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Updated AQC Blogroll (May 2013)

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#1 Eli Ashpence

Eli Ashpence

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 11:50 AM

It's been a year since we've had a new thread, and it doesn't seem like a bad idea to clean out my Reader again.  So, who's still blogging?


Author Name:

Blog Name:
Post Frequency:
Intended Audience:
Topic summary:



Author Name:  Eli Ashpence
Blog Name: Author-in-Progress
Post Frequency: Sporadically (Between 1-10 /month)
Intended Audience: Newb/unagented authors and curious friends interested in my progress.
Topic summary: Writing progress, things I learn along the way, opinions and tips on writing, social rants, and personal tidbits. Pro-fanfic.  I don't do book reviews.
Link: http://www.ashpence.blogspot.com/

"Until the last breath leaves my body, I'll keep walking."  --Allen Walker, "D. Gray-man"

#2 Jean Oram

Jean Oram

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  • Publishing Experience:New York Times bestselling romance author. Independent author with traditional publishing experience. Everything from magazines to newspapers to short stories to novels.
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Posted 21 May 2013 - 01:52 PM

I've got two:



Author Name: Jean Oram

Blog Name: The Helpful Writer
Post Frequency: Once a week (usually Th, F, or Sat)
Intended Audience: Writers/Authors
Topic summary: A tip a week that people can apply to their writing or writing career to help them become better writers
Link: www.thehelpfulwriter.com



Author Name: Jean Oram

Blog Name: The Lovebug Blog
Post Frequency: varies immensely--as I find romance goodies to post.
Intended Audience: Romance readers
Topic summary: Everything from free romance ebooks, to giveaways and contests, to interviews with romance authors, to deleted scenes from my books, to sneak peeks, etc. I hope to add video in the coming weeks or months.
Link: www.jeanoram.com


Thanks, Eli!

I love connecting with and helping other AQCers outside this forum as well. You can find me all over the place!

If you are looking for more about writing, you may find my blog helpful, as well as my Twitter feed:

*The Helpful Writer *Twitter

If you are a parent, you might be interested in my ideas on growing happy, healthy kids who'll thrive in this ever changing world (includes crafts, activities, games, articles, and fun!):
*Twitter *Blog *Pinterest *Facebook


I write stuff (www.jeanoram.com)


#3 Professor VJ Duke

Professor VJ Duke

    The Professor

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 04:17 PM

This is neat!


Author Name: Professor VJ Duke


Blog Name: The Punchy Lands--tales and stories

Post Frequency: I post Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday! And then since my mind has been blown out, I rest on the weekend.

Intended Audience: Anybody interested!

Topic summary: Introdcuing a strange land. Monday is proverbs. Tuesday is book reviews (either sweet or ripping). Wednesday is a short story (continued from week to week). Thrusday is in transition (still trying to come up with something). Friday, a post is made by a strange character from my land. Sometimes a video from MicP Studios sneaks in.

Link: www.thepunchylands.wordpress.com.

Drop by my blog: The Punchy Lands!

#4 VonAngel


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Posted 22 May 2013 - 08:52 AM

Author Name: Y.R. Jones

Blog Name: Think Positive, Think Write
Post Frequency: It *should* be 1-2x/wk, but life happened, putting me way off schedule.
Intended Audience: Readers and writers
Topic summary: I conduct author interviews, write about my WIPs, all things writing really...always in a positive light, of course. I plan to dedicate one day of the week to a special topic, but I haven't decided what yet (i.e. Feature Friday where I feature a book or an author who has good news to share, or Wacky Wednesday where I share the latest crazy thing that happened to me while on my writing/get published journey [and they happen A LOT]).
Link: http://yrjones.wordpress.com

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lover of words writing for the soul

#5 MichaelRC


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  • Publishing Experience:The first book in the LEGEND TRIPPERS series is now available for download on Amazon. The second book is due out later this year.

Posted 22 May 2013 - 03:55 PM

Me next! Me next!


Author Name: Michael Cahill


Blog Name: Legend Trippers: Screaming is Believing


Post Frequency: Twice a week.


Intended Audience: Anyone with even a passing interest in the paranormal - ghosts, aliens, unknown creatures, conspiracies, the list is endless.


Topic Summary: The blog is partly a showcase for my upcoming YA series called Legend Trippers, about a group of paranormal-obsessed teenagers who start an after school dedicated to investigating unexplained phenomena. While not pugging my own work, I take a look at fascinating real-life accounts of the bizarre and mysterious. So far I've touched upon the Loch Ness Monster, the Ata Humanoid, and the Wow! Signal. Up next is the infamous war against cold fusion and the lingering hostilities towards a potentially revolutionary science.


Link: legend-trip.com 

Legend Trippers
visit legend-trip.com for concept art, bonus materials, and real life accounts of paranormal phenomena

#6 Aaron Bradford Starr

Aaron Bradford Starr

    Penguin Rustler

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  • LocationUS Northeast
  • Publishing Experience:I've published short stories, paintings, and interior art in Black Gate Magazine, Black Gate Online, Stupefying Stories, and Rampant Loon Press.

Posted 09 June 2013 - 08:43 PM

Author Name:  Aaron Bradford Starr

Blog Name:  Imaginary Friend
Post Frequency:  About twice a month
Intended Audience:  Fans of my published fiction or art, people interested in some of the details of board game and puzzle design.
Topic summary:  It's somewhat eclectic.​  Often I'll muse about the details behind the inception or creation of a given story, or the details behind creating a given painting or drawing that has recently appeared in print.  I also do a bit of light film reviewing, in the form of my I The Jury posts.  These show that I can hunt snark, too.

Link:  http://aaronbradford...r.blogspot.com/

#7 Andrea Lambert

Andrea Lambert

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  • LocationUS West Coast
  • Publishing Experience:My first book, JET SET DESOLATE, was published by Future Fiction London in 2009. My second, a book of poetry called LORAZEPAM & THE VALLEY OF SKIN, was published by valeveil in 2009. Lost Angelene published my chapbook, G(U)ILT, in 2011. My poetry has been anthologized in HAUNTING MUSES, WRITING THE WALLS DOWN: A CONVERGENCE OF LGBTQ VOICES, OFF THE ROCKS #16: AN ANTHOLOGY OF GLBT WRITING, THE L.A. TELEPHONE BOOK VOL. 1, YOU’VE PROBABLY READ THIS BEFORE, and CHRONOMETRY. My work has been published in 3:AM Magazine, The Fanzine, Entropy, HTMLGiant, ENCLAVE, Queer Mental Health, Five:2:One Magazine and elsewhere.

Posted 12 February 2016 - 07:55 PM

Hi guys. I started my blog in 2006. Reading all of this stuff and seeing the importance of blogging I'm dusting it off and blogging again. I didn't blog at all in 2015 but I just made another post now in February 2016.


Blog Name: Neon and Concrete

Post Frequency: Used to be a lot, rarely now. Now it's a few times a year.
Intended Audience: Writers, friends, family, writing colleagues, anyone who wants to Internet stalk me.
Topic summary: I talk about what's been going on in my life and writing career. As the blog starts in 2006 when I hadn't yet published my first book it covers a lot of territory.
Link: http://neonandconcrete.blogspot.com


Thanks for looking! Up with social media!

Website: https://andreaklambert.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreaLamber


GoodReads Author bio: https://www.goodread....Andrea_Lambert


Amazon author bio: https://www.amazon.c...ine_cont_book_1
JET SET DESOLATE from Future Fiction London on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co...t/dp/0578016257


LORAZEPAM & THE VALLEY OF SKIN: EXTRAPOLATIONS ON LOS ANGELES from valeveil: http://www.valeveil.se/posts/196

HAUNTING MUSES from Bedazzled Ink on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/194383752X


WRITING THE WALLS DOWN: A CONVERGENCE OF LGBTQ VOICES from Trans-Genre Press: http://trans-genre.n...the-walls-down/
THE L.A. TELEPHONE BOOK, VOL. 1 from ARRAS.NET: http://www.arras.net/?page_id=658



#8 NRuhwald


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Posted 16 April 2016 - 03:12 PM

Author Name: NRuhwald

Blog Name: Truth, Fact, and Fiction
Post Frequency: 1-2 per week
Intended Audience: People who like to think about why the world works the way it does, and fantasy readers.
Topic summary: I write about writing, why the message behind a story matters, about science and philosophy, but not in a super-intellectual way.
Link: www.nruhwald.wordpress.com


My blog

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