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Rewriting and Editing

Seven "Karate Belts" of Beta Readers

Sep 10 2010 09:41 AM | Cat Woods in Rewriting and Editing

*originally posted on 1/7/2010 at Words from the Woods) Manuscript critique is an integral part of a writer's journey from rough draft to polished manuscript. When we critique our own work, it's called editing. Each manuscript usually goes t...

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Rhinoceros Hide

Sep 06 2010 08:54 PM | Pete Morin in Rewriting and Editing

Of all the attributes that make up a successful writer, the ability to accept the criticism of others is, I think, the most essential. In this post called Rhinoceros Hide, I discussed an experience here at AQC that caused me to reflect on this again....

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The Author's Skin: Handling Critique

Sep 06 2010 12:51 AM | RC Lewis in Rewriting and Editing

(Originally posted at Crossing the Helix, December 2009) It's got to be thick. I'm thinking rhinoceros-like. Maybe even armor-plated. Constructive criticism can sting the ego, but it's a gift. It gives you another perspective and for...

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Best Writing and Editing Books at Your Public L...

Sep 04 2010 05:30 PM | kevinmont in Rewriting and Editing

A quick guide to some of the best writing and editing resources at your public library: Words that Work - Frank Luntz p.14 Don't use fancy substitutes, like "magnificent beast" for a horse. p.88 The last words of a sentence are the most...

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Fun Online Tools to Use During Your Rewriting

Sep 05 2010 04:18 AM | RC Lewis in Rewriting and Editing

Some authors think of rewriting and editing as the "work" part of writing, but there are some online tools that can make it a little more fun ... or just distract you from getting it done. WriteWords' Word Frequency Counter: A great f...

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Handling Critique and Criticism

Sep 04 2010 08:01 AM | RobbG in Rewriting and Editing

Dear Agent/Editor: Please take a look at my enclosed manuscript. If you would be so kind as to reply with some harsh comments telling me why I’m not good enough and should never quit my day job, I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, A Writer Tha...

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