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More of Noah Lukeman's Free Advice

I swear, it's not that Noah Lukeman is my cousin or anything - he just happens to be very generous with free information.

Lukeman's blog, Ask a Literary Agent, is devoted to answering all kinds of questions about the author-agent relationship, the submission process, contractual rights, etc. After the blog celebrated its one-year anniversary, Lukeman assembled all of the questions and answers into a single pdf and made it available as a free download (like he did with How to Write a Great Query Letter).

To check it out, click here and presto, you're already smarter!


I find all of Lukeman's work to be incredibly helpful and illuminating. I'd also recommend his 'The First Five Pages' to any beginning writer.
Yes, an excellent book, and his blog is very helpful. It's one of the few I read regularly.
I'm going to be busy reading for a long, long time! Thanks!