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All About Agents

Agent Noah Lukeman Discusses Submission Process

Sep 08 2010 05:58 PM | Pete Morin in Submitting to Agents

Noah Lukeman, head of Lukeman Literary Agency, has an excellent blog where he discusses all sorts of important topics relating to writing and getting published. Here he answers a question about the agent's responsibility to keep the author informe...

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How To Find a Legit Literary Agent

Sep 05 2010 12:50 PM | Pete Morin in Finding and Researching Agents

Author A. C. Crispin lays out all the steps - once you've finished and polished your manuscript, of course! CLICK HERE The first thing to remember is that you must research each agent beforeyou submit to them. That’s because the internet is r...

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Researching and submitting to UK agents

Researching and submitting to UK Literary Agents As I write this, UK literary agents are still some way behind US agents in their embracing of new technology. Most major agencies now have their own website, but a significant minority of the small pa...

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More of Noah Lukeman's Free Advice

Sep 08 2010 11:10 PM | Pete Morin in Working with Agents

I swear, it's not that Noah Lukeman is my cousin or anything - he just happens to be very generous with free information. Lukeman's blog, Ask a Literary Agent, is devoted to answering all kinds of questions about the author-agent relationship...

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AAR Agent Membership

The Association of Authors’ Representatives (AAR) was formed in 1991 through the merger of the Society of Authors' Representatives (founded in 1928) and the Independent Literary Agents Association (founded in 1977). To qualify for membership in the...

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