, it seems, by the year.  I’m sure there are lots I’ve omitted as well.  Many of these entries are recent by the way.  In fact, I wrote to Elon Musk of Tesla a mere ten days ago (response pending).  There are many bold highlights to the letters I’ve written.  My letter to Bungie, for example, was less a letter and more a 2kg tin of Tim Horton’s coffee.  I had sent it for the Canadian members of their staff, also known as the “Cananimators”.  I had email by then and, to my surprise, I received one of the best responses, via email, to date; they told me the tin was promptly confiscated by the Canucks and under close lock and key.  I wrote to Audi and the local dealership in hopes of getting a white Q7 to surprise my wife with for our anniversary – our first if I recall.  So bold as to ask for it outright as a gift, or at the very least a week loaner.  Letters to the Harry Potter stars were for autographs for my sister (which never came).  Recent letters to Ford were for some money they have in a Bank of Canada account unclaimed – I figured they wanted their quarter of a million back.  My letter to Tesla and it’s contents will remain secret, for now.

So, by this point you have one of two thoughts; “dude, you’re crazy” or “wow, this is kinda awesome”.  A word that comes to mind in both cases is probably “why?”

I’ll be honest here; every single letter was written with the intent, whether subliminal or outright, to gain something.  In the case of my car designs it was fame and fortune as a car designer (ah young ignorance).  My letter to Bungie was in hopes of a coveted studio tour and free copies of their Halo game.  Letters to celebrities were for obvious gains.  Knowing that, it still begs the question “why?”  Why even bother if they’re not going to respond?  Why write just to ask for something?  Why waste their time like that?  I would submit that there are some great life lessons in my letter writing, simple mottos that drive my stubborn pursuit of the silly and unrealistic dreams.

Be respectfully bold

Just go for it really.  Many people who are in places of senior management like boldness.  Letters written respectfully, properly and with few words gain more attention than you might think.  Most of all, however, boldness gets noticed.  Sure, nine times out of ten it results in nothing.  However, any result in your favour is a plus.  We aren’t rewarded for the risks we don’t take.

The worst they can say is no (or nothing)

There’s an expression that you often hear; “nothing gained, nothing lost”.  This view is the lens through which I look at a lot of things, particularly when reaching out or chasing crazy ideas.  What’s the worst response you can get when you ask?  (Hint: it’s no)  If and when you get a no, has it cost you anything?  Not really, no.  In fact, you’re the same after writing (or asking) as you were before – nothing gained, nothing lost.  But, in the rare moments when that 1 in 10 does respond to the positive, maybe even one in one hundred, you’re officially better off after than you were before.  Suddenly you’ve gained everything with nothing lost.  The worst they can say is no, the best they can say is yes.

You (or they) don’t know until you ask

What if someone has a spare car they don’t know where to send?  A chunk of money they need to write off?  Some great stuff to give away?  Their company is sitting on a potential breakthrough technology?  Truth is, we simply can’t know.  While 98% of the time the answer to every scenario is no, moments exist where it could be yes.  There could be, no I maintain there are, troves of things out there ready for those who have the boldness to make their needs known.  For those who’re willing to simply ask.

Now, where did I put my letter signing pen?  I have companies/people to write to.



Manga Review: Voice Over! Seiyu Academy Vol. #05

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For hard core manga and anime fans, the voice acting world has the same kind of glamor and mystique as Hollywood. So it’s no surprise that the world of Maki Minami’s manga Voice Over! Seiyu Academy portrays it as such. Viz Media has just released Volume 5 of the series and you can read on for the review. (To see previous reviews of the series, click here.)

Back Cover Blurb

Hime’s producer Yamada has decided to let her have some time off for good behavior, so he sets up a trip to a lake for her and the rest of the Stragglers. But will Hime ruin the vacation when her idea of a fun time turns out to be a bust?!

The Review

Hime’s school life and the Stragglers have been scarce the last several chapters. As if to remind us of their existence, Volume 5 kicks off with Hime taking a lakeside getaway with Tsukino, Sho, Mitchy, and – surprisingly – Ume. The premise for their vacation is weak, and because it is a single chapter one-shot, their 29-stamp rally has a rushed feel to it. However, this story is probably the closest this series will have to a summer vacation arc.

The manga then continues by introducing a rivalry. No, not for Hime. She lives up too much to her super-amateur/super-noob nickname to inspire anyone to challenge her. This rivalry is between Mizuki and his costar on the Four Gods Squad anime, Toru Fujimori.

Actually, the rivalry is more of a one-sided grudge. For Toru’s entire career, his success has been overshadowed by AQUA’s popularity, thus earning him the handle of Mr. Shade. As such, he is obsessed with beating Mizuki, but all his efforts to steal the spotlight wind up backfiring – badly. Mizuki, for his part, doesn’t care. That is, until Hime/Shiro gets involved.

For someone who is supposed to be a professional with a lead role, Toru’s attempts to outshine Mizuki are amateurish – as in Hime-amateurish. Not surprisingly, she sees in Toru a kindred spirit. The production then devolves to the level of a middle school play when Toru can’t get past his personal feelings to deliver his lines. Of course, Hime is compelled to help in Lovely Blazer fashion, but that only serves to irritate Mizuki, causing him to stoop to their level of immaturity. When this arc finally concludes, I can only wonder why they haven’t all gotten fired.

Lots of extras including embedded author’s remarks, translation notes, and four bonus mini-manga.

In Summary

Only a brief glimpse of the Stragglers and nothing at all of Holly Academy in Volume 5. Voice Over! continues to focus on Hime’s career and the other actors on the Four Gods Squad anime. But the amateurish flavor in Minami-sensei’s depiction of the voice acting world unfortunately also continues, making the professionals in the entertainment industry look anything but.

First published at the Fandom Post.


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