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Fun Online Tools to Use During Your Rewriting

Some authors think of rewriting and editing as the "work" part of writing, but there are some online tools that can make it a little more fun ... or just distract you from getting it done.

WriteWords' Word Frequency Counter: A great first-stop to check for overused words. They also have a Phrase Frequency Counter.

Wordle: Similar function to the word frequency counter, but for the visually-inclined. This tool generates a word cloud from your pasted text. The larger a word, the more often it's used. Customizable and fun to play with.

The Gender Genie: Someone had too much time on their hands and found certain words are used more often by one gender or another. How feminine is your female first person POV? Informative, but mostly just fun.

The Wasteline Test: Is your writing flabby or fit? This is a great tool with color-coded highlighting to identify "flabby" words in your writing.

And just for the fantasy nerds like me, The Fantasy Novelist's Exam. Does your fantasy novel rely on the same old tired plot devices? Take the test and find out.

If you know of any that I missed, mention them in the comments.