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J. Lea Lopez


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Posted 01 December 2014 - 07:45 AM

What gets me is how often I see promoted posts that violate the 20% text rule. Irks the heck out of me lol. But I guess they let those slide while yanking mine because my text specifically mentioned sale and price and all that.

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Posted 22 December 2014 - 10:53 AM

Okay, for anyone who may have been following this epic monster thread, we hope you'll find the following information extremely interesting:


So... here are the stats from a few of our most recent posts on our FB author fan page (all posted free without any paid post boost)


Post 1. Our typical "spam" post linking directly to our Amazon sales page - total reach: 868 - (fan: 589 vs. non-fan: 279)


Post 2. Youtube snippet of song we like while writing - total reach:  - 252 (fan: 192 vs. non-fan: 60)


Post 3. Some holiday cheer - total reach: 138 - (fan: 104 vs. non-fan: 34)


Post 4: Our typical "spam" post linking directly to our Amazon sales page - total 1167 - (fan: 724 vs. non-fan: 443)


Okay -- so which one of these is not like the other?


Here's a hint... *the one with the crazy out-of-control reach*


In case you've forgotten, not that long ago, we were getting a little over 100 in reach on our best days for our best posts.  So achieving a 1000+ with one of our "spam" posts seems like quite an interesting development.


AND, the reason why it matters, is because we are now 100% convinced that Post #4 is the cause of our dramatic sales spike yesterday.  Yes, the fact that it was Sunday also helped.


But we sold triple the amount of books yesterday (the same day Post #4 was ripping through FB like wild fire) as compared to the day before (Saturday).


And now, the book is priced at $2.99, so it's much easier to gauge spikes in sales than when we were selling a ton of copies at $0.99)... in other words, it was hard to see if the extra 10-15 sales was really because of FB.  Now, it's pretty obvious.


Plus, our borrows this morning (borrows through Amazon's KindleUnlimited program) started at twice yesterday's amount.  In other words, all of yesterday's total borrows?  Yeah, that's the double digital number we're starting with this morning as our borrow "base", and we still have all day to accrue more borrows as people read past 10%.


And if THAT still wasn't enough proof, we did get a comment from a FB user telling us directly: "Got it!!" Can't wait to read it!!!"


So yeah,  Facebook sold books for us yesterday.  And quite a lot of them.


But can we repeat that again and again?  Probably not -- case in point?  Post #1 also performed pretty well, but we didn't see the crazy sales/borrow spike like we saw yesterday.


That said, we definitely DO think we're in a better position to replicate Post's #4 success when we launch our next book soon -- which has been the whole point of all of this experimentation.  


It is also clear that many of our fans have now been trained to "like" our spam posts rather than be turned off by them.  Each one of our "span" posts has a unique customized photo and a unique message, and so far, a lot of the same FB fans have been liking the posts rather than hiding them (actually, we rarely get any hides). 


And with all that said, it WILL be interesting to see how our free posts are affected by the proposed changes by Facebook coming in 2015.


All this hard work could be for nothing, or... the changes might help us even more as less content is posted by author fan pages because disgruntled FB authors are migrating away from FB.

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