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Rhinoceros Hide

Of all the attributes that make up a successful writer, the ability to accept the criticism of others is, I think, the most essential.

In this post called Rhinoceros Hide, I discussed an experience here at AQC that caused me to reflect on this again. Here's a snippet:

This got me thinking about my relatively short experience as an aspiring writer. I’ve come to this rather late in life, via a short career in state legislative politics, lobbying, a stint running a large institutional legal department, years of standing in front of angry mobs of NIMBIES, and raising two teenagers. What all of those experiences gave me (to the extent I wasn’t born with it) was thick skin.

It occurs to me that thick skin is as essential to the aspiring writer as craft, imagination or storytelling. Yes. As essential.

Why? Because no matter how good our craft, imagination or storytelling might be (as developing writers), it can always improve.