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Advice for new bloggers?

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#1 NRuhwald


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Posted 22 April 2016 - 02:02 PM

Hi everybody,


I started a new blog about two weeks ago, to start growing my audience, letting people know I exist and so forth. Visitors and views are going in the "up" direction so I'm pretty happy. But I know we have some experienced bloggers on AQC and I was wondering if any of you would like to volunteer some advice for us newbies? Thanks.

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#2 Deeba


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Posted 22 April 2016 - 03:15 PM

I'm pretty new to blogging too. Of course promoting yourself on social media is a plus. And being active in the writing community is always good. 


I'm starting to do this too where I feature other writers/authors/editors/agents. Really any kind of collaboration is helpful because if that person has a following, then their people also discover your blog and vice versa! 

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#3 Darke


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Posted 24 April 2016 - 06:08 AM

Blogs are a great way for potential readers to get to know you, and by extension, your book(s). They're a way to show the world you're more than just a writer. With tens of thousands of writing blogs out there I would suggest having content other than publishing related. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with blogging about writing, but you want to attract readers from outside the writing community. Blog about your other interest or hobbies. You can be as personal as you want. I have about 16 different topics that I blog about. I don't do them all of them all the time, and I don't blog every day.    

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Posted 24 April 2016 - 04:39 PM

I always promote my blog posts on twitter and Facebook. Expect your blog to grow slowly and don't be dismayed when it isn't an instant hit. Decide exactly what audience you want to entice with your blog and make sure each post hits that target. For instance, my blog gives information to writers looking for agents with a sprinkling of cover reveals and book reviews or book release promo posts.


Use guest posts as often as you can. It brings in new viewers and means you don't have to create the content yourself.


Have giveaways if you can.


Do it because you enjoy it or it isn't worth the trouble. I've had pretty good luck with my blog. 

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#5 rayne.adams


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Posted 21 June 2016 - 10:56 AM

Hi all,


I've started a blog and a twitter account to help build my writer's platform. I would love to connect with other writers too, so feel free to share your blogs and twitter with me :) In addition to reviewing writer's resources, I'll also be diving into my other passion: Greek mythology (I have a degree in Classics).







#6 RichFox


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Posted 01 December 2016 - 07:29 AM

Hi All,


First post on this site, but you have to start someplace. My current work involves a lot of blog content development. I primarily write for businesses I am a part of (martial arts, fitness, education, etc.) but there are a few conventions I think all bloggers should follow:


1. Be consistent: Set a schedule for content and stick to it. I see the opposite almost everyday. First blog post is June 24th, then the next is in August of September. Before you launch write no less than 12 posts and schedule them out. If you cannot commit to posting regularly, you will not get a lot of traction. It doesn't have to be every week, but keep it the same time when you do it. For example, I write a blog on martial arts that I post original content on every Friday. Another site I help with we post every other week on Wednesday. If you build a following they will expect and look forward to your content. If you randomly post people will get annoyed.


2. If your finances will allow it host the blog on a dedicated URL. It is easier to remember www.nrhuwald.com than it is to remember www.nrhuwald.blogspot.com


3. Don't go crazy of design. Too much is too much. Keep the layout simple. If you become successful then invest some money in producing a custom site, but until then a clear layout is best.


4. Make sure it looks good on your phone. Almost every template site or blog is mobile enabled, but just make sure.  I still run into sites where I pull them up and I have to scroll forever to get past the navigation menu.


I hope this helps.

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