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What Agents Say Are Biggest Mistakes

Jordan Tohline is an aspiring novelist - actually soon to graduate to published novelist - who writes a wonderful blog about writerly things. He recently posted a MUST READ PIECE in which he reports on the fifty agents who answered his question,

What is the single biggest mistake writers make when querying you?

The 50 agents who replied were:

Alice Martell * Amy Boggs * Amy Tipton * Annie Hawkins * Bree Ogden * Brian Defiore * Cameron McClure * Caren Estesen * Daniel Lazar * Danielle Svetcov * Don Maass * Elizabeth Pomada * Farley Chase * Gina Panettieri * Heather Mitchell * Helen Breitwieser * Helen Zimmermann * Janet Kobobel Grant * Jeff Gerecke * Joyce Hart * Kate McKean * Kimberley Cameron * Laney Becker * Liv Blumer * Lucinda Blumenfeld * Lucy Carson * Marietta Zacker * Maura Teitelbaum * Michael Murphy * Michelle Wolfson * Mollie Glick * Pam Ahearn * Rachel Dowen * Richard Curtis * Russell Galen * Sally van Haitsma * Sam Stoloff * Sean McCarthy * Sheree Bykofsky * Sophia Seidner * Stephany Evans *

It is a lengthy article that will take you 15 minutes to read.
And very, very much worth the time.

While you're visiting Jordan, subscribe to his blog, and even better, read his sample bits of The Great Lenore. To tempt you, here's the opening line:

When I met Lenore, she'd been dead for four days.


stay at home mom
Feb 09 2011 05:51 AM
I found this very helpful. Thank you so much for the information.
This was so helpful. Thanks for posting!
Very, very helpful!
Late Bloomer
Apr 30 2011 08:17 PM
You've got me with the first line. I look forward to reading your book.
But first, I'll read the article.
This is really interesting, keep me wanting more...
reads like it'll be a good one. i like your character development, i gravitate towards those involuntary protagonists, those ones who just want to be but are thrust right into the center of things, thats what i get from your guy.
T.C. Stevenson
Sep 21 2011 04:37 PM
Some good stuff here. Should definitely help.