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Atlanta Writer's Conference help - Also, who's going?

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Posted 19 October 2016 - 09:58 AM

At the AWC you pay $120 and choose two agents or editors for a 10 minute pitch.
One of the attending editors of a major fantasy publisher is going to be there and her wish list complies with my novel and/ or with my future novels.
I've just read this on Writer's Digest:
"Tip #6: Your pitch session doesn’t have to be used to pitch.
That ten minutes you’ve signed up for is YOUR TIME. Use it wisely. You’ve bought not only that agent’s (or editor’s) time, but their expertise. And it is expertise in an area they are incredibly passionate about. They want to help you. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to pitch your book, use that ten minutes in non-pitching ways. Some examples:
Show them your query letter, and ask for a critique.
Have the agent read the first pages of your manuscript until they would normally stop. Then talk about what stopped them.
If you’re about to start a new novel and are wondering which of your ideas are most marketable, pitch them to the agent, and ask which they think would be best to focus on."
I basically want to tell this editor that I've done 20 years of research pinpointing the locations that had the highest concentration of monsters and advanced cultures during prehistory. 
For instance: About 10 thousand years ago China had walled villages with moats, polished tools, mammoths, giant armor-plated pangolins, elasmotherium "unicorns," giant lizards, red deer cave people, archaic dwarfs, and neo-neanderthals alongside "magic systems" like chi energy, hypnosis, holistic healing, poisons, and "lantaka" bamboo firearms. 
I want to tell the editor that whether she likes the current novel or not, I'd like to fulfil her wish list and deliver her dream book next year - the only stipulation is that the setting will either be in Neolithic China or Paleolithic Sundaland, the two places that have the most magic and mythological beasts during the prehistoric period.
I just want to be the first to publish a fantasy based on the reality of little known but conservative science. There's no doubt this existed in the neolithic, it's just that Westerners haven't been told about it much.
I don't care if I have to write a simple one - I'll write a single POV romance fantasy for the first one, even though I don't read single POV novels or romances anymore. They just seem like YA to me...but if that's what they want, fine.
I just want to be the first. I know that it will lead to more serious work being published because I believe that Fantasy Fans have been wishing secretly that myths have their basis in reality for decades, and I'm a tireless promoter.
Is there any advice someone can give as to how best convey this to  the editor in a 10 minute pitch? Before the pitch session, they are given a one-page Query on your current book.
"I will write any fantasy story you want. I can do it, or I wouldn't be winning awards from Writers of the Future every quarter. You just have to let me choose a setting that's real but will seem to every westerner like it's more alien than fantasy....and you have to let me put it in the fantasy genre and not reveal that it's Prehistoric Fiction until the Afterward."

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