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Noah Lukeman's How-To Article on Query Letter Writing

There are hundreds of articles and blog posts on query letter tips - you can even buy BOOKS that cover that one topic.

Noah Lukeman has one such book, but he's very generously made an excellent FREE DOWNLOAD of his How To Write a Great Query Letter available on-line.

Follow THIS LINK and scroll to the bottom of the page for the click-through to the free download.

This article is indispensable to the new query writer.


As an aspiring author and novelist, accurate information in an economical format is crucial to plowing through the miles of available info on how to get started. the importance of the query letter was something I was not prepared for, and I very nearly jumped into it without taking a careful look at the particulars of a good query letter. i was prepared to write this long involved thing that would not have made it past the first glance. After working on my novel for nearly six years, I would have been foolish to jump into the query process all unawares. I extend to Mr. Lukeman a heartfelt thank you for some vital information, and plan to make use of what is covered to the last detail. Many thank you's from an author in waiting, Writermike.rightermike@gmail.com for communications purposes