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Ereader News Today -- Book of the Day Sponsorships for 2015

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Posted 10 January 2015 - 06:16 PM

Ereader News Today is one of the many popular promotional sites that indie authors use to advertise their free and bargain books to readers.


Many authors combined a BookBub ad with an ENT ad, and easily reach the Top paid 100 ranking over on Amazon.com


ENT has started accepting submissions again for their BOOK OF THE DAY sponsorships.  They currently have 240 spots that they are seeking to fill for 2015.


Please note: these BOOK OF THE DAY sponsorships are different than ENT's regular advertising opportunities that are available throughout the year.


Here is the email that they sent out to everyone on their "author promo" mailing list (note: this is a separate list than their promotional book mailing sent out to their readers).




Everything is ready to go for the 2015 Book Of The Day (BOTD). 
Please read this entire email as it should answer any questions that you may have.  If you do have a question, please be aware that it may take a while for me to answer it.  There is an "Additional Information" section on the submission for any info that you would like us to know about.
The link to the submission page is at the bottom of this email.
The 2015 BotD sponsorships are now open and will remain open for the foreseeable future.  This is NOT first come, first served.

We have about 240 BOTD slots for 2015.  Not all books that are submitted will get a spot.
At the bottom of the submission page there will be a form to fill out with all of the details that we will need for scheduling your book for the BOTD.  This is what you need to fill out to reserve a spot for your book.  This form must be filled out completely or you will NOT be able to reserve a spot for the BOTD. Please read the  entire submission page prior to submitting your book.  It has all of the requirements and a few suggestions of what will work the best with the ENT audience.
The prices for a BOTD spot are $60 for a book priced below $2.99 and $150 for a book priced $2.99 and above.  These prices are for the first quarter of 2015 only and may increase after that.  This is because the number of ENT readers will continue to increase due to our daily advertising.  While you may pay more for a spot in the second quarter of 2015, it might actually pay off better for you due to the larger audience.  If it is determined that your sponsorship will not benefit from our larger, ever increasing audience, then the prices will not be increased.
We will send out an email notifying you of the price increase, if there is one, prior to the second quarter of 2015 (and all future quarters).
Although the prices may increase, please be assured that it will not be a significant increase and our prices will still be much lower than other sites that offer similar services.  
Due to the huge demand for BOTD spots, we will limit it to one (1) spot per author. However, you may submit more than one book to us and we will decide which one, if any, we will schedule for a BOTD.  Not every book that gets submitted will get a BOTD slot. If you don't get a BOTD slot, you may still be able to advertise with us with our daily Bargain and Free Book listings.
Books will be chosen based on criteria such as:
- The cover art.  Books with better covers, all other factors being equal, will get chosen over those with poor quality covers.  Better covers sell more books.
- How much of a discount is offered, if any.  If a book has a regular price of 99 cents then there most likely won't be a discount and this will be taken into consideration.
- Books with higher ratings may get preference over those with lower ratings.
- The number of quality (non-fake) reviews
There are also some requirements and those are listed below.
There may be other factors taken into consideration when determining which books get a BOTD slot so this is not a complete list.
BOTD's will not be scheduled on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays.
We will be scheduling BOTD's about one month prior to the actual promo (your invoice will come about 1 week prior to the promo).  So, if you don't get an email from us right away, there is still a chance that you will be getting a date scheduled for your book later in the year.  Please keep in mind that even if you submit your book now, we may select it for a BOTD spot late in the year.
Here's a recap of requirements and other important info (but please read this page in its entirety):
Although there are readers from all demographics, ENT readers are primarily women between 35 and 55.
Some genres are very successful with our audience while others don't do as well.  Examples of genres that do well are pretty much any type of romance (historical, comedy, western, contemporary), mystery, suspense, drama and sometimes even horror.  Genres that don't do quite as well are science fiction, fantasy, young adult, children's books and paranormal. If you want to promote a book in any of the genres that I've mentioned that don't do as well, that is totally up to you but I wanted to make sure to point that out.
Some of the books that will not be accepted are erotic, anything controversial, any books that are anti-anything (such as race, gender, religion, etc.), anything with explicit sex scenes, books with poor looking covers, etc.
Your book deal must be available at Amazon in the Kindle version to get a BOTD spot.  We also promote books on B & N/Nook, Apple iBooks, Google Play and Kobo. Make sure to send us the links for those retailers if your deal will be available there too. 
The requirements for your book are as follows:
- We will not post the same book within a 90 day period on ENT. This includes bargain and free promos as well as the Book of the Day promo.
- Authors are limited to one Book of the Day promo in the calendar year. However, you can submit more than one book for consideration of that one promo.
- Your book must be available on Amazon.com in the Kindle version.
- Your book must have a 3.5 star rating or higher on Amazon
- Your book must have at least 7 reviews.  This will be waived if it's a boxed set. However, the books in the boxed set need to have some reviews.
- No short stories or novelettes. 
- We need to know which book you are promoting before it will be scheduled.
- No books over $3.99.  The books that have the most success are books that are priced $2.99 and below
- If you have any outstanding invoices with us, we will not post your book. This is in regards to all invoices including those for the Bargain Book listings.
If you are a NY Times, USA Today or Amazon Bestselling author or an Award-Winning author please include that info in the "Additional Information" section of the submission.
We reserve the right to refuse any book for any reason for inclusion for the Book Of The Day.
Thanks for your interest in ENT's Book Of The Day.
You can submit your book(s) here: BotD Submissions

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