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woohoo.....that was fast!! So far they love it!

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 12:57 AM

A Glimpse of Blind Faith


To lose all faith is to succumb to the fear which can only result in destruction.


Adultery? Divorce? Overdose? Suicide? Addiction? Armed Robbery? 14 year prison conviction?


When her husband decides to stray from their 12 year marriage Amy is 8 months pregnant with their 4th child.  Up to this point she's remained faithful and loyal to her marriage vows but suddenly everything changed for her.  As a supervisor for a nationally renowned corporation known in the industry for it's fast paced marketing success, Amy is known for her leadership capabilities, courage, focus, and determination in leading her team through the storms.  Now, the question remains can she lead her own family through the storm as this tornado is about to tear down all she has built up.  Following yet another "private" conversation from a "concerned" employee,  it is clear to her that she can no longer deny the truth.  There is no going around this one she was gonna have to go straight through the center of this storm whether she wanted to or not. 


Here's a true story on how Amy's faith collides with her worst fears in the age old battle of good and evil.  As her faith is put to the test time and time again the only question is will her faith and convictions save her family and if not then what happens next?



Please...all feed back accepted....don't hold back and just be honest !!

#2 Charlee Vale

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Posted 03 August 2013 - 01:22 AM

Hi Amy. (To make sure you see this, I'm posting in other threads)


I've noticed your posts around the forum the past few days. Sorry if this is blunt, but you seem to be all over the place.


- A week ago you posted about an offer from Tate Publishing (Bad news), in a thread to which you never responded.

- Yesterday you announced that your book preview is live on amazon, including spamming another writer's query thread to do so.

- You have placed not your book, but a preview of your book that is two pages long for a sale day on amazon. If it goes off sale and people purcahse without noticing that, you're going to have angry kindle customers knocking down your door.

- Your sample has multiple punctuation and grammatical errors.

- 36 dowloads of a free sample does not qualify your book as 'already taking off.' Some people download the new free kindle content automatically.

- You have now spammed your query and amazon links in multiple forums, asking for query help and critique partners, all things that are usually done before publishing to amazon.


I have to wonder what it is exactly that you're looking for? None of these things add up, and it's fairly obvious you haven't done very much research. I assumed you were attempting traditional publishing when you asked about the Tate deal, but now with the amazon sample, are you working towards self pub? Then you're posting in the want ads for a critique partner makes me think traditional publishing again. Either option is fine, but you CANNOT straddle the line.


You need to slow down, figure out what you want, and please don't spam the boards with repeat posts of the same material.



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Posted 03 August 2013 - 03:10 AM

I downloaded it out of curiosity, and can only repeat what Charlee has already said. The are numerous spelling/grammar errors. 


You cannot offer your work on Amazon and use it as a critique service. You work should be polished before you even think of querying or self-publishing. Get some critique partners and beta readers, then decide what path you want to take - traditional publishing or self publishing?


You only get one shot at a good first impression. 

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