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Recommended Reading

Hooked: Write Fiction That Grabs Readers at Page One & Never Lets Them Go by Les Edgerton.

Mostly, the focus of this book is on that imperative first line, first page, first chapter. The author cites some wonderful examples of dynamic first lines. Included is an afterword where agents and publishers share their first line no-no's and definitely do's.

The author does an excellent job of communicating to the writer the need to keep their "story worthy" problem, (or, in my terms, main plot point) on the fast track.

This book can be a of value to all writers at any stage of their development. While there were certain points and tips that I felt were common sense, there were other times when I was grabbing my hi liter.

bigblackcat97 has been a YA librarian in the public school system for nine years. This means she knows all about the infections that come with facial piercing and tattoos done at home. She excels in "teachable moments," such as informing students that while "dildo" is not technically a swear word, it will earn you a detention when shouted in public. BBC writes YA, reads everything, and occasionally mows her yard.