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Write Inclusively Submission Window is OPEN!!!

  Posted by SC_Author in SC Write--Writing, Publishing, and Harry Potter, 04 September 2015 · 4 views


The #WriteInclusively contest has begun! Send in your submissions. You have until Sunday, August 6th, 9 pm EST to send in your submission to writeinclusively (at) gmail (dot) com.

Make sure to follow formatting guidelines! Remember to include the sections of "System(s) of Oppression" and "Author's Identity." Those are mandatory (don't worry - your name/email will not be published).

To clarify what these things are, here's an example. Say your novel deals with racism and classism. You would then put "Racism, Classism" after "System(s) of Oppression". Then, you would disclose your "Author's Identity" in line with the 1-2 systems you picked above. In our example, you would disclose your race and class status: "Hispanic, Middle class."

There are exceptions for cis-sexism and homophobia, because disclosing the author's identity can "out" any queer authors who are in the closet. If this applies to you, and you do not want to "out" yourself, don't worry. You will still be required to disclose your identity in your submission (so that I can better evaluate the entry) but no sexual orientation or gender identity (unless the system chosen is "sexism") will be published on the blog. Meaning, even if you are a straight author writing about a gay character, and you put "straight" as your "Author's Identity," that information will not be published on my blog. If you pick homophobia or cis-sexism, your author's identity section will not be published (but will still be required). This is to protect any closeted queer writers. Out-and-proud writers, please know this is to protect those in your community who are in the closet. Closeted authors: you can trust me to remain discreet with your identity.

Reminder: I cover up names when I read submissions. I won't know who is who, so even if I know you and love you so much, bias = gone.

The Twitter prompt is: "Why am I submitting to #WriteInclusively?" Answer that question on Twitter using that hashtag. Good luck everyone! I'M SO EXCITED!!

GET GOING! GOOD LUCK! Any questions, ask them below!



Book Talk & Giveaway: PERFECT RUIN by Lauren DeStefano

  Posted by bigblackcat97 in Writer, Writer Pants on Fire, 04 September 2015 · 4 views

My book talks are coming at you from a librarian, not a reviewer. You won't find me talking about style or craft, why I think this could've been better or what worked or didn't work. I only do book talks on books I liked and want other people to know about. So if it's here I probably think it won't injure your brain if you read it.

Internment is almost perfect - a floating city where violence is virtually unknown, and you can grow up to be anything you want to be. Except, Morgan knows that madness lurks in their city in the sky. Her brother was a Jumper - the only way to escape Internment - and being so close to the Edge drove him crazy. Morgan has questions about the perfection of their lives, but isn't curious enough to ask them openly. She has her betrothed and her friends - everything to keep her life steady and normal.

But then the first murder in a generation occurs, a boy who supposedly killed his betrothed. But Morgan recognizes the victim's little sister - a fellow Jumper who attends recovery meetings. Then she crosses paths with the supposed killer one night while out on her solitary walks, and he strikes her as anything but a madman on the loose, which is how the media is portraying him.

Cracks are forming in her perfect world, and Morgan has to decide whether she wants to remain willfully ignorant, or answer the curiosity that has always pulled her toward the Edge.
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Writer Under Construction: BWF Masterclasses

  Posted by Mia K Rose in Mia K Rose | Forsaken Illusion, 03 September 2015 · 6 views

Yesterday I attended two masterclasses at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival. One was a DIY Editing Masterclass with Gavin Grant, and the other Supernatural, Gothic & Horror Storytelling with Mike Jones. DIY Editing Masterclass In this session, we covered writing the first line, as well as the ordering of action, and asking the question of ‘what […]



W.O.W. – Writer Odyssey Wednesday with Jody Holford

  Posted by Amy Trueblood in Amy Trueblood's Blog, 02 September 2015 · 31 views

      Stories of perseverance always stay with me. The ones where folks get knocked down time and again and still manage to brush themselves off and keep going. In this series I’ve featured a lot of success stories where people have been rejected yet returned to writing better – stronger. Today’s W.O.W. with Jody Holford is […]



Home Run Books

  Posted by Jemi in Just Jemi, 31 August 2015 · 33 views

Last day of August - how did that happen?????

I've spent part of my summer organizing my classroom library in my new classroom. So much fun! I've got a lot of books - I've had my students do a math activity every year estimating how many books are in my library. Conservative estimates put it over well over 5000 books. It's a very crowded room.

I've got the books organized into buckets - divided into fiction & nonfiction, then by topic, genre, reading level within the genre, authors and more. I always have a few students who volunteer to help me keep it organized over the year. Couldn't do it without them!

One of the best parts of my job (special education resource teacher) is helping kids find those 'home run' books - books that turn them into readers. I love 'touring' new kids around my library and showing them possibilities. I generally send them away with a handful for them to try out. Often, we'll read the first bits together and see which ones excite them.

Once they know how to find books that are at their level and are about things they're interested in, they dive right in. Then, before long, they start expanding those tastes and trying new things. Having the power to choose and the time to explore is often a key to reading success.

Do you remember one of your 'home run' books? One of the first books that turned you into a reader? I think one of my first was the Encyclopedia Brown series, then Nancy Drew & the Boys. I still like mysteries now!



How to Make Your Novel Sellable - Step 2

  Posted by From The Write Angle in From The Write Angle Blog, 30 August 2015 · 43 views

by +Denise Drespling

Edit Novel

Welcome back for more editing fun! A quick review of the 7 steps:

  1. Initial Read Through
  2. Seek and Destroy Problem Words
  3. In-depth Word Analysis
  4. Read it Out
  5. Get Some Feedback
  6. Let it Rest
  7. Repeat!

Onto step #2!

Step #2: Seek and Destroy Word Problems

It’s time to get out your editing gun and go double-oh-seven on some pesky words.

There are some words in the English language that are overused, misused, or used in vague and weak ways. Your mission is to find the offenders and punish them—with death!

The easiest way, I think, is to have a list. Then you can use the find feature in Word, or whatever your favorite writing program is, to go to each one and decide what to do with it. In some cases, the word might work and should stay. In some, it can be yanked out, and in others, it just needs to be changed or finessed a bit.

Here is my list of words that come off vague or create wordiness: that, thing, stuff, very, really, actually, quite, just, perhaps/maybe, amazing.

Sometimes you need “that” for clarity, but many times, it’s extra. Unless your voice or character are more on the formal side (which having lots of “that’s” tends to feel), you can cut a bunch of these.

Thing and stuff are excuses for ambiguity. Say what the thing or stuff is. Even if you actually don’t know what it is, you can probably find a word to somewhat describe the “stuff.” In this sentence, “He stepped in sticky goo,” is better than “He stepped in sticky stuff.” At least goo provides a visual and a texture. Stuff and things could be almost anything.

Very, really, quite, actually, and just are words that find their way into writing and seem to amplify, but most times really just actually need to disappear. See what I did there? ;) That sentence is quite fine as “most times need to disappear.” Once again, these words can be voice-specific or may come out in dialogue that fits a character, but it’s still worth searching them out to see if they’re very necessary.

Perhaps and maybe also don’t have a place in most cases, unless it’s in dialogue—internal or external. “Maybe I’ll go to the store, or maybe I’ll just go home and read,” works if it’s being said or thought, but something like “the sunrise glowed a red that looked perhaps more orange” sounds like you don’t know. Is it red or orange? Be clear.

Have you ever read something so amazing that you really just had to tell everyone how amazing it was? This is, sadly, a word overused and worn out. I’m guilty of it myself. Not so much in my novels, but if you catch me on social media, most things are amazing or awesome. It should only be used for situations that are “causing great surprise or sudden wonder,” which is what the word amazing actually means.

This brings me to adverbs. What a point of contention in the writing world! Are they evil? Are they fine? What are they? Most adverbs end in ly, but not all. They are any word that describes how something is done. She didn’t just walk, she walked “quickly.” He didn’t love the movie, he only “sort of” liked it. The biggest problem with adverbs is overuse and poor word choice. She doesn’t have to “walk quickly.” She can hurry along. She can dash, speed, rush, or make haste. Chances are, if you remove an adverb and the word it’s modifying, you can find a stronger word to use in its place. Watch these especially around dialogue tags. Don’t do this: “He whispered softly,” “she said angrily,” or “he said coyly.” A whisper is already soft, the anger should be obvious anyway, and the coyness can come out in a gesture. But, they are not evil. You can use them if necessary (which should be sparingly). But make sure it’s truly necessary.

And finally, one of the most important problem word areas—verbs! Using a weak or vague verb can take the fight out of your writing faster than anything else. Some are just plain nondescript like “got” and “went.” “I went up the stairs” can be more colorful as “I dashed up the stairs” or “I shuffled up the stairs.” Even “I walked up the stairs” is better than “went.” Still, you can probably find a better word than just “walked” to describe in what way you moved up the stairs. Take this as an opportunity to show something about the character. Is she excited? Maybe she hopped up the stairs. Is he feeling dejected? Maybe he lumbered up the stairs. Scrutinize every verb and see if there is one stronger than what you have.

And at last, we are at the weakest of the weak words—to be verbs! These are: was, is, am, are, been, being, were, be. I’ve heard it said that “was” is one of the most-used words in the English language. With each of these, as with all the words mentioned here, sometimes they just work. You can’t always cut an “is” or an “are.” What you want to look for are constructions like this: “She was telling me about her trip.” No. She told me about her trip. “Was telling” is passive voice, and it’s something you want to avoid. You want your writing to be as strong, direct, and as clear as possible. Too many of the “to be” verbs in there and the story starts to sound like your distant relative rambling on and on about her month-long vacation to Idaho.

* Special Note: To all my yinzers out there (that’s someone who lives in Pittsburgh, for all you non-yinzers), I will give this warning. DO NOT REMOVE THE "TO BE" WHEN IT’S NEEDED! One of the most confusing and frustrating bits of Pittsburgh-ese are sentences like this: “The house needs vacuumed.” If you’re not originally from the ‘burgh (like I wasn’t when I arrived 15 years ago), this sentence construction sticks out like a sore thumb. But, if you try to explain it to someone who watches the Stillers dahntahn n’ at, you might have trouble getting through. I love Pittsburgh. It’s a beautiful city, filled with amazing things, and the best sports teams in the country (most Super Bowl rings of any NFL team—that’s all I’m saying). I even love the Pittsburgh-ese, but when someone tells me something “needs updated,” my eye twitches at them a bit. It needs TO BE updated. The house needs TO BE vacuumed. Pulling out the “to be’s” in these cases doesn’t make your writing better, it just makes you sound like a jagoff.

Now that the little pesky words are gone forever, we are ready for step #3 (my favorite step)—In-depth Word Analysis

Denise Drespling is the author of short story, “Reflections,” in the Tales of Mystery, Suspense & Terror anthology (October 2014) and “10 Items or Less,” in 10: Carlow’s MFA Anniversary Anthology (April 2014). You can also find her work in these anthologies: The Dragon's Rocketship Presents: The Scribe's Journal and Winter Wishes.

Hang out with Denise at her blog, The Land of What Ifs, her BookTube channel on YouTube, or on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, or Instagram.



I Love September!

  Posted by Joe Stephens in My Train of Thought, 29 August 2015 · 29 views

bear, animal, fur, face, nose, ears, mouth, eyesGoldilocks found Papa Bear's porridge too hot and Mama Bear's too cold, but she found that Baby Bear's was just right. We probably all heard that story as we drifted off to sleep accompanied by the voice of our mom or dad or grandparent or whoever it was who told us bedtime stories. At least I hope you had someone who loved you enough to do that for you. But this post isn't about bedtime stories or happy childhoods. It's about September. Partly it's about September in general, but it's also about this September and why I'm particularly excited for it. 

Ironically enough, I wasn't a fan of school as a child, especially at the end of summer. But I always still loved September for several reasons, chief of which being that it's the month of my birthday. Yes, at 51 (going on 52), you might think birthdays would stop being special, but not for me. This is probably because in my mind I'm perpetually eight years old. I still love having a day where everybody greets me with a happy birthday and I get cards and gifts and emails and lots of Facebook well-wishes. It's just fun. I've never understood people who don't like birthdays. Not celebrating it doesn't make you stay younger, so why not have a hoopla?

girl, woman, blonde, long hair, clothes, fashion, shoes, pants, denim, shirt, watch, tree stump, forest, model
Another reason I like September, to borrow from my opening paragraph, is that it's the beginning of that Goldilocks time of year when it's not too hot and not too cold, but just right. I can sleep with my window open and we don't have to run the air conditioner as much. Best of all, it's the beginning of the time when I start putting Ellie's top down regularly. Lots of convertible drivers think that summer is when you do that, but I prefer it when it's just a touch cooler so I don't feel like I'm baking in the sun like an earthworm on a sidewalk. And that first night when the temperatures drop into the forties, it feels almost like a requirement to build a campfire and sit by it with a hot chocolate in one hand and a S'more in the other.

NOT the official cover art!
Though I see every September as worthy of celebration, this one is doubly exciting because this In The Shadow. That's momentous for a number of reasons. First, I feel like it's my best book yet. It's a bit of a departure from the previous two in that it goes in a much darker direction than the previous pair. The book itself is finished, so this month I'll be writing the acknowledgements and formatting all the pages that go before and after the story. I'll also be working with some wonderful folks (thanks Charlie, Michele, and Courtney) on the cover photography and design. This is stuff I hadn't even thought about when I opted to self-publish, but I find I actually enjoy it. I even like maintaining my webpage and going to events to sell my books. The social media end of it is, in my mind, a necessary evil, but I don't hate it like I used to.
month is when I ramp up publicity and do all the other activities in preparation for launching Shalan Adventure #3,

Why the launch of this book is distinctly meaningful for me is that it's my third one. I have this (possibly crazy) idea in my mind that I wasn't going to be a real author until I had three books out. Maybe it's that three is a good round number. Or maybe it speaks to having stuck to the task for the long haul. But I think it's mainly that now I can say I've written a trilogy. Nobody says, "Yeah, I read that author's duology." Nor does two make a series. Three is a trilogy and after that your books become a full-blown series. So, on October 1, I'll be Joe Stephens, author of the Shalan trilogy. That just has a ring to it. And even if I don't get that fourth book written (barring an act of God, I will--I'm already almost 5500 words into the rough draft and I like it so far), I'll have made it to that just-right level.

So here's to a month in the Goldilocks zone.



Confessions Of a Recovering People Pleas

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hello my name is sign with blank white copyspace for text message

For most of my life I’ve been an unabashed “pleaser”. People-pleasers tend to place a lot of weight on the acceptance and positive feedback of others. They…um…we tend to push down our own wants/needs/desires and exchange them for the positive appraisal of someone else. Disappointing someone or being assertive can feel harsh, uncomfortable or even painful which makes us flinch away from any opportunities for that type of interaction to occur. I’ve spent a lot of time flinching. The proclivity to please has been such a part of my personality that I’ve never really even noticed it or its potential to be something negative in my life.

Then I wrote a book.

Bleeker-Wreckage-high resolution cover

When I wrote WRECKAGE I never ever imagined that hundreds of thousands of people would read it one day. I’m still stunned at how many of you out there have read the book and even more humbled at how many have taken time out of their lives to write reviews, send me emails or Facebook messages or toss a tweet my way. But I’d be lying if I said it was all positive. Clearly, writing and publishing a book is full of moments where you are not going to please everyone. And even though the positive responses to WRECKAGE have far outweighed any negative ones I still had to learn something very quickly during the road to publication: Not everyone is going to like my book.

Sigh. It’s true. Not everyone likes me. Shocking, right?


We could talk for hours about rejection and another few about reviews, but by far the most difficult stumbling block I faced while battling my people-pleasing tendencies was that first jump into querying. Even if you aren’t a pleaser like me, I’ve only met a handful of writers who have zero anxiety at the thought of sending their work out into the world. In the beginning of any writer’s career that little word document holds, not only a piece of hard work that’s taken months if not years to create, but that file also carries the weight of our dreams and aspirations too. Putting all of that into the hands of a stranger is a scary and intense experience. What I needed to get me out of my comfort zone and into the choppy waters of querying was a pusher.


Two years ago on August 31st, 2013 (I can’t believe it’s only been two years since this pivotal moment in my life) I was trying to decide if I should send out my very first query. Agent Suzie Townsend was running a “query contest” on her blog (this is the contest blog post from two years ago). Suzie offered to read any and every query sent to her during this contest window and respond with her first impressions in one or two sentences.

Everyone on the website I’d been frequenting, agentqueryconnect.com, was participating. How could you pass up this opportunity to test out your query on an agent knowing you’d get feedback? I’d been working on my query for six weeks and felt like it was as close to ready as possible. I felt the same way about my first pages. But anyone remember from my Secret Writer post what lie I’d been telling myself for years? I almost believed that I was doing all of this writing and editing and polishing and perfecting for fun. I wasn’t REALLY going to try to get published—I’d just read every single queryshark post, changed my hook three times, tweaked my bio obsessively and super-scrubbed my first 10 pages all for jollies.

Then in comes J.S. Hazzard author of the BLOODSTONE CHRONICLES. I met Hazzard on AQC and she knew I was considering sending my query to Suzie. She knew I was a nervous wreck about the idea, that I was worried a negative response from this contest would be the death-blow to my secret hopes of one day becoming a published author. (By the way- one rejection is not a death-blow. I was being WAY over dramatic. Who? Me? Overdramatic? No way.) She took me under her wing and kept explaining that this was a no-risk situation. Send the email—Suzie likes it? GREAT. She hates it? You know what to work on.

Eventually, after much hemming and hawing on my part, J.S. in her amazing and oh so blunt signature style finally said, “Oh my GOSH, Emily, just hit send already!!” (<—edited version) Every time I hesitated or found another reason to be afraid, she said it again. “JUST HIT SEND!” She said it ten, fifteen, maybe even twenty times that day. And then, finally, after another one of her perpetual pushes….I did it. I hit send.

And then Suzie Townsend called me an hour later. Said it was the best query she’d ever read and had already sold it at auction to a big publisher who wanted me to sign a twenty book contract…..

Sounds like a querying fairy tale, right? Well, sorry to break your adorably gullible little hearts, but that’s not what happened. My story is a little different though I’m equally satisfied with its conclusion.

Suzie did write back. Within twenty-four hours I had a shiny new email from Suzie Townsend. I can still remember the way my head spun as I clicked on that email in my inbox. I never knew two sentences could change the direction of my life in such a dramatic way. The first sentence explained that the book wasn’t right for her list and then gave me the name of another agent in her agency who she suggested I should query. Then the second sentence said something that made the little pleaser inside of me just so happy: The query and writing are good. 

It was that moment, brought on by some risk taking and a fair amount of pushing that gave me the confidence to realize I’d been lying to myself. I wanted to be published. I’d been a secret writer for a long time but as I read Suzie’s email I knew I wanted to be MORE. Thanks to Suzie Townsend and J.S. Hazzard for that moment because, though it took five more months to sign with super agent Marlene Stringer, it may never have happened without those two fantastic women.

As a natural born pleaser, I’ve started stockpiling “pushers” in my life. I’ve come to realize that the best kind of a friend is the one who encourages you to reach your fullest potential. I treasure those friendships above all others and I strive to be that kind of friend to others around me. It is true that sometimes you need a soft shoulder and believe me, I have two of those that have been well softened by years of sleeping babies and the tears of those in need of comfort. But sometimes you need a pusher.

So now I’m learning how to get past my people-pleasing tendencies, how to stand up and acknowledge that my opinion matters and is even valued. *cracks knuckles* Watch out world—I’m finally learning how to push as well as please and I’m coming for YOU. Pleaser or not we all need some pushes along the way—some are going to be gentle nudges and others will be like the “blast off” pushes I give my kids on the swings at the park. Either way, find yourself a pusher (I know one who is in training if you ever need a little encouragement) and then enjoy your very own dive into the unknown.



Southern Cargo Packers and Movers in Airoli

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Review: By the Stars

  Posted by Lora Palmer in Lora Palmer's Blog, 12 August 2015 · 62 views

By the Stars By the Stars by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After being lucky enough to win the ebook of By the Stars by Jessica Marie Baumgartner--courtesy of a giveaway hosted by her publisher, European Geeks Publishing--I devoured this book! Fans of space travel stories won't want to miss this first book in the Embracing Entropy series.

The Earth is dying, and a benevolent alien race known as the Cih'lmarians has come to rescue the surviving remnants of humanity. Allie boards the main craft transporting them back to the Cih'lmarian homeworld along with her two young children, Maddie and Gwen. Allie's military husband, Adam, pilots the other craft bound for the distant planet that will become humanity's new home.

As Allie and her girls begin to settle into life aboard the spacecraft, they struggle with missing Earth and with missing Adam during their 3-month long voyage. Soon, Adam's ship is knocked off course, and communications with his craft are lost. Now, Allie must stay strong as they await word of the shuttlecraft and begin to build a new life that involves forming new friendships and assimilating with the culture of their alien benefactors.

This story was beautifully crafted, with very well-drawn characters and a rich alien culture that's unique from any other in fiction. I'm super excited to discover what's next for Allie and her family in the sequel!

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Author Interview at Books and Ladders Blog

  Posted by LucidDreamer in LucidDreamer's Blog, 10 August 2015 · 62 views

Thanks to Jamie at Books and Ladders blog for this interview! http://booksandladders.blogspot.com/2015/08/author-interview-vicki-weavil.html    



mulberry messenger bags may be together

Posted by gamomu sewas in Luxury Trends, 07 August 2015 · 63 views

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Didn Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were rumored to have secretly confirmed they were a couple mulberry briefcases sale to Oprah but it looks like this may have just been another rumor.
On Wednesday, Pattinson and Stewart representatives were suppose to have confirmed and validified the duo as being in a relationship to http://www.mulberrybagsale.com/ Oprah or soE! Online reported.
However, the problem is that now other sources show that Gossip Cop has mulberry tote sale done it own research on the issue and found that nope, there were no mysterious off camera reps confirming anything to anyone.
Gossip Cop cited the contradiction between a statement Kristen Stewart made earlier this week to mulberry clutch Elle magazine where she said, would never cheapen my relationships by talking about them, Mulberry Bags Outletand the supposed confirmation that she was with Robert Pattinson.
Futhermore, Gossip Cop stated: mulberry messenger bags may be together, but one thingGossip Cop Mulberry Bag Saleknows for a fact " after spending a good part of the day working on this " is that NO reps ever confirmed it to Oprah.
That scenario never happened, and when asked mulberry satchel outlet whether Oprah got the scoop offcamera because she simply had to know, a rep for the talk Mulberry Bagshow queen tells Gossip Cop its not true. They really don need to explain anything to any of us but I still like to know.


Book Blogger Conversation with Danielle Davis

  Posted by Michelle4Laughs in Michelle4Laughs: It's in the Details, 05 August 2015 · 51 views

I'm excited to start a new series of posts with a group that is under appreciated--book bloggers!

Book bloggers are obviously so important to authors. They give consistent reviews. They open their blogs to us. They are readers and fans! I think we should honor them more.

So this series of interviews was born! Hopefully it will help authors find bloggers and give everyone else a better appreciation of them.

Welcome to Danielle Davis for our very first interview. Be sure and check out her links at the end of this post.


What types of books do you review?

Danielle: I review picture books, the kind that are smart, beautifully illustrated, playful, and/or unique.

Do you have any guidelines for authors to follow in contacting you? A link will work.

Danielle: I typically receive books from publishers directly, but I love it when an author or illustrator reaches out too. Email is perfect and my contact info can be found here (http://thispicturebooklife.com/contact/).

Do you post anything besides reviews—such as cover art or giveaways?

Danielle: Yes, yes! I try to always pair a picture book review (and interior art) with something related to the book. Sometimes that’s a craft (http://thispicturebooklife.com/rude-cakes-rude-cake-craft/ ). It could be an interview (http://thispicturebooklife.com/the-blue-whale-by-jenni-desmond/ ). I might collaborate with someone who provides a book-related recipe (http://thispicturebooklife.com/please-mr-panda-tea-icing-donuts-from-thirsty-for-tea/ ). Or it might be pictures of pool floats (http://thispicturebooklife.com/pool-by-jihyeon-lee-pool-floats/ ). You know, stuff like that.

And I love hosting giveaways and do so with some regularity. They combine mail and passing books on to others, two of my very favorite things.

How do you find books to review or do they come to you?

Danielle: After two years of blogging, I now receive a lot of books in the mail directly from publishing companies. That said, I’m still always hunting online at other blogs, at independent bookstores, and at my local library, where I have my very own hold shelf. J

What got you into blogging about books?

Danielle: My love for them and wanting to share that. And, more specifically, I wanted to provide posts that make connections between picture books and their subject matter in fun, interesting ways.

What elements go into a good review and how long does it take to write one?

Danielle: What a good question. If I’m making something or collaborating with someone, a blog post can take days. If it’s a simpler affair, a couple to a few hours, which includes gathering interior artwork from an author, illustrator, or publisher as well as writing (and reading).

For picture books, I think a good review shows us illustrations from the book because it’s such a visual medium. And I think it also tells us what the blogger loves about it, why it’s special. And finally, I think it gives us a sense of the story, premise, or characters, without giving everything away.

How often do you post reviews?

Danielle: Usually twice a week though I’ve been posting only once a week this summer.

What types of things make for an extra special book? The kind you don’t forget?

Danielle: I think one big thing that makes a picture book extra special is that it takes full advantage of the form. So that means it’s visual in its storytelling, spare, and makes you either laugh or cry at the end. I think you really want that ending to resonate one way or another so that kid readers want to go back immediately and read it again or so that it sticks with them in some way. A book, any book, should change you after reading it—make you see a familiar thing with fresh eyes, make you giggle, make you feel something.

Favorite books you’ve reviewed.

Danielle: HUG ME (http://thispicturebooklife.com/hug-cute-little-cactus-craft/) by Simona Ciraolo from last year charmed me. Maybe because it’s about an adorable cactus and I live in Los Angeles. But mostly because of its authenticity. There was something honest and slightly edgy about it that I really loved.

Books you are looking forward to in the next year.

Danielle: I’m excited to write blog posts on two soon to be released picture books: THE WONDERFUL FLUFFY LITTLE SQUISHY (http://www.enchantedlionbooks.com/node/297) by Beatrice Alemagna and SWAN (http://www.chroniclebooks.com/titles/swan.html) by Laurel Snyder and illustrated by Julie Morstad.

Both are inventive and beautiful and not to be missed! (And they make you feel things!) J

Do you prefer kindle or actual books when reading?

Danielle: Picture books are by their nature objects. The experience of holding one and often reading it aloud and showing the pictures is integral to the magic.

If you could only purchase one book, what would it be?

Danielle: Only one book? That. Is. Tough. Probably THE GIRL IN THE FLAMMABLE SKIRT https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7850.The_Girl_in_the_Flammable_Skirt?from_search=true&search_version=service_impr , a collection of short stories by Aimee Bender. I was introduced to it when I was just starting to commit to the idea of trying to be a writer ten years ago and everything I’ve written since has been influenced in some way by that wild and wonderful book.

Only one picture book? THE RED TREE https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/300946.The_Red_Tree?from_search=true&search_version=service_impr by Shaun Tan. I know, it’s so sad! Oh well, that’s the one I’d pick because it’s brilliant and everything I need in a book.

What’s your favorite spot to read?

Danielle: For picture books, it’s my living room or the library. Or, even better, to a group of little ones with the amazing nonprofit called Reading to Kids (http://thispicturebooklife.com/volunteer-reading-kids/) that I volunteer with once a month. Yeah, that’s the best spot.

Give us your best advice for a beginning book blogger. 

Danielle: I think it’s important to post about books you truly like. That’s how you begin to develop your blog’s aesthetic and point of view. That’s how you create a voice. That’s how you throw glimmering bits of positivity out into the book universe. And that’s how you become a source others with similar tastes can trust.

One other thing: don’t be afraid to reach out to authors and publishers, even when you’re just starting out. They’re usually kind and appreciative of your efforts on behalf of books, no matter how new or small your blog!

Thank you so much, Michelle, for having me!


Danielle Davis has an M.A. in Literature and Creative Writing, a membership with SCBWI, and a pair of roller skates. She writes books for young readers and helps others do the same. Her blog,  This Picture Book Life, is a good place to find her.



Mom's Favorite Bread and Rolls Recipe

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Bread, Rolls, Moms, Hot Bread and 3 more...

Mom's Favorite Bread and Rolls Recipe My mother made this recipe for many years for our family when we had a holiday or special meal. This is my favorite recipe for rolls or bread.

5-6 cups White Lily or King Arthur Flour
2 pkg Yeast
½ cup Sugar
1 ½ tsp Salt
1 stick Margarine, melted
1 ½ cups hot tap water (110 degrees F)
2 Eggs
Cooking Oil
Combine 2 cups of flour, yeast, sugar and salt in large mixing bowl. Stir well and add butter. Add hot tap water and beat with paddle attachment approximately 2 minutes. Add eggs and 1 more cup of flour. Beat on high speed until thick and elastic (about 1 minute). Change over to bread hook and add enough remaining flour to make dough that leaves the side of the bowl.
Turn out onto a floured surface and knead 5-10 minutes until dough is smooth and elastic. Cover with plastic wrap and towel. Let rest for 20 minutes.
Punch down and shape into 2 ½ dozen rolls or bread loaf dipping in oil before placing into pan. Cover with plastic wrap and towel. At this point, you can refrigerate for 2-24 hours. If you are baking without refrigeration, let rise until double. After refrigeration, let rise until double.
Bake at 350 degrees F until done. Bread will sound hollow when done.


I'm a Southern Gal Living in the Deep South Mississippi

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Deep South, Live Oaks, Palm Trees and 4 more...

I Love Living in the South – I’m a Southern Gal

Why do I love living in the Deep South? In one word “atmosphere” is why I love living in the South. The atmosphere is unique and charming. The large Live Oak Trees are so beautiful with their sprawled out branches and welcome shade. Long flowing palm trees lined up and down the white sand beaches.
Flowers are blooming year round bringing color and beauty when winter dumps snow and ice in the north. Everyone waves at you even though they don’t know who you are. Good manners are how we do it with a smile. People are genuine in the deep south and do what they say they will do.
Sweet Tea – – Speaking of sweet tea, this quintessentially Southern drink is made by brewing tea, adding lots of sugar, and serving it over ice, lots of ice. I like my tea with lemon.
Southern women are strong and high spirited. Southern women really are magnificent creatures, and I am certainly proud to be one. Southern Women are brought up with a very strict code of conduct and natural manners. We are polite, respectful, intelligent, loving, kind, generous and delicate.
“Y’all” is soft and inclusive and oh-so-lovely when uttered in a slow Southern drawl. It’s a linguistic gem that Southerners sprinkle into pretty much every conversation. Darling is a word that is long and drawn out and so nice to hear.
What I love most about the Deep South is cooking the Deep South way. I have collections of my mother and grandmothers favorite and famous recipes. We just know how to cook. We are experts at frying chicken golden crispy and dripping with Crisco or Lard. Rich pies with fresh blackberries or sweet strawberries from the vine in a delicious Crisco pie crust topped with fresh dairy whipped cream and Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream. Jams, Jellies and marmalade canned to perfection ready to spread on made from scratch fluffy hot from the oven buttermilk biscuits. Fluffy dumplings with chicken and a side of garden green beans cooked with ham hock. We are experts cooking up a meal of kale greens with fried pork chops and homemade apple sauce with a side of hot from the oven corn bread.
But, I also love to eat at the local restaurants that serve Fried chicken, Biscuits and gravy, Shrimp and grits are one of my favorites, Pulled pork, Cornbread, Brisket, Mac and cheese, Catfish Po boys, Beans and Rice, Moon Pies, Boiled Peanuts, fresh Gulf Shrimp, Fish and $5 a dozen Oysters, Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Potato Fries. You can have a cookout and bonfire on the beach or a wedding.
Farmer’s Markets are open year round selling all types of Plants, Bakery goodies, Local Honey, Vegetables, Fruits, Pralines and Sweet Potatoes.
Summer in the South is like living in a sauna, which means you don’t need any expensive spa treatments to clear your pores. Your skin never gets dry, which helps stave off wrinkles. Once you wipe off the thick layer of sweat, you’re met with the most lovely, glowing skin you’ll ever see in your life.
The Deep South grows on you and before you know it, you are in love with the easy going Southern life.

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Mulberry Bag second one is we're

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Mulberry Bag

Hi, I'm Juliet Kaska, and this is wrist modifications for downdog in yoga. downdog is a wonderful exercise to both strengthen, and to give your body that long, lean, flexible look. When you first start doing downdog, you might find yourself putting more weight into the wrists, than even between the wrist and the feet, therefor causing pain and injury in your wrists. I'm gonna show you two modifications today in order to take the pain out of your wrists while doing downdog. The first of which is actually gonna help to strengthen all of the muscles that will help pull you out of the wrists, so you're not dumping your weight into it. You'll place your hands down on the mat, slightly spread out and shoulderwidth apart. And then grip the mat with the fingertips, so deeply that you're actually pulling the palm of the hand up and off of the mat, like a little suction cup. And then http://www.mulberrybagsale.com/ from there you'll lift up into your downdog. You'll feel the difference right away, all of these muscles will start working all the way up the arm. The Mulberry Bag second one is we're gonna take a set of towels, you can also use the yoga mat rolled up. This one's more of a passive exercise or modification. It won't help to necessarily strengthen those muscles, but it will take the pain out of the wrists. Placing the hands on the wrists, with the palm towards the top, and the fingers firmly resting on the mat, and then from there lift up. The reason this one works is because the wrist is at an angle not lower than the hands.


Packing Gears for an Easy Relocation

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Even though moving accomplishing this connected with taking and also going is really a difficult and also demanding task. The problem worsens should you be not an expert new house purchase handler. Truly packaging products will be itself a huge stress. It really is quite hard to be able to pack several types of items correctly. Merely specialist packers can handle this adequately and also correctly. Yet with a several strokes of studying the simple steps also you can take care of ones new house purchase undertaking along with brilliance. Underneath are this ideas which might be shared through the expert packers and also movers intended for swift a simple safe supplying.

Plan prior to load up. A effectively planned move will truly be successful and also easy. Therefore, come up with a moving prepare before you begin supplying and shifting issues. It is best to spend occasion for many routines. It is best to make time frame intended for unique jobs you will want to carry out. It is best to produce strategy in such a fashion that most chores of an area must be attained collectively. Taking a room at the same time will probably de-stress ones separation process; also it helps people within drawing near your current things towards the most effective.

Reduce unmetabolised items before you start providing for the transfer. There has to be several pointless things in your residense. Eliminate all this sort of things. This will likely conserve lot of your energy. You'll be ended up saving via providing the particular ineffective things. If the goods come in doing the job condition you'll be able to pay these phones your pals or maybe others who live nearby, or even and then merely remove these individuals.

Accumulate expected supplying items. For those who have thought we would deal with the the labels activity because of your personal, then almost all you must do is to accumulate the desired product packaging provides. Keep in mind to bring ample padding in addition to cushioning materials. You should have these materials though packing gentle and also delicate items.

Group merchandise properly. Content new house purchase entirely depends on the packaging in the things. Just about any insensitiveness in the exact same will result in the actual deterioration of this loving in addition to sensitive things. The gold tip involving safe and sound providing is usually provided under. Stick to your measures chronologically and you can securely bunch all kinds regarding products.

• Tape the particular seams of the carton.
• Cushion the beds base as well as series your partitions with the carton.
• Wrap the items along with bubble wrapper, tissue report or even other resources. You can even use small towel as well as bedding in order to wrap issues.
• Place those items carefully inside the carton. Be sure to area weightier things very first to help let these people reconcile inside down in addition to lighter in weight objects finally to be able to purchase prime placement. This is done to ensure sensitive objects avoid getting killed with the weightier goods.
• Fill any additional place along with wadded report or perhaps additional materials. This will likely steer clear of the expected collision in the travel option.
• Seal your carton very carefully.

Be cautious

• Do not overload objects in a carton.
• Do not really overfill the particular carton. Will not place delicate things with the decrease portion of the carton.
• Labeling can be ought to.

Hire a specialist packers in addition to movers business to maneuver your current items collected from one of spot for a yet another. That way your current transferring will end up a new happy in addition to safe and sound transferring.
Packers and movers Varanasi
Packers and movers Kanpur


isabel marant pumps Agency

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isabel marant

After World War II Germany. The question of reparations after World War II came up even before the end of the war. At the Yalta Conference (February, 1945), the Soviet Union proposed that German reparations be set at approximately $20,000,000,000, of which the Soviets wanted half. Although neither the United States nor Great Britain agreed to the specific Soviet proposals, the Yalta Conference did decide that Germany should be made to compensate the Allies for war damage. Allied claims http://www.isabelmaranton.com/ of damages reached $320,000,000,000, but it was recognized that Germany could not pay this enormous total.
The Allied Commission on Reparations, established at Yalta, met in Moscow in June and July, 1945. Reparations were to be obtained only from the various occupation zones, and no country was to draw from other than its own area. However, the Soviet Union was to receive, in addition to reparations from the eastern zone, 10 per cent of the industrial equipment removed from the western zones, plus an additional 15 per cent that the Soviets would pay for with food, coal, and other products. To supervise the removal of equipment, the Allied Control Council was created.
The percentage of reparations which each country was to receive was decided at an 18nation conference on reparations, held in Paris in November and December, 1945. The conference established the InterAllied Reparations isabel marant pumps Agency, composed of a representative of each of the nations, to allocate German reparations payments.
The reparations isabel marant plan was based on the assumption that Germany would have a unified economic system despite its division into four zones of occupation. Unification, however, never occurred. Instead, the British, French, and American zones were merged in 1949 to form the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Soviet zone became a separate country. By 1949, when reparations payments to the West ceased, the Allies had dismantled more than 300 plants, taking parts and industrial equipment valued at approximately $413,000,000. The United States received about onefourth of the total.
Japan. The original Allied policy on Japanese reparations was based on a report made in April, 1946, by Edwin J. Pauley of the United States. It called for payments to countries injured by Japan and outlined a method for dismantling Japan's war industry. An Allied reparations committee approved this policy but was unable to agree on the amount of reparations. Claims totaled $54,000,000,000an obviously impossible figureof which China demanded 40 per cent and the Philippines 15 per cent. Under this program, Japan delivered industrial equipment worth $40,000,000 to China, the Philippines, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. In addition, Japanese assets in Allied countriesworth more than $3,000,000,000were taken over as reparations.
Meanwhile, the United States had reversed its policy. Instead of reducing Japan's industrial might, the United States decided it was necessary to strengthen the conquered country's economy. Since continued reparations payments would have the opposite effect, the United States ended the program of interim reparations in 1949.
Japan signed a peace treaty with 49 nations, including the United States, in 1952. One isabel marant sneakers provision of the treaty stated that Japan was to negotiate with Allied countries desiring reparations. Under this provision, Japan agreed to pay, over a period of years, reparations totaling $1,190,000,000 to Burma, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. Most of these reparations were to be paid in goods, services, and investments.


Der neue Laserpointer

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Der neue Laserpointer

Heterostruktur-Halbleiterlaser unter Verwendung eines Molekularstrahlepitaxie (MBE) auf n-leitenden InAs-Substrat hergestellt. Unabhängige Zwangsschicht und die Zwischenmantel symmetrisch um den aktiven Bereich auf der Basis einer Vielzahl von kaskadierten. Zwischenbeschichtung 25 Å / 23a InAs / AlSb Gitterstruktur. Aluminiumantimonid (AlSb) von 3 Å Dicke der Schicht aus Aluminium-Arsenid (AlAs) Schnittstelle dient als Spannungsbalance. Carriers reibungslosen Transfer zwischen dem anderen Abschnitt der Zwischenverkleidung und laservisier, andererseits durch den Übergang / Verbindungsbrücke, die die Brücke von einem 58nm breite InAs / AlSb (As) Quantentöpfen gebildet verbindet.

High-Tech-Zone Organisation Personal Verfolgung der Umsetzung der Normalisierung der Arbeitgeber, im täglichen Kontakt laserpointer 2000mw Unternehmen, verstehen Beschäftigung und Arbeitssituation.

Verschiedene große Fläche des Mesastreifens und schmalen Grat Halbleiterlaser von der freiliegenden Oberfläche der Kristallproduktionsvorbereitung. 1.5-2.0mm außerhalb des Laserstabs Konfiguration Kupfer-Kühlkörper. Verglichen mit einem Halbleiterlaser ohne eine Zwischenbeschichtung, einer Zwischenbeschichtung großflächig (BA) mit Schwelle weniger als 300K Stromdichte und höheren Betriebstemperaturen, wenn der Laserpuls-Betriebsart.

Unter Verwendung von n + -InAs Wellenleiter-Mantelplasma Problem ist die hohe laserpointer 1000mw Lichtabsorptionsverlust. Mehrere Gruppen haben versucht, eine dicke (> 1 um) in die optische Grenze der Kosten für die undotierten InAs einfügen trennen Begrenzungsschicht, die optische Verstärkung zu reduzieren, die Erhöhung der Stromschwelle. Um zu versuchen, das Beste aus zwei Möglichkeiten zu bekommen, University of Oklahoma hat eine Zwischenschicht zwischen der Plasmaaußenverkleidung und unabhängige Zwangsschicht eingelegt. Verkleidungszwischenlichtfeld auf dem Mittelteil der Vorrichtung und zur Verringerung des externen elektrischen Feldes in der Plasmabeschichtung Absorptionsverlust zu verhindern.

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Organisieren spezialisierte Ausbildung auf die neuesten Personalwesen, Personalmanagement-System Bau aktiv an der Umsetzung, um Unternehmen bauen beibehalten, die Arbeitgeber institutionelle System, verbessern die Unternehmenspark Personalmanagement und Entwicklung Ebene. Ab Anfang Mai hat Laser Industrial Park Stabilität der Beschäftigung von mehr als 1.700 Menschen erreicht.



isabel marant pumps the domain

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isabel marant

10 Ways the Definition of Beauty Has Changed A few decades ago, plastic surgery was considered isabel marant pumps the domain of vain socialites, movie stars and centerfold wannabes. But trends show that cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly sought after and accepted by the general public. In 2010, we spent $10.1 billion on cosmetic procedures, which represented a 1.2 percent increase over the previous year [source: Hendrick]. And for many years now, surveys have not only shown a rise in the number of procedures performed, but also growth in the http://www.isabelmaranton.com/ percentage of people who approve of such procedures [source: Rosen].
Originally, plastic surgery was a medical procedure reserved for soldiers injured in war or people born with severe birth defects. Now, our society is becoming OK with using surgery as a way to transform parts of our bodies that we don't like. While this article deals with beauty trends that change over time, there are certain qualities that will probably always stay ideal no one wants to age, for example, isabel marant sneakers and sizeable breasts are almost always in vogue. isabel marant Plastic surgery allows people to meet those beauty standards, at prices that are becoming lower all the time and in surgeries that are becoming easier to perform and recover from. While some critics bemoan the extreme method of surgery to improve appearance, Botox, facelifts and liposuction will probably be a growing trend for a while.

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