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Two Parts to Mastering Queries

Oct 28 2010 01:01 PM | Robin Breyer in How to Write a Query Letter

Two Parts to Mastering Queries The art of writing a query is quite different from the novel, which we hopefully all have mastered before we think of queries. Writing a query breaks down into two areas; the first is style and structure, the second is s...

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Noah Lukeman's How-To Article on Query Lett...

Sep 04 2010 03:01 PM | Pete Morin in How to Write a Query Letter

There are hundreds of articles and blog posts on query letter tips - you can even buy BOOKS that cover that one topic. Noah Lukeman has one such book, but he's very generously made an excellent FREE DOWNLOAD of his How To Write a Great Query Lette...

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Breaking the Query Writing Rules

Sep 07 2010 03:13 PM | Pete Morin in How to Write a Query Letter

In your research on the great art/mystery of query writing, you will undoubtedly run across the tried and true Rules of Query Writing. If you haven’t, then you’re definitely not ready to write one, much less send it out. Start right here with AQ’s How...

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Jane Friedman's Ultimate Blog Series on Que...

Nov 10 2010 06:56 PM | Pete Morin in How to Write a Query Letter

Thanks to J. L. Johnson for posting a link to Jane Friedman's excellent posts on query letters in her blog, There Are No Rules. Here are a couple of juicy tidbits that should send you scurrying over to read all of her thoughts: QUERY LEADS THAT S...

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