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Jane Friedman's Ultimate Blog Series on Query Letters

Thanks to J. L. Johnson for posting a link to Jane Friedman's excellent posts on query letters in her blog, There Are No Rules.

Here are a couple of juicy tidbits that should send you scurrying over to read all of her thoughts:


The enclosed sample of my commercial fiction, THE SPIRIT OF ST. CHARLES (73,000 words) tells the story of a young woman overcoming personal tragedy to rebuild her community, ruined by a catastrophic hurricane. This story shows how a natural disaster changes a young woman from living like a victim to a person with determination and emotional strength. It is 73,000 words in length.

[I recommend cutting this descriptive line because it is repetitive, and delays getting to the real hook.]


Vampires are everywhere. They are in our books, on our televisions, at the movies, even on our breakfast cereals. We no longer fear them as the monsters we used to know. They are sex symbols and objects of envy and adoration. What if this is all according to plan? My novel, GRAVE SHIFT, is a 90,000-word dark urban fantasy.

[When it comes to selling fiction, don't talk about trends. Sell the story.]

Jane has an interesting resume which includes her current post as a contributing editor at Writer's Digest.