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How to Add an Article to the Library
Sep 01 2010  The AQ Connect Community Library strives to be the best publishing reference guide for and by its members. All registered AQ Connect members can search, review, and contribute to art...

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Researching and submitting to UK agents
Dec 17 2010  Researching and submitting to UK Literary Agents As I write this, UK literary agents are still some way behind US agents in their embracing of new technology. Most major agencies now...

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What Agents Say Are Biggest Mistakes
Jan 07 2011  Jordan Tohline is an aspiring novelist - actually soon to graduate to published novelist - who writes a wonderful blog about writerly things. He recently posted a MUST READ PIECE in whic...

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There are no articles in this category yet.

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Two Sides to Motivation
Nov 07 2010  (Originally posted at Crossing the Helix , November 2010) No, this is not a post on how to get yourself to meet your NaNoWriMo word count goals. This isn't about "get your curs...