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BlindSpot - Synopsis

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Posted 28 December 2016 - 04:26 PM

Here's my working copy of my synopsis. (5 pages or less - 980 words).  


It's a paranormal romance.


Any help is appreciated! Did some o fly own reworking too


In a small Florida beach town, a young medium just wants to keep to herself but between some very persistent ghosts, a nosey boss set being friends and a sexy neighbor, nothing is going as planned.

ROSIE KNIGHT (AKA HAPPY BANCROFT) is a reclusive medium, living in self-imposed exile. Her ability to see spirits and auras has caused her nothing but heartache in the past, so she’s left that life behind. All she really wants is to live her life alone and at peace. With no family or friends to speak of, it should be easy.

MAX MURPHY is the brother of Rosie’s boss. A young farmer and new entrepreneur, Max has a knack for making things grow. On the verge of his first major business success, Max is sidetracked when he gets introduced to Rosie. Her withdrawn nature piques his interest and he sets his sights on helping her learn to grow some roots.

BlindSpot opens with a prologue set roughly twenty years in the past.  Detective BUTCH HARDY, struggling with the emotional strain of a child abduction case, conducts a raid on a drug den. In the chaos, he finds a six-year-old child that later swears she knows the whereabouts of the child Butch has been searching for. The child, HAPPY BANCROFT, leads Butch to a decomposing corpse. He is disbelieving when she reveals to him that she can see the ghost of the victim until she touches the spirit and he sees the child’s spirit with his own eyes.

In the present, ROSIE finds out that another employee at work is stealing. Despite a guilty conscience, she tries to stay out of it and says nothing. Even when her boss invites her out on the town and introduces her to MAX, Rosie keeps her distance. She’s already been betrayed by everyone important in her life and doesn’t want history to repeat itself.  But after a very insistent ghost changes her mind she finally gives in and comes clean.  

Her boss is less than thrilled that Rosie’s been keeping such a secret.  As for her boss’s brother Max - he’s enamored enough with the mysterious Rosie to play referee between the two women for as long as they need him to.

Their fight does not blow over quickly. Rosie is not surprised but angry with herself for even secretly hoping she might form a relationship. Everyone in her life has given up on her and this relationship proves to be no different.

On her way home from work one night Rosie encounters a ghost in the woods. They come into physical contact and with one touch, Rosie experiences the ghost’s murder as a man holds her head underwater. When she wakes from that vision, Rosie’s ability to see ghosts and auras gradually fades until it is nearly gone.

Her world already turned on its side, Rosie finds herself under Max’s wing while trying to escape the ghost from the woods. He doesn’t know exactly what’s going on with her, but he’s sure he can help her if he can break through her walls. He brings her to his farm and lets her explore, acclimating her to being around him. Wary, but unable to resist his soothing charm, Rosie cautiously accepts his company.

One night she dreams that a young Happy comes to her. In the dream, Happy warns that Max is in danger. Upon waking, Rosie saves Max from a dangerous carbon monoxide leak at his home.  Before she can be thanked, she slips away into the darkness, unsure of how to explain herself. Later, Max comes to thank her and after their first kiss, Rosie finally tells Max that she can see ghosts.

Max accepts her explanation and promises to help her get rid of the spirit that’s haunting her. Rosie tells him there’s nothing she trusts less than a promise.  

Rosie continues to dream about the murder victim and often sleepwalks near the cove where she’s sure the woman was murdered. She’s shocked one night to wake and find herself neck deep in the water.  In a strange turn of events, it’s revealed that the murdered woman is a distant relative of Max’s that was rumored to have run off with another man, leaving her beloved husband and son behind.

Compelled to seek out the ghost, Rosie learns that Max is the reason that her gifts don’t work anymore. He is somehow blocking her powers.

Stress from the constant ghostly interruptions, the skepticism of those surrounding them and the past Rosie keeps hidden puts an added strain on their budding relationship.

Despite those odds, they spend the holidays together and after months of Max being her rock, Rosie finally admits to herself that she’s fallen in love with him. They make love and while he’s able to profess his love for her, she does not reciprocate, too afraid to open herself up so completely and confess her own feelings.

The next morning Max wakes to find Rosie’s former foster father, Butch Hardy, on his doorstep. Butch reveals that Rosie is considered a missing person. Feeling cornered, Rosie shuts down and lets her foster father tell his story – her story. A story Max has been begging her to tell him for months.

Embarrassed by the revelation of her past and feeling betrayed by Max listening to Butch, Rosie runs from them both. Not only afraid of what Max must think of her now but feeling validated that everyone eventually betrays her in the end, she boards a bus headed south.

After a frantic search, Max is disappointed that he can’t find Rosie but when he returns home, she is waiting on his porch. She admits that she doesn’t know how to fix problems when they arise, she only knows how to run. She proceeds to tell him everything about her past including all of the things she’d been hiding.  Once that burden is lifted Rosie is surprised to find that all of her gifts have returned.

It was never Max that was blocking her gifts. She’d built her defenses so high that not even she had been able to conquer them.

Finally, she admits to Max that she loves him in return.

Feeling stronger than ever, Rosie uncovers the remains of the murdered woman. In an effort to help the woman rest, Rosie confronts the woman’s son and assures him that his mother would have never left him and that she loved him to her dying moment.

When the son accepts the truth, the spirit moves on.

Though Rosie will never be free of seeing spirits, she has found her place in the world. She’s made peace with who she is and where she’s supposed to be. More importantly, she’s found the person she’s supposed to be with.

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