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Posted 14 December 2016 - 10:54 PM

I've decided to put my first draft of my synopsis out here now, the query has my wife hiding the sharp objects from me and has confiscated my shoelaces.

I feel my skin thickening as I type, so feel free to slash and hack away. 






A young man, ABE, wanders through an unknown land, struggling to survive. Everyone he has ever known, killed by roaming bands of bloodthirsty scavengers. He has accepted his fate. A life alone, starving, and always on the run.


After saving a pup, HOBBES, from certain death, he is rescued by a reclusive old hermit named JACOB, who feels a strange connection to Abe and the pup. Jacob has been blessed, or cursed in his opinion, to have lived long enough to remember the world before The Fall. Before mankind was struck down by some unknown force and reduced to the unintelligent bands of roaming herds and scavengers it is today.


It’s when Abe meets a young woman, MIA, that their lives change forever.


Together Abe and Mia share visions of the future, a future they can alter. Through a vision, they see DROHM, the leader of a mighty group of scavengers, attack their home and kill them all. On the day of the attack they hide in a hidden bunker below Jacob’s cabin and listen to the chaos and destruction above.


Now, exposed to Drohm, the group reluctantly joins a herd. To protect themselves, and the people, Abe and Mia take command of the herd and begin building an army. They learn to be leaders while Jacob uses his knowledge as a blacksmith to forge weapons.


As their visions grow stronger, and their bond tighter, Abe and Mia meet five prophets, who have long awaited their arrival. They are told of the Ancient One’s, and how they have been chosen as man’s last chance at restoring humanity.


Armed with a weapon passed to him from these prophets, Abe is prepared to take on Drohm and his vast army of scavengers.


On the day of the battle Drohm’s army outnumbers Abe’s, but Abe has tactic and wit on his side. A surprise attack from behind catches Drohm’s army off guard, encircling them, and cutting off their retreat. In an act of desperation, Drohm calls for a duel to determine the outcome of the battle. With his mighty battle-axe, Drohm swings hard and fast, but Abe is quick, able to avoid each strike. Abe finally lands a mortal blow, putting an end to the fight.


Drohm’s one time companion and lover, turned enemy, MORGAN, delivers the killing blow herself before fleeing into the woods, determined to get her own revenge.

The Warrior's Crown Query: http://agentquerycon...own-ya-fantasy/

The Warrior's Crown Synopsis: http://agentquerycon...own-ya-fantasy/

The Warrior's Crown First 250: http://agentquerycon...warriors-crown/

The Warrior's Crown Hook: http://agentquerycon...ntasy/?p=337108


Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free. - James Douglas Morrison

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. - Ray Bradbury


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