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Bow Echo-UF Snyopsis

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Posted 15 November 2016 - 11:44 PM

Any feedback appreciated.



The supernatural and normal humans have been living the past seven years together in a shaky peace.  Zephyra ‘Zeph’ Callahan, is a cloud nymph - Nephelae, loves her quiet, small town life despite that her looks make it a little difficult to fit in with the human majority town. When wildlife is being slaughtered in mass and evidence points to the newly moved in wolf-shifter pack, Zeph worries what this will do to the community.


Just as she feared, norms want to blame the shifters or the aberrations (supernaturals) for the deaths, creating a us vs. them mentality. Zeph conveniences her ex and wildlife officer, Brady Shaw to let her help investigate. Ophelia, fae, and seer gives Zeph a cryptic warning about opening a door that can’t be shut again and would create something never seen in this world since ancient times.


Tensions rise as more animals are discovered slaughtered and rumors about Zeph and the wolf shifter, Ethan Cole, are taking root. Brady, wanting a second chance grows jealous and her mother believes Zeph is playing with fire. Shifters are possessive and dangerous.  Threatening notes show up on Zeph doorstep, warning her away from Ethan. Assuming it’s her mother she ignores them, but when her best friend Maddie is murdered and left in her backyard to find, she realizes just how wrong she was.


Wildlife officer, Richards believes Zeph is being stalked and that the animal slaughter was the start of it all. With a list of suspects, Zeph and the Wildlife officers continue to investigate, discovering it wasn’t shifters that killed the animals or Maddie but the average domestic dog and it’s the same dog involved in both. However, Richards is arrested for tampering with police evidence, and Zeph receives another threatening note.


If that wasn’t enough Brady’s growing jealousy of the undeniable attraction Zeph and Ethan have, makes her wonder if he could be the stalker. Fearing for her friends and family, Zeph agrees to be spelled by Camilla. When she see the spell is in the form of a tree-shaped tattoo, she fears Ophelia’s warning may come to pass. The witch refuses to remove the spell and goes into hiding.


With one final lead and still afraid for her family, Zeph feels she has no choice, but to investigate. Brady needing to prove he’s not the stalker goes with Zeph to look into a tip that her Boss’s sister raises dogs. Zeph’s boss and sister ambush them, taking them captive. They discover that Ethan’s been taken too because of a kiss he shared with Zeph on the full moon. While Zeph’s boss and his sister helped commit the crimes, Zeph stalker is none other than their mother. Mrs. Apolea is in reality Lysandra a Lamides nymph.


Cast out due to an ancient crime on the baby god, Dionysus; Lysandra sees Zeph as her only way of reconciliation with the other Nymphs. Lysandra offers Zeph a chance to be truly accepted, all she has to do is turn a blind eye. When witnessing Lysandra murder her boss because he’s no longer useful, the spell activates and frees the witch magic in Zeph, turning her into a literal force of nature. Unable to control the colossal amount of power, she accidently kills Lysandra and, if not for Ethan, herself and the others.


Irreversibly changed, Zeph struggles with her new powers and the guilt that Brady is now terrified of her. Feeling alone and isolated, she goes to see Ethan. Despite that he’s not afraid of her, Zeph’s new magic is too wild, and for the sake of innocent lives, she must leave town. Ethan promises he’ll wait for her and that she better hurry back.


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