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How do you find bloggers to promote your book???

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#1 Mute80


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Posted 17 July 2014 - 01:57 PM

My first book will be released in a few weeks. My publisher asked me to find people to do a blog tour, but it has been much harder than I anticipated. I have emailed countless book bloggers in my genre and have received exactly zero replies. I have a couple of friends that signed up and a couple of people from an author site I frequent, but that is it. 


I am more than willing to review/spotlight/interview other authors on my website if they do the same for me. Does anyone know of some sort of resource or database to find people willing to do this? 


Maybe I'm just the only one that doesn't have any "connections"...

#2 Guest_AWExley_*

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Posted 17 July 2014 - 02:42 PM

What do you want out of a blog tour? Cover reveal, reviews, author interview, excerpts? If you want a review tour then people need time to read the book, which means you have to send out ARCs & the book goes into the bloggers TBR pile. Will you be running a competition & giving away prizes & swag?

Also the popular blogs book months ahead (I'm arranging one for October & hoping they will have a spot for me). I googled comp titles and looked what blogs reviewed them and then looked at their reach to prioritise who I approached. There are also tour organisers, depending on your genre & how much you want to spend.

#3 AQCrew



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Posted 17 July 2014 - 08:00 PM

This is one of the most common problems for newbie authors -- and one of the most misunderstood PR issues -- how to gain exposure on blogs as an unknown author without connections.


1. First of all -- what is your book's genre?  Genre is a HUGE part of understanding the potential of receiving effective PR for your book through the blog networks.  Some genres like New Adult and Romance and even YA have significantly stronger, more selective, more competitive blog networks than others.  It is going to be almost impossible to get anyone to give you the time of day unless you hire a well-respected, well-connected blog tour organizer to manage your release day blitz. And within these popular genres, blog tour organizers need months -- not weeks -- of lead time to organize an effective blog tour.


2. As you requested, here is a link to one of the popular blog databases.




that said, we suggest you do NOT expect to gain REVIEWS from bloggers by asking for them directly on your own.  You are only weeks away from your release time and you are an unknown author to many of the bloggers who you will be approaching... reading your entire book and drafting a review is a HUGE request.  And again, you are a complete unknown to them.


You CAN attempt to organize your own "release day blitz" -- which is essentially a coordinated week-long PR blitz in which you attempt to get every blog/blogger within your genre to post a book cover photo, book, blurb, links, and "about the author" graph as a post.  This is very different than requesting a review because it takes much less time and commitment on the part of the blogger to post only information about your book on your book's release date.


That said,  you should simply realize that emailing and asking them is a waste of time.  Simple go ahead and SEND them all this info in an email to them with the subject line TITLE by Author -- Release Day Blitz Promo -- cover art and blurb included..."


Maybe they will post it, and maybe they won't.  But at the very least, you've made it really simple for them -- and you aren't requesting a review -- just a release blitz post.  There's a big, big difference in expectations there.


3. Finally, it's essential nowadays to realize that blogs are considered "old-school" social medial these days.  Most bloggers are actually running their blog communities on Facebook and cross-posting more extensive, more selective posts on their old-school blogs.  


What's important to realize is that many of these book bloggers' Facebook communities allow authors to publicly post directly on their FB pages about the authors' book releases.  In fact, they encourage it.


So as a result, don't just focus on "blogs".  Focus on bloggers who are running active Facebook communities WITHIN YOU BOOK'S GENRE and then check to see if they are allowing authors to make public posts on their FB pages.  


If so, make a list of a 100 or more, and then make the "new release" posts yourself on the blogger's Facebook pages during your book's release week.

#4 Robin Breyer

Robin Breyer

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Posted 18 July 2014 - 08:52 AM

AQCRew, very interesting post. Information that I find quite useful.... except it is finding these people that drives me nuts. I write science fiction and fantasy and it has been hard to find outlets in that corner of the market.

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#5 AQCrew



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Posted 18 July 2014 - 10:20 AM

Here's how you find them -- you stalk the other successful INDIE authors within your genre.  Why indie?  Because they likely are more tied into the "self-PR machine" within your genre.


Adult science fiction and fantasy, as you know, are both broad genres.  So drill down and find ten successful indie authors within EACH genre and do two things:


1. Google their most recent releases and see if these books appeared on various blog and Facebook sites.  This information isn't available right when a book is released, but it is available several weeks after a book's launch after Google's spiders have a chance to crawl and index the information.  Follow the trail.


2. Look to see if these indie authors are on Twitter.  If so, look to see who they are following -- you likely will find them following bloggers, reading communities, and book reviewers.  


It's important to note that Twitter is a mixed bag for promoting your own books, but it's GREAT for finding bloggers and reading communities within a specific genre.


Not only does Twitter serve up related "people" to follow, but it gives you a quick description of who they are...


In addition, almost all active FB book bloggers have their Facebook accounts tied into Twitter (this means when they post on FB, their posts automatically get re-posted to their Twitter accounts).  So you not only find the bloggers while searching on Twitter, but you also find the bloggers who have active FB blogging communities.

#6 Jeanne


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Posted 18 July 2014 - 12:48 PM

This is very helpful, especially as my release date is rapidly approaching. Thanks, AQCrew!



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